Married Choir Teacher, Laurie Softley, 34, Hit 'High Notes' With Two Male Student's

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A married female music teacher had drunken sex with two 17-year-old boys in her choir, a hearing heard yesterday.

Laurie Softley, 34, slept with the first boy in 2008 after taking him for drinks in the pub then driving him home where she stripped off and invited him to her bedroom.

Police interviewed Ms Softley but no prosecutions were made and the case was referred to the Derbyshire Safeguarding Children's Board.

The boy, whom she taught the recorder, told a disciplinary hearing in Coventry: 'She poured us both wine. At some point we kissed. We continued to kiss and took off our tops.'

'We went upstairs to her bedroom. Miss Softley took a condom from her bedside table drawer and we had sex.'Ms Softley made a similar move with another boy in 2012, reported The Sun. The former pupil, now 23, said: 'She took her shirt off. I saw her topless. I believe she took off her trousers because I performed a sex act on her.'

Oh cum, all ye faithful!

Laurie won't be singing any Christmas carols this year. However, it was already a very white and early Christmas for her, I am sure. In fact, it seems it has been like Christmas for Laurie since 2008; un-wrapping condoms, slowly, in front of her 'victims'.

Softley touched boys penis'. Softley fucked them, hard.

The English language can be fun and I am sure Laurie Softley is no different. She is a red- head.

If you ignore the different spellings, but accept the similar sound, you could bet that the court hearings could present a confusing tell-all. It might have gone something like this:

Attorney: Who in this courtroom perpetrated these crimes unto your person.

Victim: Softley, touched me.

Attorney: Sorry, we are not asking just yet what happened, I just want to make the court aware, for the record, who did this to you.

Victim: She, (points to Laurie Softley), Softley...did things to me.

Attorney: OK, now what exactly happened.

Victim: She, (pointing to Laurie) Softley, made love to me hard. Miss, Softley rubbed my back and gave me booze. Softley took my hand and placed it on her hoo-ha. Softley stroked me off.

The whole ordeal would sound like an erotic novel that was written by someone who hates pronouns and commits 'wrong word' errors; needs a lesson on homophones.

Laurie Softley will hopefully be doing hard time soon, as she appears to have gotten away with her shenanigans for a while now. The first incident took place back in 2008 and until now has come to light.

Tread softly and carry teen dick around for a decade, is Laurie's Roosevelt moment. Our gurl had been treading in the female teacher sex scandal waters for quite some time, and it's until now that the school board smelled blood in the water? Either we are dealing with a FTSS professional, or willfully incompetent staff who can't put an ear to the ground in order to her rumblings of the bedroom antics of female teachers like Laurie.

The victim(s), in a rare move, kept hush about the affair; a smart and wise man if what you want is for the juice to keep on flowing and for your female teacher to keep your penis moisturized. Or, the other likely possibility, to keep the free booze flowing since he was a minor at the time. Why raid your parents liquor cabinet when they are away for the weekend seeing live broad way shows when your horny teacher can fill the supply chain?

All you have to do is go down on her and treat her pussy like an oil pool discovery with your man-drill.

What we do know is that Laurie Softley has a very different idea of what it means to teach a young boy the art of 'playing the recorder'. I bet she taught him the obvious similarities between the skin flute, her pussy and the recorder; if one blows softly and uses their tongue correctly, the musician will be rewarded. As a teacher, Laurie went above and beyond to connect the fact that if you give your female teacher oral, you will become a great master of the recorder.

Now, let's see below if this married music teacher hit any high notes on the all important: Report Card.

The Report Card

Methodology: A very common tactic we have been seeing lately; plying the 'victims' with booze in order to get dat pussy worked. Softley hardly put any effort, but sometimes less is more when it comes to female teacher sex scandals.

The fact is, Laurie got away with this act since 2008. She must be doing something right. Bending over backwards for your students needs, both in school and out of, is a quality trait when it comes to earning your spot in the greatness category in becoming a Female Teacher Sex Scandal pro.

Sadly, we didn't see a whole lot of effort from Laurie.

Booze, next to pussy, will get any man over to your house for a nude art show. Where is the heart? Where are the nudie Snapchats!? Where are the bold and open flirtations in front of other student's?

Laurie played it safe, which got her what she wanted and perpetuated a long-term rate of consistency (not getting caught for a long time). However, greatness on here comes from truly bold plays.

Plays that show how committed you were to the title of 'Greatest teacher sex scandal'. With Laurie, there was no fevered desperation that can only come from being truly and hysterically horny for your teen love interest. As the years go by, the expectations get higher, as we see more and more of these female teachers go to great lengths for sex with their students.

Plying with booze for sex is so 2014, cougar tactics.


Integrity: Hitting the high notes with your students during music class is one thing; hitting those notes outside of class is what we like to see. Married gets you extra points, for sure. Treading softly under the radar since 2008 without doing the 'right' thing and telling someone or feeling morally guilty....


Presentation/looks: As you all know by now, the Looks/Presentation is everything when it comes to FTSS. This is usually the make-or-break category for these sloots. Softley touches on something that I see often: Being committed to the bang, but not to the title. What was the point in all of this if Laurie didn't want to be great?

It is rather selfish, I know. We have no Instagram photos or videos, no real presence whatsoever.

When you take the stage as a FTSS, you have to be prepared for this category. You can present a compelling story but when you bring me potatoes and no steak, your grade is going to suffer, greatly.

If you present the case that teen boys couldn't help themselves since 2008 over your hot teacher sex, then we need some primary evidence of what all the fuss is about!

All we have is the fact that Laurie is a redhead, and she probably looked better ten years ago.

She won't make your D#, but it won't be flat either. Your cock will be a middle C: Half chub.

We can only blame Softley for her grade.


Personal Notes:

Fuck me, Softley.

Whisper in my ear, Softley.

Softley jerked me hard?

Kiss me; madly deeply, Softley.

Overall Grade



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