Counselor,Kenleigh Prendergast, at $19,000-a-year private school admits to shagging a student

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  • Kenleigh Prendergast, 25, began relationship with student in January this year

  • She had only been at Spartanburg Day School in South Carolina for five months

  • On March 30, confessed to meeting the student in her private office after hours

  • Charged with sexual battery with a pupil aged 16 or 17 with no aggravated force

Kenleigh Prendergast, 25, had only been at Spartanburg Day School in South Carolina for five months when she is said to have started the inappropriate relationship with a pupil 'aged 16 or 17' in January this year.

The counselor said the attachment ended several days before she was reported to police on March 25.

She was interviewed on March 30 and confessed to communicating with the student via text, cellphone calls or FaceTime during and after school hours.

This led to the pair meeting outside of school in her house, which doubled up as a private counseling practice, she said.

Prendergast's online profile describes her as a 'licensed family therapy intern' with 'several years of experience working in school environments'.

It lists her main passion as 'working with teens struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem/confidence and difficult life transitions'.

'I also enjoy working with young adults (college-aged/early 20's) and adults with these issues, & more!' she adds.

Spartanburg Day school, a roughly 20k a year institution. You get what you pay for. And apparently, that high tuition goes toward a different and very thorough kind of counseling; the kind that takes your problems and deals with them, head and hands on. One time-tested way to deal with your problems is to escape them. Kenleigh Prendergast employed this technique in her day-to-day duty of helping out young students deal with their issues. Some people smoke weed, some people drink heavily.

Sex and blowies are also a great way to forget about all your angst and issues as a young lad. Having our gurl perform her own version of therapy and counseling would Definitely (with a big capital D) allow for escape. 'Twas an escape for our victim and also for Ms Prendergast; who took the lazy road in counseling. Blowjobs and romps are a band aid for real problems, and given that our gurl was only 5 months into the job, she was green and learned the hard way that you have to do a little more than give sexual healing to your clients in order to solve their issues.

It's hard to find 'good help' these days. as the employers always say. However, it's easy to find horny and deranged female teacher sex scandals; because they happen almost every day now. Heck, as you read this there is probably a dozen female teachers, right now that we nor the media know about, engaging in illicit relationships with their students; we will be writing about them soon in the not too distant future, I am sure.

The Report Card

Methodology: kenliegh's modus operandi reminded me of the film 50/50 in where Anna Kendrick's character fell in love with one of her clients; who had cancer and a bunch of issues. Women love a sick puppy, or in this case, a teen boy who most likely had problems.

Women love the broken boys and enjoy the power-gasms they get by being the reason why the dude has found meaning in his life, again. Face-timing the victim, texting him to come (cum) after hours for a quick 'session'; our gurl basically gave this dude the GFE (Girlfriend Experience). Maybe, just maybe, that's all it takes when being a female counselor. Not alot of effort here, though. Prendergast had her own private and secluded lair and an easy way to lure and devour her prey...with her pussy. There were no late-night pickups/meet ups a town over; outside in a graveyard or church parking lot, no burner phones= no risky plot here. Risqué for sure, though.


Integrity: This type of behavior is expected from teachers hired in the public school system. Yet, our gurl was hired and vetted by a very well known and prestigious day school with annual tuition reaching the amount of a 2013 Honda Accord. However, pulling this stunt with only 5 months into the job; priceless.

Being a therapist/counselor and banging your subject is definitively not common practice...but maybe Prendergast was on to something in her field of study. Progress is made by exploring and being bold with ones craft. The public may see a sexual predator, all I see is a counselor going WAY above the call of duty; perhaps in the name of science and research. Not sure if that testimony would work well in the court of law in front of the judge, but hey, our gurl will need a Hail Mary on this one.

Reviews are always tricky. I never go by reviews because popularity and what is 'good' is subjective to the viewer. Our girl had raving thinks the victim might have wrote most of them under different nom de plumes. Our gurl defiantly helped her victim reach his true potential.....and climax.


Presentation/looks: Our gurl could fool the judge because she herself looks as young as the victim. 25? More like take off 10 years. Not really digging the receding gum line when she lets that manic smile go. Have to take a point off for that.


Overall Grade


Case Closed

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