Players At The Table: Men And Women In The High Stakes Game Of Sex

The following is an interaction I had on Twitter the other day and it illustrates a lot of the frustration that most men today are wrestling with when it comes to understanding women and our current gynocentric society.

The real struggle for men today is not understanding how that from the very onset, the deck is tilted toward women and is stacked against men. Your best angle and strategy to counter this at the beginning is to simply not play the game, but work on your own within it; become the best version of yourself before you enter the ring.

Yes, there is no such thing as a Red pill woman or an 'ideal' or Quality woman. In today's world, women would rather worship paying taxes, their career, doing boring mundane rat-race shit than to actually live life. They bought into the feminist lie and will ultimately pay for it in the end, once The Wall looms in haste. Most women today, by age Twenty, have seen more cock than a chicken farmer. Your idealism is misplaced in a world that knows no ideal. Hypergamy doesn't care about your notions. Hypergamy is unrestrained today and it has opened Pandora's box (A woman's vaginal thirst).

This train has no brakes and the majority of women will ride it until they hit The Wall at full speed. This idealism belongs back in the 1950's. You cannot take such a model for life and women, that worked when hypergamy had a leash on it, and drop it into today's fem-centric world expecting things to go smoothly for you. This is where most men fuck up.

This isn't your grandfathers world. The rules have changed, the model is different. Women haven't changed, though. The only difference is that they now have no responsibility, but can reap all of the privileges of someone who would have otherwise earned those privileges. Women have always been inclined toward promiscuity and were on a lesser level in the past, due to the constraints of laws and the technology that was available at the time. For women to satiate their hypergamous instincts now is EXTREMELY easy, versus going about it back in the day of horse and buggy.

Chad today is a swipe away, a car or plane ride away. Access to Chad is easy. Back then, she only had access to the men available in her town or maybe even neighborhood (mobility was limited) Now, if Chad is even a state or province away, he can be easily accessed via motor vehicle, Uber, etc. All in the matter of minutes or hours. Back in the days of old, if a woman would be so inclined for a fuck-date with Chad, who resided in another town, it would be too risky or treacherous (bandits, wolves, thieves, harsh elements). Not to mention it would take perhaps days, weeks or months to reach him. It simply was not optimal for her to do so. She would have also needed the guide and security of a man's presence in order to travel like that.

She can answer her own phone today, live on her own today (society is safer), and her indiscretions are actually celebrated rather than berated. Women have never been more privileged. This society is the best they will ever get to experience. They will never appreciate this, though, because for them it is now to be expected (entitlement).

Society cannot survive though on this model and it is ultimately unsustainable. However, for now, you have to adapt and enjoy the decline. And it will be a rude awaking for women when all of these goodies and privileges vanish.

Hypergamy doesn't care about what you think that 'ideal' woman is or should be. This idealization, that oblivious men today pontificate about in their heads, needs to stop. As it is the root cause of a lot of problems men get into today with regards to relationships with women. This type of thinking causes men to lose money and their sanity.

Women are actually not hard to figure out if you just pay close attention to their behavior and actions.

Where a lot of men go wrong is that they strictly pay attention to what the media, movies, teachers (who are mainly female), politicians and their single-mothers tell them. And the worst cardinal mistake is to listen to women or ask women about themselves and what they want.

Asking a woman what she wants, or what she likes, is akin to asking an infant that day what flavor of ice cream they wish to have: It changes all the time. Hypergamy runs a woman's behavior on a day-to-day basis. It is an instinct that even she can't explain to you. Women cannot explain the Red pill to you because in order to explain all of this you need to first be self-aware. To be self-aware, you first need to detach yourself from society; women cannot do this because they in fact NEED the group in order to survive.

It is extremely difficult for women to do this because their very nature is selfish and solipsistic. It is an ego-invested and inward existence that women live in where the world revolves around them like their selfie stick.

One needs to recognize that men and women are both players, and it all comes down to the cards you are dealt and the chips you hold as leverage. For women, they start out with a ton of chips (value) that has been front-loaded to them by the house(nature and society). They get the best cards and hands dealt at the beginning stages of the game. However, you don't have to play your hand as a man, just yet. You can always fold and be patient for the opportune time to strike. You don't have to waste your chips. As the game progresses, men eventually get dealt better cards and then you can start gaining leverage and value. Women waste most, if not all of their value, during the beginning. They play loose and fast with their pussy, trying to gain the most fun out of the game. However, then the big and small blinds come knocking at them and it is hard for them to even cover.

The greatest gift in disguise is the suffering and anguish men have to endure before they hit their peak. That struggle develops character and wisdom. The reason why women freak out when they hit The Wall around Thirty is due to the fact that they have NEVER, in their entire life, known an existence in where the phone stops ringing for them.

They have never experienced the desert or a mirage for that matter; in where a guy has stood them up, loss lead them, etc. That desert for them will last anywhere from age 40 all the way until death. Men just have to experience that desert for maybe all of high school (4 years) and a bit of their Twenties. Which is nothing compared to the forty or more years a woman has to endure after her sexual market value has plummeted to zero.

Once you understand the Game, it's iron rules and fundamentals, then you can realize that life is not so bad and can only get better. This is the Red pill and it can be tough to swallow, however, once you regularly take the medicine you will eventually be able become accustom to seeing everything for what it is and NOT what is should be.

There are no 'should's' in life; only what is.

'Should's' make people feel good. Reality makes people angry. Pointing out that reality makes people call you names and label you. However, those people in the end will suffer and build their own prisons for themselves. We here would rather know the truth and be free.

Everyone else can FOAD.

Adapt or die. You are at the table. Do you fold, call, raise or walk away? The choice is and always has been, yours.

Men need to get this.

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