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Former Student Teacher, Alexandria Kaluzny, Accused Of 'Going To Neverland' Via Sex With Teen

Alexandria Kaluzny, 25, turned herself in on Thursday morning to face charges over her affair with the pupil who she taught in the spring of 2017.

It's alleged this summer the pair romped three times, including at a state forest, and two times behind a garage.

The former student teacher at Jersey Shore Area Middle School in the US state of Pennsylvania was in her final term before graduating from Mansfield University, the chief detective investigating the case said.

Chief detective for Lycoming County William Weber said Kaluzny and the teen had sex "in her vehicle and at other outdoor locations".

Kaluzny made no statement as she faced seven felony charges including involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, statutory sexual assault and endangering the welfare of children.

She also faces charges of corrupting the morals, unlawful contact and sending obscene materials to a minor, criminal use of a mobile phone as well as one misdemeanour count of indecent assault.

Weber told reporters: "She was the teen's student teacher. There was no sexual contact while she was his student teacher.

"The first sexual contact is alleged to have occurred in the summer of 2017," after Kaluzny had left the school, he added.

Kaluzny and the teenage boy — now 15 — began exchanging messages on social media last summer, and their relationship soon became sexual, it's alleged.

Weber went on: "They met on numerous occasions that summer and continued throughout this summer."

The relationship only ended when a member of the teen's family went to the authorities after suspecting the pair were meeting illicitly.

School officials confronted the unnamed teen, but he denied anything was going on.

As recently as last month, it's claimed Kaluzny sent the teen "a picture of herself showing sexual conduct" according to court papers.


What's going on this week in FTSS land? Is 15 too old, now?

Alexandria, and her case, speaks volumes as to what I have said all along about most of these FTSS's: Women DO NOT mature(intellectually) past high-school. It is one of my working theories(there are several) as to why this epidemic/phenomenon of Female teachers banging their students, is happening.

Below, I am going to show you a menagerie of tweets from Alexandria's Twitter account @Kaluznya09 (Alpha Sigma Alpha ΔΕ 726), of which highlights what we are dealing with here:

If you diligently scroll through Alexandria's twitter, like I did, you would come to find that our gurl suffers from 'Wendy's Syndrome. The reason why there were no 'Lost Boys' in the movie Peter Pan (or the book) was because Peter (a Blue pilled mangina) reminded the world through the magic of Disney that, "There are no 'lost girls' because girls are far too clever to fall out of their prams".

Peter is an idiot.

Alexandria, and countless scores of other women like her (teachers or not), have proven to the world, through observable reality, that women are WAY more likely to 'fall out of their prams'. Especially in a gynocentric, female primary order like the West: Where gina tingles rule the realm; rainbows and orgasms are the reason why the sun shines everyday.

At age 25, Alexandria's case is just simply stunning for a girl in her sexual prime, or is it? We here, after all, deal with the dark side of female sexual nature.

In a world like Neverland (Western civilization), women do not have to grow up, they have no agency or autonomy. It is the man who must grow up and shut up (man up). They[Western women] present themselves like agent-less beings, who think that responsibility and consequences do not apply to them because:Vagina. This is the real Neverland that women live in today.

Peter-fucking-Pan believed in the beauty of innocence. Much of the quotes from the movie reflect Alexandria's attitude toward her behavior and life in general.

"Dreams come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you sacrifice everything else for it."-Peter Faggoty Pan

Well, our gurl took that to heart and sacrificed everything for love with a 'lost boy': Her future career, her years of education (money wasted), her name and dignity. We all here, hope it was worth it.

Alexandria states to the right that, "Peter Pan is where I find I[sic] inspiration [sic] it may be a child's movie but it has many adult meanings to it."

It's no longer her 'dirty little secret' <3.

The Report Card

Methodology: In one year, Alexandria traded her soul and career for three 'romps': One at a state park, and two times behind a garage (classic). My inner trader/investor voice is telling me, "That's not a very good ROI".

With being in the Alpha Sigma Alpha sisterhood, you would think that Alexandria could easily arrange, or ask one of her sista's, to hook her up with a frat boy her age. Balls have to be drained (one way or another) around campus and on the horniest of nights, even a dude bro would probably be OK with slamming his salami through our gurl's thigh-sandwich.

However, when you scroll down below, you will come to notice that 'sorority girls' today aren't what they use to be: Hot. Feminism has clearly watered things down and lowered the bar. She also could have asked one of her sista's for the key to the dildo box in the house and rent one for a year. Nope.

Being in La La land and suffering from Peter Pan syndrome, our girl felt compelled to never grow up and progress. This translating through her behavior and also within her sex life. We all know that one girl in our hometown that never grew up; still fucks the same guys she did back in high-school and works at the same coffee shop like she has since graduation. The only difference between that girl you know and our gurl one you're thinking of is fucking the older versions of those teens.


Integrity: Being a student teacher is all about making a name for yourself and showing the established teaching world what the young people have got.

You need to stand out, so that when the time comes, all your connections will vouch for you in order to land that first gig. Alexandria has done what very few horny female teachers have: Burn out before she is even official.



Presentation/looks: Our girl showed some promise in her early years (she was actually decently skinny at one point). However, where most FTSS lose points is in the Looks/Presentation category. It's a biggy; much like our gurl.

You can fuck up in the 'Integrity' category and still pull off a decent overall grade; if you are a smoke-show. 'Methodology' is not hard to ace, because most of these horny teachers do unspeakable things in order to get their quivering lady parts played with.

Alexandria is your quintessential body positive/lazy aspiring feminist; A man should love you for you/a real man puts up with your sass. It's no wonder our gurl had to turn to a teen for some validation sex.

Given the evidence, our girl (presumably) could only attract feminized beta white boys and maybe some overweight black dudes. Black guys love thick white women for dat juicy baboon-like ass.

Possible former lover ^^ Confirmed BF of 11 months (circa 2013)

Her sorority girls(sisters) (aka YASS Queens)


Personal Notes:

-Peter 'pound me' Pan.

-Has a thing for 'lost boys'.

Overall Grade



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