Recently married Goodyear teacher, Brittany Zamora, accused of having sex with 13-year old student

Original story at Dailystar.

A sixth-grade teacher in Arizona has been arrested after the parents of a 13-year-old boy found text messages indicating a sexual relationship between the pair, police said.

Brittany Zamora, a 27-year-old teacher at Las Brisas Academy Elementary School in Goodyear, was taken into custody late Wednesday after the discovery of the text messages, which implied the pair had gotten physical both on and off campus, KPHO reports.

“The text messages found are sexual in nature [and] allege an ongoing relationship between the two,” said Lisa Kutis, a spokeswoman for the Goodyear Police Department.

The texts were found because the boy’s parents had installed an app to monitor his phone, Kutis said.

“As a result of the app, which alerted the parents to some key words, they then checked the cellphone and discovered these text messages,” Kutis told the station.

The boy’s parents then informed the school’s principal about the texts before the allegations were relayed to police, along with screenshots of the incriminating texts, according to Liberty School District interim district superintendent Richard Rundhaug.

You know what they say about Goodyear gurls: More driven.

For those who don't know how this all works, being a FTSS detective takes a lot of.....waiting. Setting up search engine trip-wires/alerts like "Married teacher arrested", or "Female teacher charged." It's akin to allied soldiers stuck behind enemy lines in WW2; who would set up trip-wires with peach cans tied to them, so that in the middle of the night they could be notified of enemy stirring nearby. Same with horny female teachers; we set a net and see what we can catch.

This story actually broke late...late last night; I was disappointed. I knew that it was a big story (aka-she was going to be a smokeshow). How? Well, there were multiple articles written already....but with no pictures. If its one thing you need to be in this line of work it is, patient. Low and behold, today, we finally get to see the face of the enemy.....and she is gorgeous. Your Reichstag will definitely burn and you will salute with your solider-boy.

Note: I have no evidence, but in my opinion, our victim was most likely a Black kid. How do I come to such an outlandish conclusion? Well, why else would a gurl like Brittany become the best 'hands on' and 'thorough' teacher, ever? The dude has to have a massive donger.

UPDATE: Thanks to we have obtained some of the court documents that show some of the salacious text messages! This is a first as we normally don't get the HARD details.

Gotta be the hottest thing I've read all year

Let's play the game of fill in the black blanks with what is most likely there:

1) Blowjob

2) fuck/sex

3) suck/fuck

4) sex/blowjays

The Report Card

Methodology: Brittany made the cardinal mistake of preying on a male student who still gets his bedtime orders from his parents. Who knew that they monitored his phone with all the prowess of Langley, Virginia? It's almost as if our victim's parents know about all the horny female teachers out there (they watch the news or read this blog) and bugged his cell phone. Anyway, our gurl didn't really go above and beyond and did not compensate for the challenge that is a 13-year old boy. At that age you are almost having sex with him and his parents. So many logistical issues. However, at least she tried to challenge herself as a FSST.


Integrity: There is word that police suspect other students may be involved in our gurls tangled web of sexts and big smiles. Being recently married to her high school sweetheart for only 3 years, I wonder what could have gone so horribly wrong in the sex department in where a hottie like Brittany needs to remedy the situation via off and on campus romps? I betcha he didn't fold his underwear properly. That's probably it. You can even share in her "love" with him through their marriage blog; which presents such a grand over-the-top wedding proposal where he literally "fell in love" with our gurl Brittany. Such a spoiled gurl, it only makes sense that she would go out and fuck her student(s) too.


Presentation/looks: Our girl, in my opinion, has all the markings of the "I only date Black guys" starter kit.She's got the blue eye shadow, the pencil thin/perfect eyebrow lines, the 90's blonde streaked hair, vibrant finger nail paint....and I can see only black dudes in the photos we are offered (which if we had access to her facebook or twitter i bet there are more). And looking carefully at one of the photos, it seems to be her 'hubby' as she is flaunting the ring to the camera. Or, it could be a side-boy from the skater park.....who knows with these sloots. Given all of this, i bet our Goodyear gurl here has no tread left on the tires...if you know what i mean. She's got a bit of a hammerhead thing going on with her eyes, though. Going to have to add a (-) for that.....


Overall Grade


Case Closed

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