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Married high school art teacher, 25, 'had romps with four students including two trysts on the s

  • Jessie Lorene Goline, 25, a high school art teacher in Arkansas is accused of having sex with four of her students

  • Goline started a texting relationship with each student, each of which allegedly for more sexual over time

  • In one instance, she told a student he looked good in class and then sent him a picture of herself in a thong, police say

  • Another student claimed he had sex with her after she picked him up from school and dropped him back off later in the day

  • One student alleged that he had sex with her in her apartment , hours before one of his classmates went to her home for another tryst

Jessie Lorene Goline, 25, of Jonesboro, Arkansas, was taken into custody on Wednesday after a long investigation into the suspected trysts she was having with the teenage boys.

The probe at Marked Tree High School was sparked by a parent who accused Goline of having sexual liaisons with several students.

Staff stepped in when the parent then threatened to 'do bodily harm' to one of the teachers, ArkansasOnline reported.

The alleged victims then came forward and told police about their illicit relationships with Goline, police say.

One told investigators she came onto him during class, telling him 'how good he looked.' He said she also sent him a photo of her in a thong.

According to authorities, another said Goline picked him up and took him to her apartment in the afternoon.

They allegedly had sex, and she dropped him back at Marked Tree High School later that day.

He told investigators another classmate was at her apartment later that night.

All four of the students had started texting with the art teacher, and said the exchanges became more sexually charged over time.

Three of the students were from the Marked Tree School District and another was from the East Poinsett County School District.

She is facing only one count of sexual assault because only one of the four students she allegedly slept with was under 18.

Goline claimed that the underage teen lied about his age.

She told school officials she found out after they had sex that he was 'way younger than what he had told her,' according to court documents.


It has been awhile since we've had a true legend of a TSS come across the desk. This story has everything, this is huge. This is what gets a TSS detective up in the morning. This is what we live for. Crime never sleeps...with it's students, however, Jessie Goline does, allegedly. And she did it, in such a way, that has even left this hard boiled crime fighter, speechless. To pull off these series of events shows that we are not dealing in amateur-hour territory. We are dealing with a horny, mastermind. A profile that is so perplexing at first glance, any rookie TSS detective would have pounded the table in frustration and would've thrown day old coffee across the office while shouting into the air.

What we have here is interesting, and thankfully, Jessie Goline's facebook profile is still active (UPDATE: It's been taken down, of course) as I type this and has a plethora of photos on it; including ones of her and her "husband" with all the accouterments of a standard fake and 'loving relationship'; filled with xoxox's and status marks of "I love him SO much". It is amazing to think that when these were posted, our gurl was probably knees down, ass up, having a nude art show in her apartment; while hubby was at work. If you do your sleuthing correctly, through Jessie's photos, you will notice a subtle change in the behavior of her status' and posts from 2012-present.

Oh look, they even had a dog...

In the beginning, before marriage, Jessie appeared to have posted a lot of her photography and art; not many selfies and 'relationshit' pics--pictures that every failing couple will post to try and virtue signal how amazing their spouse, gf, bf is; all the while secretly feeling the opposite. It's all projection and a red flag and something that, we here at the crime desk of love, take seriously. Our gurl is attractive, however, she has a bit of meat on her bones (more cushion for those teen boys to run multiple bangs on her in a single afternoon). It's hard to speculate, but it seems our girl might have been an outsider or maybe didn't get the male attention(from the jocks) in college that she wanted. Found her beta bucks poindexter to marry and then perhaps, started to come out of her shell (and clothes) thereafter. I noticed that her profile pics, soon after marriage, started to transform into mostly selfies (modern gurl inward solipsism), attention seeking displays and virtue signaling galore. Make-up had been caked on, whereas in old photos there wasn't so much in the illusion category. Pretty much telling the world that she got her cake, and now wanted the pickle. Granted, our gurl looks pretty good with or without it. Where did it all go wrong though?

That's always the hard part, since those details are always left out. We TSS detectives have it rough with the media; we never get the full scoop and have to do our own digging. Disclosure laws, regulations, fuck'em. We need answers, the public needs to know the dirty, sleazy details. They have a right to know. We feel sorry for the husband, but perhaps our guy wasn't fulfilling our gurls needs (as they clearly look to be MANY).

My analysis, is that our gurl suffered from an case of Lack of Dick (good dick) in her prime party-years and looked for an easy way to fulfill her lonely void....with easy eager teens. This, also being mixed with a case of entitlement and a sprinkle of hypergamy, as seen in her words to her principle, "I am not going to lose my husband," suggesting that she believes that she can fuck and suck other dudes at will and her husband will forgive her slut walk down the high school halls. A cuck in the making. This suggests that our husband here in the picture is, indeed, a pushover; and our gurl knows it and has probably been getting away with misdeeds all throughout their 'loving' relationship. You give a child a inch, they will take a mile. Our gurl definitely took inches, and absolutely, miles of cock.

Almost every case now pertains to young, pre-wall female teachers; who if they wanted to, could go bang almost anyone well within their age range for an upgraded carousel ride. It seems these chicks are still stuck back in highschool... in more ways than one. We here at the TSS crime desk will keep on fighting as the epidemic of beautiful, horny female teachers seems to have no end in sight. For this detective, it's just business as usual. Chalk'n them up one at a time.

The Report Card

Methodology: Jessie's case has it all; nudie pics, sext messages, crying, multiple romps with multiple students, partial gang-bang, wedding vows, betrayal, passion. Full marks would have been given if a love child were conceived. However, this has to be one of the greats this year, so far. I mean, our gurl showed she can be a creative art teacher and creative when it came to sex-ed. She worked those teens like a seasoned corner girl and relived those college years. Having two dudes in one afternoon is something that should have happened while back at the University of Arkansas, not at Marked Tree High.


Integrity: Being married to a loving husband, being religious (her facebook page had bible quotes and pictures of a Jesus statue), a teacher turned sex fiend. Crying when a parent ratted to the school about their son having bang sessions and getting blowjibbers? This stuff you just can't make up. Fiction has nothing on Goline, but Goline assuredly, had these boys all over her. The art of a whore. The public may see a wayward wife and an offender, all I see though is a creative, horny spirit. She even took the time to ask these boys their ages, some of them lied. How is a gurl to know what is right and what is wrong when the vagina can't distinguish? Who is the real victim here?


Presentation/looks: This was a tough decision. If our girl didn't have the extra pounds, she'd be an A...maybe even an A+. I am willing to give kudos and a bonus because our gurl still looks great in the precinct mug shot (which is always hard to pull off....harder than pulling off young teens). Think about it, Goline enters the precinct knowing that her life is probably over (definitely her marriage), no more cock for a long time for where she might be going, no more energetic romps (or two in one day). Any woman would look haggard and miserable in their mug shot debut, but Goline still looks OK. That's poise of a true champion.


Bonus Mark: Jessie gets our Sloppy Seconds Award for pulling off two dudes within hours of each other. True talent that would make even a fourth year girl from any party school in America, a tad jealous.

Overall Grade


Case Filed

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