PUSEY GALORE: Naughty Sports Trainer, Cayla M. Pusey, 26, Arrested For Applying Sexual Healing Power

Original story at Wane.com

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - A local sports trainer has been arrested for having a sexual relationship with a student athlete she treated.

Cayla M. Pusey, 26, faces two felony charges of Child Seduction, one for being a child care worker who had sexual intercourse or sexual conduct with a child 16-17 years and another for being a child care worker who engaged in fondling or touching with a child 16-17 years.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed Friday, a Grant County Sheriff's detective learned that Pusey and the student "had engaged in sexual activity" at Pusey's Fort Wayne home. Pusey was a sports trainer at the student's Grant County school, the affidavit said.

The student said he began a friendship with Pusey in April 2017 and they exchanged contact information so he could consult her about an injury he'd suffered, the affidavit said. The relationship grew, though, and the student said he stayed at Pusey's home 5-10 times and exchanged nude photos, and engaged in sexual activity.

The affidavit said the victim's mother had been approached by Pusey about continuing their relationship, but the mother said it was unacceptable, the affidavit said. The mother told Pusey to end the relationship and request to be transferred to a different assignment or she would report her, the affidavit said.

Our gurl, Cayla Pusey, asked the mother of the victim if she could "continue the relationship" with her son; this Pusey has some balls...

Cayla Mmmm. Pusey is a cougar by trade; a cougar by affiliation. She will of course, have to take off that cougar jersey, for what she has accomplished as one of our best female teachers/trainer/cock-medic; most likely won't be exposing those itty-bitty titties for us in a nice JPEG file....

Good thing her name isn't Caya Brezts; those things are tiny. However, I bet the Pusey is good/was good.

My suspicion, and what the authorities left out in the affidavit, is that the real reason why our gurl got caught was due to all of the boys faking injuries after games and practice.

Someone obviously didn't give Cayla the memo regarding 'Blue balls' not being an actual 'injury'.

Could you just imagine, for one second, that a high school would hire, let alone, put such a tasty-tart in-front the schools aspiring Alpha's and letting her massage/ stretch out their groins during intermissions and working-out those nasty-knots, that just so happen to be near the balls?


This isn't Caya's fault....entirely. The school should've known better. You don't put a juicy piece of meat, like Caya, next to a pack of rabid horny athletes. Let alone, let that prime rib-of-a Pusey be allowed to tenderize the swollen Adductor longus and Brevis muscles of a raging Alpha by proxy.

All this FTSS detective can say, is that faking an injury, taking a knee, or throwing the game in order to racketeer is one thing; taking a lead pipe to your knee, like Nacy Kerrigan, in order to score some Cayal Pusey....well..I'd look the other way, too.

The Report Card

Methodology: When you are a horny female sports trainer...it is not good practice to take such a position at a high school, when your job is going to involve tending to a hormonal boy's inflamed....adductor magnus.

Caya Pusey inserted herself into the training room and went the extra mile in-terms of 'service' quality.

Demonstrating an eagerness to preform at her best, Caya decided that this boy needed much wanted relief from all the tension and stress that come with high school sports expectations....and the need to drain your balls every 10 minutes....

Especially when your hot, 26-year-old trainer is known to party on bumble, and walks around after school in sexy ripped jeans and a low-cut top, looking for someone to hit that grand slam into her dug-out.

Caya was in a prime position...to be on her love interest, multiple times.

The public may see a rabidly horny sports trainer, whose penchant for relaxing massages gets all the boys to the yard; all I can see is a woman whose talents would better serve inside of a shady nail massage parlor off the I 75.


Integrity: Everyone knows that when you are an athlete, sex and blowies before the game is a no-no; as it will drop your T-levels, taking that much added aggression and male agility out of your step.

Caya was so bold as to ask the mother of her love interest if she could continue slamming her sliz up and down on her[the mother's] son's....inflamed muscle.

It seems like she found a good muscle to massage....and that Pusey really needs the pounding to continue. Relief goes both ways.

Sex is the preferred drug of choice.


Presentation/looks: Let's let Cayla make an entrance; introduce herself:

I don't know about you....but I could smell that Pusey gett'n off the elevator.

Honestly, the bumble photo of our gurl in those 'I-like-being-down-on-my-knees' jeans, with the beer in hand, the low-cut top. It just screams: I'll cum to your rescue on the court, any day.

When you are down on the hardwood, screaming in agony because a ligament has snapped, or your tibia is jetting out of your skin like a bloody elephant tusk, the only face, the only gurl I would want by my side, hanging her sweater-puppies over me, would be the best Pusey in world at that moment: Cayla.

Bonus marks: When your name is your destiny...or the destiny of a teen boy.

The 'victim' saw this face "5-10 times".....


Personal Notes: The jokes write themselves, sometimes...

Overall Grade


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