Corona+Virus+Math=: Uh-Oh, Sum Ting Wong!

While the world mourns Kobe and emotionally masturbates over his dead body, we have a situation that might actually give us that reset-button on humanity that is much needed. A kick in the ass; a wake-up call.

Go ahead, jerk-off on Twitter and let people know you still exist through the death of someone more famous than you, because there is a good chance that your existence might be extinguished soon!

For people questioning what it would take to get rid of feminism and expose it for the fraud it is. For all of you wondering how the lights can be turned-off, welfare-state cut-off and the economies of the world grinding to a halt. All it could take is some coughing, sneezing and wheezing mixed with the speedy pace of modern travel, perfect timing with flu season and Chinese New Year celebrations.

The perfect storm; the perfect virus. Almost too perfect.

The Cure is Not A Lime

Well, I give you, the Queen of Coronas:2019-nCov (coronavirus).

This is what it might take: A highly contagious animal-to-human, human-to-human virus, which has a known incubation period of 2-weeks, has a R0 of roughly 2.6-4.6 (conservative) and currently by today's numbers has a mortality rate of about 5%.


Influenza has a mortality rate of about .0025% with a similar R0 of about 2.6 when factoring in modern medicine. Without modern medicine, influenza (common) has a mortality rate of about 2%.

Coronavirus is immune to all drugs and antibiotics (at this time) and there is no known vaccine.

A vaccine would take at least one-year to create.

The Spanish Flu infected 500 million people with a mortality rate of about 10-20% .

Mind you, back in 1918 we didn't have air travel and quick transportation methods like we do now. If anything, coronavirus has at least a 3-week head start given modern day advances in transportation speed.

As of right now, I believe the the coronavirus will end up having a mortality rate of at least 15%, minimum, when we get more of an accurate picture and when the virus has reached its peak momentum and strength.

Containment was too late, this thing is now free to roam. A vaccine and a cure will take at least a year. Even with lock-down and containment that only reduces the rate of infection down to 25% outside of the quarantined cities. It's a quick-fix, delay tactic to buy time. That's even if you manged to cut 99% of all traffic in and out of the cities down which is near impossible. Many will slip through the cracks and already have.

Don't Panic, The Government Loves You!

Given the fact that Communist countries are known for handling crises in the most purest and transparent of fashions, I believe this will be China's Chernobyl event. If you don't know about Chernobyl and the wonderful, beautiful handing of that catastrophic event by the Soviet Union (Communists), then go back to mourning Kobe because you are too stupid to even handle what is coming up in the last half of this post.

With this in mind, how great socialism is (not), we have already witnessed the total and complete breakdown of the healthcare system over there in Chinkville. Shortages of hazmat gear, basic supplies running out (masks) and doctors getting infected are now happening.

Doctors are now getting infected, bravo! What is the point of building a new hospital and even treating people if your medical staff can't even protect themselves? This situation is already at full-blown, commie meltdown in dramatic fashion.

It's only just now that we are starting to see the government over there begin to panic and slowly admit things, events and situations that more than likely had been happening weeks ago. Any news or updates that you get now from this region have a lag period. If you get word of doom tomorrow, that doom has already happened. It's called the red rubber-band effect that commies and also any government is known for. Especially commies.

Canada's health officials have said that they have the situation, "under control" and everything is being, "well managed". Speaking like a true, socialist nation. If everything is so "under control" then whey does Canada have a case (most likely multiple by now)?

Why haven't you stopped all air traffic inbound from Chinkland?

The 50-year-old carrier of the virus was in a steel incubator in the sky, with dry air circulating for hours (this virus thrives in low humidity/dry air) and likely infected everyone on board that fucking plane! All of whom won't show any symptoms for at least two-weeks and can, of course, infect others during this time of incubation. Good luck finding and contacting all of those people and then getting them to contact and keep track of everyone they were around since they disembarked that plane.

Ya, we will see how "well managed" the situation will be in a month. You fucking, idiots.

If you have the coronavirus, the first thing you should do is go and hug, kiss a government official. Stop paying your taxes because, really, what IRS or CRA agent is going to want to come to your house and arrest you!? In fact, you mine as well just turn yourself into the FBI or CSIS, too!

I am sure they would be so happy to see you, turn yourself in like a good citizen!

But we get it, you don't want the public to panic because of "muh-economy thrives on immigration and Third world'ers."

