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Minne-Oh là là: Minneola Teacher, Elizabeth Wilczek,25, Arrested For Banging Student

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Law enforcement authorities are investigating a southwest Kansas high school teacher for alleged unlawful sexual relations.

Elizabeth Wilczek, 25, Minneola, met the requirements of the $25,000 bond following her arrest March 18, according to the Ford County Sheriff’s office.

She made an initial court appearance on the day of her arrest on the charge which is a severity level 5 person felony. She is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Thursday afternoon, according to the Ford County Attorney’s office.

According to reports, Wilczek was arrested on Monday, March 18, around 7 a.m. local time, and booked into the Ford County Detention Center jail.

In a statement, Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr confirmed that Wilczek was arrested by sheriff’s deputies and Minneola Police Department officers.

Authorities have not disclosed much information about the case as the investigation is currently ongoing.

Wilczek is just the latest in a string of education officials to be arrested and charged for sex-related crimes.


Oh Elizabeth....I believe you, with every muscle in my dick, when you say

that you are 'an experience'.

Spring is in the air; summer is just around the corner. This is the time of year where the hotties, the real hussies, come out to play; female sex scandal teachers are no exception to that universal rule.

It seems like ever year we always hit a mild slump around wintertime, with the 'quality' of horny, deranged female teachers. Elizabeth Wilczek is the signal we have been waiting for around here: That the Elizabeth Flints and Stephanie Petersons of the female sex scandal teaching world, are coming and cumming hard...out of the woodwork before the school year is up!

Like any skilled competitor, in any competition really, it's usually best if you go last (if you believe you have what it takes to be one of the Greats). You want to be at the end; most likely to be remembered the most, in a judge's eye: The last boner inducer.

Now, on the surface, there doesn't seem to be a lot to our gurl's story. That is true if you are an amateur at Female Sex Scandal teacher, blogging.

Before I started even considering Elizabeth to join the roster, I took a look at other websites and people blogging about our gurl, to only find that nobody really cares about bringing top-quality articles on these berserk and horny female teachers, much like yours truly does and can do.

My sleuthing level/capabilities is what sets my blog apart from the rest.

At best, some websites managed to post the 3 pictures of Elizabeth that you can find with any Google search. One prominent, even more so than I, blogger even apologized in his article for the 'lack of detail/content' (he could only find the three pictures on our gurl.

Never apologize....just do better; be better.

To me, that just shows me you didn't even try to look are gurl up on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

I did. And I found our gurl's story. The story that nobody will be able to tell you, because of one key piece: Her Youtube channel.

Yes, nobody else found or even tried to find it, but our gurl has a Youtube (3 videos). Her Facebook is also wide open; like her legs probably were before she got arrested.

I looked and I listened to this woman. I did more looking....but that is besides the point.

The point is, women love attention and their social media. They love the attention they get from their social media... more than orgasms. It's probably why our gurl still hasn't taken her social media down yet.

What I am trying to say is, if you want to find a woman's story, her soul...her nice sweater-puppy titties....go to where she most likely is: On Facebook/Instagram!

The Report Card

Methodology: Hopefully the authorities in Kansas realize that holding back details on how our gurl may, or may not have, sucked and fucked her student, is hurting her grade in this category!

This story is over a week old; Elizabeth was suppose to make another appearance on the following Thursday of her arrest. Where are the fucking crib notes on the blowies, sexting and sliz-sliding!?

A level 5 felony in Kansas suggests 'aggravated sexual battery'. Sounds Was a battery-operated vibrator involved? I'd be nice to know! You lazy, fucks!

What we do know, from a very key monologue on one of her Youtube videos, is that Elizabeth did have a traumatizing even recently; her dad past way from cancer a year ago. This is sad and tragic(truly), but it doesn't excuse what has been alleged.

How's that coffee shop business coming along?

What it could explain, however, is what I have suspected being a key factor in a lot of these cases: A triggering, traumatizing event that causes most of these women to go off the deep end; escape by losing themselves in risque sex/fantasies/fetishes. A form of escapism for the modern, hyper-sexualized woman.

