Former Oologah-Talala High School Teacher & Aspiring Novelist, Haylie Smart, Accused of Raping Teen

Original Story at TulsaWorld

OOLOGAH, Oklahoma -

A former Oologah High School teacher is under investigation after authorities say she had sex with a a student who was 17.

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office says deputies booked Haylie C. Smart into jail on Friday afternoon. Smart is charged with second-degree rape.

Court records say she had a sexual relationship with a student from the fall of 2017 to May 2018.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Tammy Ferrari said investigators received a report on May 22 that Smart, 29, was having an inappropriate relationship with a male student of hers. Witnesses told OSBI that the two were openly affectionate at the school in front of others.

An affidavit of probable cause said Smart engaged in sexual intercourse with the student in her classroom on multiple occasions. In April, 2018, during the teacher walkout, the two also met at each other's home, records state.

Smart allegedly began rubbing the student’s back and placing her head on his shoulder in October 2017, according to a probable cause affidavit. The two reportedly hugged in front of other students multiple times.

Sometime near the beginning of November, the two began engaging in sex, the documents state. The student turned 18 in December.

Smart and the student continued the relationship into the spring, including during the two-week statewide teacher walkout, according to the affidavit.

Ferrari said the investigation showed phone calls between Smart and the student and that Smart had confided in a friend about the relationship.

Tammy that is a hawt name for a special agent. If only we had pictures of her instead of Haylie, who I will describe to you now as, what I would like to call: an iceberg: The top doesn't necessary match the bottom; looks can be deceiving. Just ask the Titanic, which is at the bottom of the Atlantic.

Haylie, our gurl, is a deception, an enigma herself. She is the girl you might hook-up with at an office Christmas party; a drunken foray.

Here we have, on paper, a seemingly normal and well-rounded do-gooder of an English teacher. An 'aspiring' novelist nonetheless, turned sex-scandal teacher. I found an interesting interview and Q/A session titled 20 Questions With Haylie Smart. I pulled some of the Q/A I found to be interesting:

Haylie is going to need superpowers to fight these charges....

Kat Dennings usually plays a slut; Winslet was a cunt in Titanic

Need I say anything more?

Getting clean before she gets dirty....niiice.

Or maybe because you ate a lot of them?

Plenty of time to do all of those things.... from prison.

Like smarties? Teen boys?

He should have told you twice....

It's difficult to see where our gurl went wrong. However, one minor detail is that Hailey is 29 and about to slam into the Wall. Not married and with no children, our gurl decided to go for some forbidden low-hanging fruit that was easily obtainable; a horny teen that would ask no questions.

One story our gurl should have read was, the tale of Adam & Eve.

It is no surprise that a teacher, an English teacher nonetheless, walked down the easy path in order to satisfy her womanhood:The ever nagging, ginger throbs. It's too bad, because all Haylie had to do was spend a little more time hitting the treadmill and a little less time at her desk eating smarties, hoping to find the words meant for the page.

Did our gurl suffer from simple laziness or a mental disorder? Who knows? Dropping 40lbs would have helped find her a man her age at the local tavern. She has an amazing face. But just like an iceberg, it's whats below that can sink ships in the landmine ridden world of dating.

The Report Card

Methodology: There are two types of hugs your female teacher will give you:

The "I am here for you if you need anything" hug, and the "I am here for you....if you need your balls drained" embrace.

Something tells me that our gurl, is a good hugger.

A writer, a homebody, a lover of candy and teen boys, Haylie Smart did something really stupid: She should have told the authorities she was doing 'research' for a novel instead of confiding in a friend and ultimately confessing her crimes. Alas, our gurl seems to be a bit of a romantic; searching for love in all the wrong places. It seems like she read too many fantasy novels and not enough law books.


Integrity: Soiling your classroom with after-the-bell intercourse; big hugs and back rubs in front of other students. Hailey was in her own little world it seems. A character, torn between her duty as an educator and her ginger tingles. A pilar of the community it seemed, who also had a dark side. She loved Jesus, apparently.

It seems she loved our 'victim' just a tad more. For Haylie, getting down on her knees for Jesus just isn't the same. The body of Christ may be all muscled and toned, however, there are only so many times you can receive the host at communion and realize that bread just isn't a good comparison to actual flesh. A woman has needs that go beyond a snack at Church. Even for Haylie, who looks like she loves a good snack or two....or four.


Presentation/looks: With our gurl being a homebody, I expected to find zilch on the pictures front. However, Haylie seems to creep up in the usual places like Twitter, but more interestingly, in random articles dealing with writing. She is not a brown-bagger, instead, she needs a potato sack. Its a shame: Nice face, but awful body. That's where she lost the points.

Her Twitter profile, like any modern gurl, has the standard inspirational quote written by someone more important than her, who accomplished something in life. You would think that, being an English teacher/writer, a woman like Haylie would have published tons of books by now, or would have her own quotes.

However, as I have come to find out, English teachers rarely publish books because A) It's hard work B) English teachers would rather quote and read the words of others instead of putting themselves out there. Also, English teachers would rather read the books of others and point out all the grammatical errors (which nobody cares about these days). Haylie is 29, I am 30. I have 5 books published and more on the way. I do not teach English nor do I have a degree in writing or in English. Would you like to know why? Well, I was born in Canada and English is the first language. You don't need a degree in your native language to write/publish a book. You just need to be creative and motivated.

Haylie should have spent less time getting hammered by her teen student and more time pounding on the keyboard. Pumping out words, instead of getting pumped like a piston. By now, she could have had 2 novels written, instead of multiple charges laid against her.

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the teen you diddled than by the adult men you should have done.

In hindsight....should have saved the $2,348.59 for bail money

The other side of Haylie....the FTSS side that is...


Personal Notes: Hugs are the gateway to intercourse.

Haylie likes the Backstreet boys.

Overall Grade



#MeToo #TeachersWorthyofaD #Satire #Humor


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