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Female Math Teacher, Rebecca Joynes, Got Pregnant By Pupil While Awaiting Trial For 'Grooming' Another Schoolboy, 15, Who She Took Back To Her Luxury Apartment For Sex

Female Math Teacher Rebecca Joynes Got Pregnant

Original story at DailyStar

  • Rebecca Joynes, 30, “groomed” a 15-year-old student by buying him a £345 Gucci belt before they allegedly had sex at her flat after the boy had told his mother he was staying over at a friend’s house.

  • Female Math Teacher, Rebecca Joynes, was on bail after being arrested over that relationship when it came to light she’d been meeting up with another student.

  • A 15-year-old schoolboy allegedly groomed by his 'good looking' maths teacher told police that 'anyone in my position' would have agreed to go back to her luxury apartment for sex.

  • She allegedly went on to have sex with a second pupil around 30 times while on bail awaiting trial in relation to the first teenager, becoming pregnant by him and having his baby.

  • When Joynes became pregnant she announced the news to the boy by presenting him with a babygrow with the words: “I love my daddy.”


Female teachers in Western society are rapidly solving the virginity crisis amongst young males every single week. If other women aren't going to do the job and would rather 'girlboss' it up with their cats and dildos, then so be it.

Rebecca Joynes has gone above and beyond the call-of-duty by getting these boys off Fortnite and onto her body. Bagging not one but two teen boys, Rebecca seemed to be more exciting than video games for at least two 15-year old aspiring Chads. If you thought she was done there, Rebecca also managed to get pregnant by one of them while she was on bail and awaiting trial regarding Boy A.


Is this real life or a fucked-up script for a Lifetime movie?

"It's claimed that Joynes groomed her first alleged victim, referred to as Boy A, by buying him a £345 Gucci designer belt and inviting him to her former flat in Salford, Greater Manchester, where they reportedly had sex twice."

The first incident of rape apparently happened way back in 2021 with the first teen boy when he was 15 and when Rebecca was 28 years old. I guess when you are a 28-year old woman like Rebecca, hitting the wall at full speed with no survivors, it's a safe bet to ply the boy with gifts in order to get him interested in having sex with you.

You see, the roles sorta reverse when women begin to peak in their sexual market value, when they begin slow-rolling toward age 30. Women start behaving like low-value beta boys. And, at first glance, giving Rebecca a quick up-and-down, she is not that attractive.

So, she's going to need all the help she can get, even when dealing with horny 15 year old boys.

How much do you want to bet that "Gucci" belt is a knock-off?

No woman would ever spend that amount of fiat on a boy or a man.

Why? Because women today can't even afford to spend that on themselves.

Most women are brokies and are faking the Gucci-Prada life, using debt as a 'viable' means to obtain a certain lifestyle.

I am also willing to bet that Rebecca probably bought that belt thinking it was the real deal, but got swindled online via a third party seller. Women are terrible at vetting things, including products and online suppliers.

They are horrible at vetting men too. Just look at all the cases of domestic violence and abuse involving women getting tub-thumped by their drug-dealing, ex-con, mutiple rap sheet black boyfriends. They get knocked down, and yet, still will get up again for him because their pussy keeps tingling and believe "he will change" for said pussy.

It's why women shouldn't have jobs in CorporateLand or be allowed to sign contracts and vote. Just look at Rebecca. She got caught fucking around with a teen boy; all the other boys at school found out because the kid told his friends by taking a selfie with him in bed with her.

In addition to all that stunning and bravery, Rebecca goes on to not only defy the court order, which stated not to come in contact with any minor under the age of 18, but also has another teen boy on the side who she fucked 30 times while on bail and managed to get herself pregnant with his child.

Yes, we should let women run mega corporations, vote and heck leave them in charge of their own finances!

Why do we have a welfare state? Why is the West drowning in debt? Why do women control the majority of household spending and 80% of consumer purchases? Why are men today such cucks and let women destroy their society?

