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1-Minute Mysteries: Are Black Friday Sales Worth It?

November 25, 2017

Det. Richard "Dick" D'Obvious

Case File: How Much Money Can One Save on Black Friday Sales?

Location: America

It's the ones you couldn't save along the way, the wayward girls who never had a chance; faces on a milk carton, then seeing their bloated bodies in the sun, behind a Denny's dumpster. Those are which haunt this detective, every single day, well, that...and a scorching case of herpes. It's why I can't drink milk anymore, or have the desire to lay with hookers. Eventually, they all end up following some way or fashion.


A concerned citizen wrote in:

"Are Black Friday Sales worth it? How much money can I save?"

Well, buster, think of it this way: How can you save money by spending it in the first place?

Case Closed


Det. Richard D'Obvious

Private Investigator

Red Island Investigations Unit

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