To all the people who have ever bragged about how they "live in T.O (Toronto)" or think they are better than others because they are paying out the ass (in debt) to live in a mega metropolis, the joke is on you. Large cities, in the event of a crisis, are death traps and prisons. Good luck!

With communism, supplies run out fast, service is complete shit; let the scapegoating and lying begin before the world eventually finds out that the situation is worse than was previously stated. Canada is as commie as it gets, too. Our healthcare system here will collapse so fast you will be crying for Justin Trudeau and wanting to caress his new, faggy beard for comfort.

Watch their actions; pay no attention to the words coming from China.

When you see these people panic building a new hospital with a start-to-finish timeline of one, fucking week, you know the shit is about to hit-the-fan and spray all over the goddamn world.

I fully expect the markets tomorrow to be a blood bath; Oil cratering; gold soaring; Dow -500 at least. Over 54 million people are in lock-down; Beijing is already prepping their population. The entire Chinese economy is going to grind to a halt soon.

Containment you say? It's already too fucking late. Remember, this thing has an incubation period of 2-weeks. It has just come out that the virus can spread from a host even before they are showing any symptoms.

It is estimated pre-lockdown/quarantine, that at least 5 million had left Wuhan for the holidays and have traveled around the world to see family, friends and loved ones. We are starting to see the effects of that now with multiple cases now being confirmed in the United States, one in Canada, and more in Australia, France, Taiwan, South Korea, japan,Macau, and many more to come. In the United States & Canada alone there are currently 64+ cases being tested.

If you didn't have a doomchub yet, just wait until I show you some of the quick math I did!

Feminists and Libtards out there are too busy masturbating at their yoga studios and worrying about Trump's impeachment to do math (they don't even know how to mafffff, anyway).

And all the fucking dude bro, overweight slobs who cheer for Chad by wearing his team jersey are all emotionally masturbating on social media to the late, great, but really dead Kobe Bryant. Hopefully, one day, all you fucking losers could actually stop wasting your life, cheering and fanboying, and maybe become as famous or just better than you were the days previous. But of course, that takes hard work. It is so much easier to just veg-out and fanboy for "your team".

With that said, let's see how many people are going to die by just Feb 8th, 2020 when using the "official" communist numbers given to us by the truthful comrades over in that bat-eating, baby mice munching, part of the world!

Here is my projection chart, we will see how long it stays accurate:

Yesterday : 55 Dead : 1823 Infected

Today : 80 Dead : 2504 Infected.

Growth rate : 45%/day deaths 37%/day infected:

5-6.3% (current) mortality rate:

Daily projection if this continues at current rate:

2020-01-26,"2,504.00",80.00, 2020-01-27,"3,439.24",116.00, 2020-01-28,"4,723.80",168.20, 2020-01-29,"6,488.14",243.89, 2020-01-30,"8,911.46",353.64, 2020-01-31,"12,239.89",512.78, 2020-02-01,"16,811.49",743.53, 2020-02-02,"23,090.59","1,078.12", 2020-02-03,"31,714.92","1,563.27", 2020-02-04,"43,560.44","2,266.74", 2020-02-05,"59,830.27","3,286.78", 2020-02-06,"82,176.88","4,765.82", 2020-02-07,"112,869.94","6,910.44", 2020-02-08,"155,026.86","10,020.15",

By Feb 8th, 2020 10,000+ will be dead based off the fake numbers out of CommieLand.

UPDATE 1/27/2020 (20:15)

  • 4295 Cases confirmed worldwide

  • 106 Dead globally

  • 2714 Cases in Hubei ( 1291 overnight -stunning 91% surge)

  • 100 Dead in Hubei ( 24 overnight - 24% surge)

My projections are off by 10 dead.

Go fuck yourself. I am right.

UPDATE 1/28/2020 (19:33)

  • 6,049 cases confirmed (infections are up vs projected infections of 4,723).

  • 131 deaths (My projection is off by 37 dead at this point).

  • Being off by 10,15,37 people makes no difference.

  • It's only 8:15 am in Beijing and health officials have already confirmed 840 new cases in Hubei Province.

  • Governors and mayors across US bracing for viral outbreaks.

  • Reports that China has refused US offer of assistance, and that Beijing is withholding data from CDC.

Keep in mind that the numbers are most likely way worse because this virus started way back in the beginning of December, 2019. Also, the WHO, CDC and of course China have no fucking clue how to deal with this somewhat, eerily perfect, weapons-grade virus.

They don't want people to panic because that will cost $$!

So, keep shopping, keep spending; keep masturbating!

Have a pleasant day!

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