In due course (Boy B) gave his own account to the court. He said Ms. Joynes was his teacher, and that they were in contact while she was suspended (on bail) and that he went to her flat when he was 15. Rebecca, like any typical woman, decided to double-down on dumb dick by proceeding to get her pussy pounded and filled by the forceful fucking and ejaculations from a 15-year old aspiring Chad. Ultimately having a miracle child with him, like the mother Mary.

"They kissed and then after he turned 16 they struck up a full sexual relationship from she which ended up pregnant to his very great shock because she had told him she couldn't get pregnant because she had polycystic ovary syndrome."

Someone is obviously lying here.

Either Rebecca's doctor is terrible at her (yes, it was probably a woman) job and misdiagnosed Rebecca with polycystic ovary syndrome. In the UK they have gone full-retard with wokeness, so it is safe to assume that Rebecca requested a female doctor to look at her vag, body and overall health. It's also safe to assume that Rebecca, given this current culture is probably bi-sexual and would love to have another woman look at her vag, put lubed-up fingers inside of it and to make comments about her body while lying nude on a medical table.

Women hate other women so it's plausible that her doctor was a conniving bitch and lied to Rebecca about her inability to get pregnant, maybe hoping she would and ruin her 'girlboss' dream life of: Paying taxes in perpetuity, 2 hour commutes to work via fucking with traffic all day, day-drinking, taking SSRIs, being a fur-mamma, alcoholism, buying unnecessary amounts of sex toys online, paying the interest on student loans, endlessly scrolling through Tiktok and Tinder.

Or, Rebecca lied to the boy about her infertility woes, so he'd cum inside her pussy 30 times; shoot his above average PSI stream of cream deep near her cervix; knowing that would probably at some point get her pre-wall hitting womb filled with a retirement plan package.

Seeing that Rebecca is pushing 30 and no willing suitors or husband around (again, probably bi-sexual) to do that, I am willing to bet Rebecca's lizard brain knew her time was running out and she, like a lot of these teacher's, want these boys to inseminate them.

The other thing here is that this boy is now on the hook for child-support when he turns 18.

The Report Card


Apparently, Rebecca poked the hornets nest. Word had been buzzing around school for a while (amongst da' Boyz) that Rebecca was the 'hot teacher' and a lot of them did find her attractive.

"The boy said the teacher was well-known at his school as she was "good-looking".

The pair (Boy A) began speaking when Joynes gave him the first ten digits of her number and asked him to guess the last one, it was said.

He told jurors he messaged her saying "hi", and when she failed to reply, he told her in class: “So, you’re just ignoring me then?”

The pair began texting in a "normal" way at first but Joynes then allegedly asked if he wanted to meet up.

He said: “I remember saying, ‘Surely you’re joking?'

“And she said: ‘No, I’m not'."

The boy told the court he "didn't expect" to have sex with his teacher when they went shopping at the Trafford Centre.

But he added: "But it did [happen] and I feel like when we arranged to meet anyone in my position and my year would because she was good-looking.”

He also told jurors she mentioned her driving, causing him to reply he wouldn't know as he wasn't "old enough".

Joynes allegedly told him "shut up" and started laughing, the teen added.

After they had sex, she begged the boy not to say anything but he sent a photo to pals of the teacher lying down as proof, it was said.

An investigation was launched in October 2021 and she was subsequently arrested and bailed on the condition she did not contact any child under 18.

Obviously, after while Rebecca was on bail, she had been apparently having sex with Boy B for some time and eventually became pregnant with his child.

The court heard while she was on bail, Joynes began a relationship with Boy B when he was aged 15.

This then progressed into a sexual relationship when he turned 16, with the pair allegedly having sex around 30 times.

Joynes then became pregnant and gave birth to his child despite telling him she was infertile, jurors were told.

Whenever you hear a woman say in public to a group of people that they are just "So busy" and running around all the time. Just know that what they mean is that they're busy riding dick, having affairs and getting cum shot on their face, down their back, legs, thighs and deep inside their pussy.

