Devout Christian Teacher, Baylee Turner, 23, Charged With Going Down On Her Knees

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Baylee Turner, 23, was arrested last Wednesday in Carthage, Missouri and charged with sexual contact with a student by a school district employee.

Police say Turner had sex with the unidentified student between January 14 and January 21 in a home in Carthage, although authorities did not specify whose home it was, or the gender of the student she is accused of abusing.

Turner was arrested during her first year teaching at the district’s high school, for the past two years she was teaching younger students at the middle school.

She also appears to be an aspiring author and has a blog titled ‘Fueled by Faith’ where she writes about her husband, her Catholic faith, and a book she said she is working on.

In her most recent post, she concluded by writing ‘…let’s stop shaming women for sticking to the traditional ways in life. ‘Lets stop assuming that all women want the same things, and start respecting the fact that independent women come in all shapes, sizes, beliefs, and lifestyles.’

It's pretty clear, by now, that Baylee won't be finishing that book of hers.

Who were kidding, anyways? Women don't finish off anything... except for their underage students.

Baylee wasn't fueled by faith; she was fueled by a desire more powerful than the holy spirit, himself: The jack-rabbiting force of a teen boy.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, according to Baylee.

She 'appeared' to be an aspiring author. Of course she was. Women are great at 'appearing' to be things.

They don't actually become those things, because they take a lot of hard work. Now, getting a hormonal teen boy to fuck you (a 23-year old fresh female teacher) senseless...that's not exactly hard to do if you are a fairly attractive woman.

I'd love to see what she writes about next with regards to her husband, her Catholic faith and about the book that was never going to be written anyways.

The biggest read flag that would've tipped you off about Baylee's upcoming decent into Female Teacher Sex Scandal madness, was her last blog post: Which spouted very clear Lefist tropes and hints of feminist funk.

She clearly went off the reservation. No 'devout' Catholic would say such blasphemy.

Another woman of faith sees to have been bitten by the feminist bug; started to fantasize about fucking teens.

Not surprised.

When you are an entitled woman, it's all about whether or not your giner tingles are getting satiated. If your vagina is not getting a good pounding, ridding out the tingles, it's the patriarchy's fault.

For a teen boy these days, life is a mystery.

You must stand alone.

But then you hear your 23-year old teacher call your name.

And it feels like home.

It's like she's about to pray.

She's down on her knees, gonna make you spray.

In the midnight hour she can feel your power.

Just like a prayer you know she'll take you there.

The Report Card

Methodology: Baylee used her 'sweet on the outside' but 'dead and horny' on the inside qualities to attract what her hypocritical giner wanted: A good, stiff, dick' be dug-out (tossed and turned) like the garden of Eden.

Her was a supposed sweet and innocent teacher who occasionally wrote on her blog about faith and her husband. What she failed to tell her husband was that slow-missionary just wasn't cutting it. Rather than appearing to be a horny slut in front of her God fearing wife, Baylee decided to act out her deepest, darkest sexual wishes out with a willing participant: A hormonal and equally horny, teen.

Baylee did what Eve was told not to do by the devil; pick the low-hanging fruit and take a bite.

Clearly, Baylee wasn't as 'devout' as she though she was because that shit is in the bible. She probably should have read that book first instead of trying to write her own.


Integrity: A female teacher writes a blog about her husband, faith and the love of God; fucks her underage student.

Loses her teaching career in her first year at a 'big girl' job; priceless.

No further questions.


Presentation/looks: Is it me, or does she look kinda old for a 23-year old? Maybe that's why she was so desperate to find the 'fountain of youth'...

Her teacher photo on the left says: Goes to church every Sunday; believes sex is only for procreation. Now, the photo on the right screams: I would like your cock now, please.

Two women of the same. One appears to be the happiest on the outside; the other is a tormented soul to which is stupidly horny; has repressed urges.

Ladies, if your 'hubby'/beta boob isn't 'doing it for you'....either come find guys like me at the bar or go online to this crazy world called Amazon; Find the vibrator for you... and click 'Add to Cart'.

It's so simple, it's easier than getting a teen boy to fuck you, if you were a 23-year old chick.


Personal Notes: Give a woman an orgasm....she'll be happy for a moment.

Teach a woman to masturbate.....and she'll be cumming for a lifetime.

Overall Grade


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