You Owe The Company, Nothing

It always amazes me how clueless, out-to-lunch, the brick-and-mortar boomer bosses are with regards to new style of sucking the day's dick (job market) for Millennials and soon, Gen Z.

"Multiple job options is no excuse for poor behavior." The National

Right, and CorporateLand has never been known for poor behavior.

Fuck you, and suck my cock. Then, kill yourself.

"I think there has been an general decline in manners both personally and professionally in recent years" -Boomer Wagecuck, Esquire

Tell me, about it. Asshole.

Most companies have been 'ghosting' employees and potential ones for years. Whatever happened to training your workers? Hm? You lazy, fucking cunts!


Oh no, we can't do that! We will just put 'Needs 30-years experience' and 'applicable work experience' on the job offer. That will do it!

Most companies never build up their employees, or groom them for higher positions.

Most companies do not provide incentives for them [employees] to stay with the company for the long haul.

Then these same companies wonder why, decades down the road when all of these boomer fucks need to retire, that there are no 'experienced' workers readily available in the marketplace with all of the skills needed to fill the higher positions.

"Oh, no problem. Greta, do you know how to get this Indeed Jobs thing to work?"

"Can you fill out in the job description that we need someone with 30-years experience....someone like me...a fucking godly old boomer, whose worked in the industry all their life and knows all of this shit...shit I should've passed down in succession to employees within the company...the same employees I pushed away by backstabbing them, threatening, abusing, bullying and lied to. Can you do that, Greta? Can you also put me out of my misery but slitting my throat? Thanks, Greta."


After both boomers figure out how to submit a job offer on the internet, Greta will also have to help her boomer boss to the latrines; wipe his ass for him; feed the old fuck his meds and Metamucil.

Man, what a herd of fucking retards. Just shoot yourself at this point if you, a boomer boss, is not hip to the new jive of how dating/relationships work nowadays.

If you are wondering why I am bringing dating into the fray of this topic, then you are most likely a boomer and need to die as-soon-as possible so we can rid the world of commuting, office politics, cock-kissing and ass sucking on a daily basis.

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Pump & Dump Your Job Like A CumSlut

Job hunting is very similar to dating. Your employer today, companies, are like the hot chick in high school who makes you jump through all of these hoops; do monkey back-flips; cock-kiss; ass suck in the vein hope that you might, at the very least, get a call-back. Let alone, the job offer itself.

People are now waking up the scam and charade of the 9-5, boomer economy. Did these fucking geriatric assholes ever consider, for one minute, that the reason why so many people ghost their job offers is because a BBD (bigger better deal) came along? Also, I would like to see the data on whom is doing the majority of 'ghosting'.

Specifically, which gender. There are only two genders (Male & Female).

Get triggered and fucking kill yourself as-soon-as humanly possible.

I am willing to bet that since women now make up the majority of cock-kissers and ass-suckers out there in the workforce, playing make-believe career gurl, that they are the ones doing the majority of 'ghosting'.

After all, just like with romantic relationships, women will use the host as a means to an end.

And if you aren't kissing their ass 24/7, turning down the AC in the office every five-fucking-minutes, providing a 'workplace/life balance' culture for them well, they will be out the fucking door faster than a black, soon-to-be father.

The kids today play the job field like they play Tinder: Fast and loose, like the pussy out there.

The thing is, I agree with it.

Especially when companies are sadistic and make you jump through all of the HR horse-shit, layered interviews that can go on for days and multiple sessions; having to answer stupid questions that some college grad, ditzy cunt came up with all by herself while scrolling through Facebook on her lunch break whilst flicking her clit through her leggings.

HR cunt: "If you were a tree, which type would you be and why?"

You: If I pulled my pants down, right now, would you suck it? And, why?"

Answer: Yes.Because she is a former college party-gurl, who is a cock-fiend. A chick who would rather feel the slippery tang of my jizz slide down her warm, velvety throat than to carry-on with her mind numbing job of being the company's paper-weight.

Ghosting is perfectly acceptable if you haven't even officially started the relationship with the employer. Same with dating and relationships: If you aren't married yet then technically you are still on the market.

Even if you are boyfriend and girlfriend (there are only two genders, kill yourself) and you claim you both 'love each other' on Facebook in front of all your friends, It still doesn't mean jack, fuck-all. The next day your pudding-cup of a fucking GF could go bang five Chads, suck-off Tyrone's coke-can donger, swallow all the cum, then regurgitate it, spit it back into her pussy, text you that 'we are done' and sleep sound as a pound.

Ghosting is also acceptable even if you're in a relationship with that company/employer. This is acceptable while they've begun the process of fucking you over, lying about your job duties and pulling what is called The Rachet: When your boss (or girlfriend) begins the process of gas-lighting you into believing everything is your fault, starting arguments; trying to push you away or cause drama until something gives (you are fired or you quit).

Watching A Woman Suck Your Cock ~ Seeing Your Money Cum More Money

So, fuck these cock-suckers.

You owe them absolutely, nothing.

You owe them zero loyalty.

Your workplace, job, the company you work at, should strictly be a pump-and-dump operation.

You have a clear entry point and an exit point.

Go there to make your money, then get the fuck out when you have reached your target. Do not 'marry' into a company. Keep yourself in the fuck-buddy position in where it is mutually beneficial to both of you. But in the end, you are not there for the long-term. You are there to do as little as humanly possible, mentally and physically for the max amount of dollars.

Then, you take that money and fucking run.

If you want, cum on their face before you're out the door. Who cares.

Invest it, earn 6-8%. Retire early.

That's how you win.

That's getting your dick sucked.

Nothing beats getting your dick sucked at the end of every month with a nice, cool divy sucking your cock; your money working for you.

There are actual blowjobs; then there are dividends.

Both equally feel amazing.

I like watching a woman suck my cock; I also like watching my money cum more money in front of me and into my bank account.

Tell them to suck your cock and lick your asshole like they do those manila envelopes in payroll.

You just want to get your nut and then you're out. Don't worry about the company because there is always some jack-ass who will come along and will be willing to keep his/her mouth on that day's dick for life; sucking and fucking that company off, full-time, like a wagewhore.

The wagewhore will do anything. If the company wants a finger up-the-ass before it donkey punches you, cums in your hair and shits on your chest, the wagewhore will do it so long as they can get their paycheck in order to buy shit they don't need. To hate themselves some more.

CorporateLand can kiss your cock; Suck your ass.

#Investing #Dating #theRatrace


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