Women know nothing else.

Women have no hobbies, not if you include sex and prostituting themselves on the internet.

Women are on this earth solely to be incubators and a receptacle for cum.



Rebecca not only had sex with one student, but she took on another load (to the face, ass, back legs, thighs and pussy) and additionally got pregnant.

Need we say more?

Above and beyond her duties as a female sex scandal teacher.

Shooting for the stars and not letting anyone or the courts for the matter stop her.

As a criticism, what would've pushed her grade for this category to A+ territory would've been if she had a boyfriend or husband to start with and kids. Rebecca, again like most women, always put the cart before the horse.



In America, at the age of 30, Rebecca would be a 5 on the Hot Babe Scale.

I know in the UK they have low standards because all of their women eat terrible breakfasts in the morning consisting of saturated fats and high glucose levels, not to mention the Guinness beer; a pint at each meal. In the UK, Rebecca would probably score a 6 or a 7.

However, we need to view and objectify Rebecca's body and looks from the perspective of a 15 year old hormonal boy, who's ball sack is about to explode due to the unnecessary semen retention brought on by girls his own age only fucking seniors and guys already in college.

For a teen boy in the UK, Rebecca probably looks like a 7 or an 8 even though she is allegedly already 'infertile' and is pushing the dreaded wall of 30 years old; an ancient artifact of a woman.

The problem here is the lack of evidence presented.

Rebecca has no social media to account for and it really doesn't help her case when she shows up to court in clothes that clearly don't fit her body.

Rebecca, who dressed you?

Clearly you took zero time to objectify yourself in the mirror in the morning. Now we have to do it for you!

I thought you had lots of money given the fact you live in a 'luxury apartment' and by expensive Gucci belts for young boys?

Although, this is the UK we are talking about here. A 'luxury' apartment is most likely a hole-in-the wall. She's probably paying £5,000 a month on rent for a 500 square foot flat in the seedy part of the city where all the migrants and nig-nogs live.

Looks like she is missing half her wardrobe here, what is with that top?

Rebecca, did you borrow this outfit from the Goodwill?

Not really seeing what these teen boys are bragging about.

I am going to have to assume your pussy was tight or at least velvety, because these two boys seemed to have enjoyed creaming inside of it.

Yes, Rebecca probably still has the baby-rabies and pregnancy hormones still courses through her body. Hence the fat face and saggy jowls. She's probably is still dripping cum from her pussy, let's be honest.

Ladies, you would look sad too if you were caught dead with that outfit on.

The pirate sleeves, the high-waisted country club waitress trousers. Just, why?

Is it to hide all the flab and the puffy pussy she has? Likely.


Final Comments: Rebecca Joynes was all technical but had no heart when it came to her presentation. It's like she just gave up when all the chips were down on the table.

Yes, Rebecca succeeded well beyond what anyone could've guessed when it came to being a female sex scandal teacher. She went well beyond the technical requirements, so far as to getting one of the boys to impregnate her apparently not so infertile body.

I guess Rebecca not only proved us all wrong about what she could accomplish as a late-blooming 30 year old female sex scandal teacher, but she also proved her doctor wrong too.

Isn't that what all women want? To prove the patriarchy wrong?

Rebecca can at least take that as a victory for all women.

We all learned some valuable lessons today. We learned that all women do eventually become infertile and there is no escaping it.

We also learned that women lie or can lie about being infertile so that they can get unsuspecting horny boys and or men to get them knocked up as a retirement plan or because their baby-rabies were kicking in and they just needed to "have a baby now!!".

We learned that when women hold off on marriage and children via getting a career and trying to be like men, they become desperate pedo-sluts and will do anything in order to get seed sprayed into their withering cunts. We learned that a woman's sexual drive (her agency) is the only thing she has, and that women like Rebecca (all women) will go as far as to even defy the court system (the law) in order to fulfill that desperate biological urge.

Overall Grade


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Female Math Teacher Rebecca Joynes Got Pregnant


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