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All Jobs Suck: Why ‘Dream Jobs’ Don’t Exist

One thing that people, more specifically millennials today, need to get through their thick, entitled heads is that you will never find your “dream job”. It is a unicorn, a NAJALT(Not All Jobs Are Like That) of sorts. Yes, ALL jobs are like that. They all suck. They suck hard.

That is why it is called a “job”. A “job” implies a chore; something that you don’t want to do but have to in order to get paid or receive reparation for.

For instance, why is it called a “handjob” or “blowjob”? Nobody likes doing these 'jobs,' the only reason why someone—a woman perhaps—would even say that she “likes giving handjobs/bjs” is because of the compensation she will get for it, be it in the short or long term of the relationship.

Jobs Are Dream Killers

You must realize that when you do a “job” for someone, for an employer, you are their bitch. You are a prostitute for a paycheck because your labor will ultimately serve the company’s bottom line, or at the very least, your managers annual vacation salary or bonus.

You may be getting paid a fair wage, but that is nothing compared to what you are losing: Your time. Ultimately, your time equals your money. The only “dream job” you could ever get is not even called a job, no, it is called: Having your own career. And I don’t mean career in where you are a manager or mid-level, I mean, you are at the very top; you are the CEO, CFO, director, etc. That is the only way you can achieve doing something that you truly love and want to do each and every day.

Working a job for 40 hrs+ a week is how dreams die. You can see it on all of your co-workers faces, and hear it in all of the stupid, depressing phrases that they say. It is because the work you do, at the vast majority of these jobs, is futile and pointless.

You (walks into workplace): "Hey, hows it going, Ted"?

Ted: "well, I am alive, aren't I?"

Fucking depressing, man.

Or, my favorite is when someone says, "Just living the dream" ironically, when you ask them "how's it going".

No, you most certainly are not, because you are here. At a job, which you hate.

Actually Living And Working on Your Dream Vs. Being An Ironic Wet-Blanket

It is the greatest “work day” when you don’t have to deal with a boss, when you call all the shots and make the decisions. For instance, I can choose what time I get up to do my ‘work’—which isn’t really work because I have too much fun for it to be called that.

Like today, I got up at 9am…only because it is a trading day in the markets, and they open at 9:30am. I get to drink ‘on the job’ if I want—I do regularly. I get to do my ‘job’ in my boxers if I want—it happens often. For my ‘break’ I can play Battlefield on the Xbox, walk down the LCBO to get more thinking juice, or work-out, go to the beach.

The main reason why all jobs suck is not because of the work involved, but mainly because of having to deal with your co-workers, their incompetence, their attitudes, laziness, and ultimately their pettiness and back-stabbing ways. People are ALWAYS 100% the problem in any situation. People suck because they are people. Solution: Find a way to not have to deal with them, directly. Or just, not deal with them at all, entirely if possible.

I don’t have a boss or some borderline, tyrannical cock-sucker who thinks they are king shit because of Normie-rules, breathing coffee breath down my throat. I set my own daily regiment, sometimes I write a lot, trade a lot, and other times I do, dick-all; because I can. It is the ultimate fuck-you to normie culture and life. And, if I do CHOOSE to spend my time earning active income via a part-time job, that money I earn isn’t being thrown down the black-hole of kids, a wife, a mortgage, a new car, stupid purchases, etc. No, that money will be put to work like the best slave money can buy: Dividend yields.

Most people who work full-time 40 hr week jobs don’t CHOOSE to be there. They NEED to be there because: the wife, the kids, the mortgage, the new car (current year), the marriage councilor fees, the lawyer fees, the divorce, the house needs upgrades, the credit card debt, vacations to impress friends on Instagram, etc.

Full-time Is a Death Sentence

I, for the life of me, have never understood why people brag, or puff their chest over having a “full-time” job. I hear people all the time or see them drop this in conversation with a tone of arrogance that is unfounded. Why are you bragging that 40hrs of your life, every week, for every month of the year will be locked in some cube or some store?

That is not impressive and if anything I feel sorry for you. Being a prisoner is not an accomplishment or something to be proud of. 80% of people today are prisoners of their own doing.

They think getting “full-time” is like the be all and end all, the glory hole, the yellow-brick road to all the candy, chocolates and rainbow orgasms. My most sincere condolences to all those who have a full-time job; you are not doing it right.

What would be more impressive, or worth bragging about, is if you told me that you have your own career or business in which you work like 10hrs a week, and make as much as you would working some shitty job at 40 hrs per week.

What would be even more impressive is that the fact and reason why you don’t have to work as much as all the normies out there, is because you make your money go and work for you—via having passive income that is constantly steaming in. That is the goal: getting your money to work for YOU instead of you having to work for MONEY. Money should be your bitch-slave, and lover.

I laugh, so hard inside, when someone tries to make me feel jealous or tries to brag about how they got “full-time” like it is the greatest thing on earth, akin to having a conga line of the hottest babes, take turns greasing your gator all day long;until your bag is the size of a Sunripe raisin.

It’s like someone bragging that they just got 25 to life.

Don’t be Bossed, Be the Boss

When you own your time you are winning. You are Bruce Springsteen. When you make your money work for you by investing it and getting paid a dividend you are essentially getting more time back. That is how you should view money, as time. The 40hr work week suburban soccer-dad is spending 40 hrs of their time for a fixed amount of money (which is also time in and of its self). So, their time-to-time ration are always equals each other, no profit.

Now, the dude who has passive income, alongside maybe some active, is making profit. That profit means he is getting someone else’s time to put into his time-jar. Since all money equals someone else’s time, that is how you get more time than other people. That is why most people hate, or are jealous of wealthy people. It’s not because they have more money—well it is—but it is because of what that money represents: Time. We are all going to die someday and time is a finite resource and it is always being drained from us when we have to use that time at a place we don’t want to be, doing the things that other people want us to do. Wealthy people simply have more time to do whatever they want because they don’t have to work as hard—i.e. using their time to get money.

Your ‘Job’ Hates You

The reason why you hate your job is because the corporation, chain, or place of business doesn’t care for you either. To CorporateLand, you are a slave and a commodity for the machine. If you, the cog or the part isn’t working properly within the engine/machine, you will be replaced for a more efficient and better working part. You are to be used and abused, all for a little bit of grease.

Remember, you owe nothing to a job or to a corporation because it doesn’t care about you. If you have a job, you need to use it as a means to an end. You pump-and-dump it in order to get cash, and then you use that cash for investments; so that you can build a life of your own making.

So if you are looking for a “Dream job” you are wasting your time. It isn’t out there. You have to go a create it for yourself. Make your own rules in order to rule your own life.


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