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Former West Fargo Teacher, Shannon Moser (Aka 'Kim Kardashian'), Arrested For Sex & Sexting

37-year-old Shannon Moser was charged with two counts of using a minor in sexual performance and one count of sexual assault after being accused of sharing sexually explicit material on Snapchat with two unnamed students and having sex in a van with one.

Up until July, Moser was a science teacher at Liberty Middle School in West Fargo, N.D. She resigned July 12 after the allegations surfaced.

Moser was having sex with minor males at Rendezvous Park in West Fargo. That student denied the relationship to police on July 3 but a friend told investigators that the teenager had spoken about the alleged abuse to him. When the victim was interviewed again, he admitted to his mother and to cops about the alleged abuse.

They received another tip about the disgraced teacher reportedly sending nude photos to the same student via Snapchat.

When cops interviewed the unnamed 16-year-old, he initially denied having relations with Moser. When cops interrogated the teen’s friend, however, the pal claimed the student talked about having sex with Moser in a park.

Cops then grilled the teen a second time. The student then came clean, stating he had told his mom he was having an affair with Moser.

The boy told cops he had known the teacher for two years and she was a family friend. The two reportedly began conversing on Snapchat in May or early June and that’s when she started sending him sexually charged messages and nude photos.

The teen said he met with Moser at Rendezvous Park in early June, where he got into her van, drove off somewhere, pulled over on a gravel road and did the dirty deeds.

“No one can know,” Moser allegedly told the student.

Last week a 15-year-old boy also came forward and told cops he and Moser had been sending him explicit material on Snapchat – including a video of her and her husband having sex. The second victim denied having physical contact with Moser.

In one instance a student complained Moser allowed other teens to call her “Kim Kardashian” while requiring some students to follow the dress code more than others. In another situation, Moser allegedly attended a student party last summer and took photos with them.


A love story made for a Red Shoe Diaries entry on the Showcase television network back in the 1990's. The only problem here is that one of these characters probably doesn't know how to spell the word 'rendezvous' yet.

Our gurl, Shannon Moser, is helping confirm what this FTSS detective has come to believe about all of these deranged and stupidly horny female teachers: They are behaving as if they are still in HS. A mental disorder? Sure. Or, is being a modern Western white woman a disorder in and of its self?

Moser by all accounts, is not a teenager anymore. She's 37.

She is a married woman (soon to be divorced, hopefully), who has Snapchat for some legit reason, I'm sure; because what Post-wall woman doesn't need to have Snapchat and social media, right? What a crime it would be if we told female teachers they couldn't have their social media, because as we all know, women would be so starved of attention they would go and do crazy and hysterical bang their students?

Proposal: Take away all cell phones from students AND from teachers. No social media accounts; private or public. Or, get rid of schools. Home-school your kids and raise them on Youtube. They will probably learn more, in all honestly. However, what they won't learn as well, is how to make sweet, tender, and pounding love to their 37-year-old married teacher in the backseat of her van, on a gravel road. That, is priceless.

Who is going to want to look at Shannon's weathered tits for 5 sec on Snapchat? Certainly not her husband. Moser was a victim of the attention bug; sending tit-pics and getting boys to go horn dog over them. However, a hormonal teen boy, who at that age would fuck anything that resembled our gurl's meat pocket, would be more than happy to take a stab at her pin cushion rather than spend 5 minutes, adjusting his own antenna to then broadcast the audition of his hand-puppet show.

Sick, power-controlling individuals, like Shannon, understand this. They've understood all their life that it's a social crime for a Western go-gurl to feel discomfort and to not get what she wants, no matter if it breaks the law. Shannon was starved for her younger years. Maybe she has a thing for gravel roads, or maybe Rendezvous Park is the local make-out point to which sparked...fondling memories; where she used to have sex all throughout her prime years before she met Bret. Maybe the sound of gravel beneath the tires, gets Shannon so horny she can't help herself?

They[Women like Shannon] understand that it is easier for them to get one of their male students to fill their jelly roll with warm surprises, instead of going to the bar and getting rejected by men around their age; men that can get women ten years younger than Shannon. Modern women today don't know what rejection is, nor do they have the stomach for it. So, what is easier? Trying to find a man your age, or sending some nudies to a teenager who'd run red lights, on his 10 speed, for your eager beaver?

A lot of boys would gladly take a night off from arguing with Henry Longfellow, or burping their Private Ryan, to have Shannon adjust their handbrake on a long and dark gravel road inside Rendezvous Park, West Fargo N.D. She's not the best looking FTSS, as you will see. However, you have to put all of this in the context of horny teen boy + ANY horny woman+ the promise of balls being emptied= The story of Shannon Moser's downfall.

The devil is in the details for this wife of a River City Church pastor. Police recovered explicit video on her phone (porn) which involves older women having sex with younger boys. Another hint and glimpse into our gurls level of maturity and mindset. Porn is an escape into fantasy. Our gurl wants to go back to a time when she was in HS; when young, feral men (her age) wanted to fuck. Maybe she never got the bone in HS? It doesn't matter, though.

One thing that we here do know, is that these women seem to not understand that once you send that first nude, sext or give that blowie, you mine as well start the clock on your eventual arrest. Sooner or later, someone is going to rat; suspicions will grow as to why you keep inviting yourself to high school parties, when you are fucking 37+.

The Report Card

Methodology: Our gurl wanted to be young again. Instead of wanting to 'keep up with the Kardashian's', she wanted to be Kim. How does one become so vapid and self-serving? Well, Shannon downloaded Snapchat and started handing out her muff card to all the boys in the yard. Like in any business, you gotta start getting leads. Shannon's business was all about how many male students she could get to endorse her vagina with the salvation that not even God or Jesus could provide.

Inviting yourself and promoting your 'cool' new business at parties, however, is definitely a faux pas. No young boy wanted Shannon's 'business' at the HS parties because better products were available. However, outside of that context, Shannon's 'services' were required. She filled a gap in the market. The public may see a lonely, deranged and horny female teacher; all I can see is someone who should have went into Digital marketing....or prostitution.


Integrity: A trusted member of the Church community goes A-wall on her family; starts giving 'the goods' to young boys like a Catholic priest.


Presentation/looks: Lesser attractive women ALWAYS try hard. It is no different when dealing with a FTSS. Shannon, our gurl, gave us one of the better stories of the summer, maybe of the quarter. Yet, she loses us in the Looks department. I managed to snag a photo of her and her hubby during their much younger days....but I call upon thy following and anyone in West Fargo to send me some 'evidence'. Do the right thing. We are talking about 'justice' and your 'civic duty', here.


Personal Notes: A 'rendezvous' in Rendezvous Park.

Overall Grade



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