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Facebook: The New House of Worship for Women

Many before have discussed how the dawn of social media platforms gave the average woman a platform to become her own idol, an ad hoc celeb, an attention whore. More importantly, it gave every woman the ability to capitalize on their hypergamous instincts more effectively, covertly, and at a faster pace than ever before; with the ability to access men from the past—Chad with the coke-can donger or Poindexter for cash transfer—old flames that they would have otherwise never been able to contact in the days of old. Facebook, was indeed, made for women. That is why its user base consists, majority wise, of women. And why women have 55% more posts on their Wall than men and have 8% more “friends” (i.e guys who they added or added them).

In the Beginning, Adam just wanted Eve’s Peach

With that said, like with all social media platforms, Facebook has evolved over the years; much like with other social media apps or platforms. Their original intended uses have changed. Tinder, for example, was mainly rolled out for the college crowd. Just like with Facebook. There was a sort of exclusivity to the product and a very clear understanding of what the app is supposed to be used for (i.e Hooking-up). Where Facebook changed was when the platform allowed the general public to use its services (the idiots). Tinder also changed when it gained more notoriety and the masses began flooding it. In the begging, both these platforms were intended to be used by young adults (18-24) who wanted and easy ice-breaker in order to then fuck and hook-up, now you have the riff raft using them. We are now seeing with Tinder, especially, people—single moms, religious women looking for a “God-fearing man”, people looking for LTR’s, etc— joining, WTF!? With Facebook you have the same; but now even grandma is on there, posting shit and making sure everyone knows about how much she likes tuna casserole, and how Bridge night with her ladies went.

Facebook has changed, it is now a house of leftist worship, virtue signaling, and a place for (mainly women) to lie and portray themselves in a glorious light when in reality, the opposite is usually true. It has become a place for women to absolve themselves of their sins by posting re-hashed videos of feelz, inspirational quotes about “love” and relationships, GofundMe pages (money grabs for their own personal fuck-ups), sympathy-inducing status updates, filtered selfies (that make them look younger) to sift out the betas in order to feed off and to get Chad to notice them.

The Never Ending Vigil for the Vagina

Facebook, now, is a means for projection; a way to show a constant light and hide the darkness of people’s lives. She’ll post happy pictures of her European vacation and ode to the Eat, Pray, Love mantra but never post about how much debt she is in because of it. She’ll post about how she just got “Full time” at their job, but not because she gave her boss a blowjibber or a jackjob in the stationary room. She’ll post puppy-love status updates about her boyfriend, yet you find out later that she had been banging his best friend 2 months after her and he had started dating.

We have all seen the projections play out before on Facebook, I’m sure:

The Happy Couple for example, who can’t help themselves, for the life of them, by posting constant I <3 You’s, pictures of the cuck-to-be kissing his aspiring gold-digger/carousel rider on the cheek while she stares at the camera with wide-eyes for Daquon the street thug, Chad the quarterback, or her boss. It’s all for a show. It’s all an act. She might not consciously know it, but it’s all a projection. It’s how she survives in the modern digital landscape—through covert passivity and manipulation. It’s showing the public one thing, while behind the scenes things are most likely falling apart.

Whenever you see such behavior ramp up, that’s when you know the shit is about to hit-the-fan with that couple; the more virtue signaling you see usually means City Hall is burning. Call the lawyers, the Fire Dept, the Prayer Police. It’s kind of like when a woman keeps mentioning a boyfriend or mentions him often. It’s usually because the woman is subconsciously trying to remind herself that she, indeed, has one, because she is feeling the tingles, and the cheating fever has started deep within her. Or, you’re “creeping” her out. One of the two.

Wasn’t Born Yesterday

It is akin to the “Born again Christian” or that slut you knew in High school that suddenly starts going to Sunday Mass—when in the past her Sundays were usually spent waking up and feeling like a Bangkok hooker after the Navy was in town. Why is she going to church, and so often? Well, there is clearly a guilty conscious and the motive to become viewed as “wholesome” and clean. A way to start a new because her reputation over the years has obviously be soiled by tons of seed and she now can’t find a “Good man” to settle with her—because her vagina looks as if somebody punched a lasagna. It’s the same on Facebook. Why is she posting so often about her boyfriend? What is with all of the justifying of love? If you are really in love, why do people need to know? Why all the convincing? If you really got that Full-time promotion, honestly through merit, why did you have to write a long treatise about how you got the job through all your “hard work” and that you “deserved”?

When you get older and have been around people long enough, you start to understand that the vast majority of people are shitty souls; backstabbing assholes, cheaters, hypocrites, liars, and fakes with deep dark secrets. It’s getting harder every day to find and surround yourself with the good ones. And being Red-pilled, in an ever-increasing gynocentric order, makes it much more difficult.

Thanks to the manosphere and the internet, there is at least still a space for rational individuals, men to come together and to be real about the world. Since we live in an ever-increasing digital world where people’s online lives are being swapped out for their actual realities (truth), their friends; family, spouses, and acquaintances are now apt to take those digital realities as the accepted reality. Everything can be edited, filtered, thought about beforehand, and carefully crafted to show them in the “right” light. Yet, when they leave the digital world, after their “thoughts and prayers for Vegas,” they carry on with a much different tone.

Just like in Church, women go to Facebook for a quick confessional; a “showing of face” to the lord of the Online, for absolution and pardon before or as they are cheating on their Borefriend(boyfriend), to find their White Knight army for sympathy and a bailout (the bread and body of the Beta), to kneel before Chad in the private message pew, before heading out the door to suck on his host. Stay on Facebook for the show, however, stay away from using it like the sheep do.

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