If the authorities worked as hard as I did, at sleuthing for the treasure trove of photos that I have for you all today on Elizabeth, maybe, just maybe, the world would be a better place.

Without the carnal knowledge of Elizabeth putting her warm, wet, 25-year-old mouth and sliz all over the 'victim' de jure, we can't (in good conscience) give Elizabeth the grade she probably deserves.

Life ain't fair. Elizabeth, definitely knows this by now.

UPDATE: 5/12/2019

We got a anonymous email by somebody who was in Elizabeth's geometry class. This is their testimony:

This changes everything, including Elizabeth's overall grade. Now that we know some of the juicy details, thanks to boots-on-the-ground reporting by insiders sending us email testimonials, we now have a better methodology for our gurl.

B (Upgraded from a C-)

Integrity: A woman of faith. A woman who came back to her home town of 700 people, to teach at the high school that she went to; the very school both her parents taught at. A community to which supported our gurl through some dark times in her life.

She gave back (and then some) in a most spectacular way.


Presentation/looks: Elizabeth is presenting as: Horny, faith healer; aspiring employer of baristas.

Elizabeth Wilczek reminds me of Amanda Bynes's character 'Marianne' from the film Easy A.

Now, when I did my original sleuthing, I came up on our gurl's sole Facebook page; it had about 10+ pictures or so. However, my superior detective skills kicked in; I wanted to get you guys more....because there had to be more on this chick (she is a millennial). Millennials love putting their entire life on the internet.

Turns out, I was right. She had a Youtube channel. What I did do (to get all the other pictures you are about to see)was something called: 'Back-dooring' a friends list.

You will notice, that a lot of Elizabeth's photos are of her and three other girls; her sisters.

Trust me, this family does everything together (I hope not everything...I think).

It was an absolute pain... as far as editing purposes went; you will see in the photos.

All I had to do was then go through the photos of other family members with the surname 'Wilczek' and viola!

Tons more pictures!

One thing I have noticed with Elizabeth, is that it looks like she is one of those girls who is hitting the Wall at a faster pace than normal. If you look at her photos, Elizabeth has impeccable sexual allure until around 2015/16 (Age 23 ish). She still looks pretty good at current levels....but there seems to have been a dramatic change in the last few years; face weathering, muscle tone depletion; skin completion, packing on the pastry pounds, etc.

Elizabeth is checking all the right boxes when applying for Greatest FTSS:

  • Horny (check)

  • Age 23-38 (check, 25)

  • A teacher (check)

  • Married (N/A)

  • Beta boyfriend (N/A)

  • Prolific social media presence( Double, Check)

  • Nose ring/piercings (check)

  • Religious(check)

We are missing some key info, of course.

Upon viewing our gurl among her family, it doesn't shock this FTSS detective one bit that Elizabeth was the horniest one of them all. How do I know this, you ask? Well, like I have said before: It is all in the eyes of a woman.

Elizabeth Wilczek has what I like to call: Hussie Eyes . They are hard to describe, but you know when you see them. It's a very attractive stare/look a woman has in her eyes; smoldering, steamy, almost like a mesmerizing haze. Not glossed over or glazed, but this smoky, somewhat steely look, a woman can give to a camera or to your direct gaze.

Wow, that rhymed!

Elizabeth's eyes scream something erotically beautiful: Sex in the Irish countryside after a morning rain; banging in the back of the caravan on holiday.

You can tell when a woman has these eyes because when she looks at you, your dick will be harder than limestone.

Christ told us all to 'turn the other cheek'. How about Elizabeth turns both her cheeks around; bends over into a proper right angle.

Then, i'll forgive her.

Summary: Homebody (but loves to travel), no long-term plan, SJW indoctrinated, no personal identity (following in others footsteps), family oriented. No mentioning of 'partying' or boyfriend (possiblly sexual repressed [religious background] or inexperienced?).


Personal Notes: There is only one person who truly knows our gurl better than I, inside and out: The 'victim'.

Overall Grade

A- (Upgraded from B+)

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