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FLAWLESS VICTORY: A Woman On Twitter Admits That Women Are Children

Vanessa's mom should have swallowed.

It would have prevented the tweet of utter, fucking stupidity put forth by her being.

Vanessa gives everyone a stunning and brave displace of cognitive dissonance the likes of which I have not witnessed in a long time. I have heard words spoken from retarded children before, but not like this. Vanessa is a special(ed) kind-of-stupid.

We dug the perfect shiv into Vanessa's virtual soul and carved out a flawless victory with two perfect sentences.

I owned her, just like the patriarchy.

Not a peep from Vanessa because it was a logical cut so swift and accurate that the screen immediately prompted the words FLAWLESS VICTORY.

And now, we must finish her...

We have been telling you for five years now that women are children. It explains all of their behavior and choices in life. We have been called every name in the book for stating the obvious. That it's "hate speech" and "misogyny". Okay, I now present to you a woman on twitter who implies the very same notion.

Why go to great lengths in trying to expose the fraud that is feminism when women themselves will let the mask of insanity slip and admit the truth for everyone?

Vanessa insinuates that women are like children, or are akin to the mentally retarded. Incapable of making sound choices, conscious decisions and having agency in their lives before the age of thirty for some reason. It is impossible for women to consent to sex with older men because of the power that older men wield when their SMV hits its peak.

Hm, that is strange. What was all that talk about women being so powerful, strong, brave and independent? I thought it was a "woman's world" and that if you had a vagina you held all the power?

We have been told for decades that men and women were equals...

If men and women were truly equal then women in there twenties would be able to consent to having sex with older men, no?

They are adults are they not? What's the problem Vanessa?

Hm, that's so strange!

By Vanessa's attempt at sounding smart via using big words like "dubious" and "pedophilic" she fails miserably in understanding what those words actually mean. In the process of that, Vanessa ironically exposes the fraud of feminism and the truth about women, even though she did not intend to do so.

Stringing pompous sounding words together in such a word salad while attempting to fool everyone with your false knowledge of human sexual relationships makes the case that Vanessa puts forth even more sound: If women like Vanessa are children, who let her loose on social media?

Why wasn't a man around to tell Vanessa the word "No" and explain to her that she was about to spew bullshit and look like a complete fucking moron?

Vanessa, you are right. You have proven it for us all that women are indeed children. What you tweeted, your philosophy if you can call it that, is something that a retarded child would have come up with in their tiny little brain.

Younger women date and fuck older men because of SMV. Older men generally wield more status and power than young men; a man's peak earning years are between 35-55. On the flip-side, all men seek young, fertile women. Young fertile women fall between the ages of 18-27. Peak fertility and beauty for women is at age 22.

Remember everyone, Vanessa is aloud to vote. Yes, someone who is as stupid as her is aloud to even have a job or be in-charge of people. Vanessa thinks like the typical Western woman. That fact alone should scare you.

Women are children; children (women) are aloud to vote and have jobs.

The biggest mistake men have ever made was allowing women (children) to vote and have jobs. It is the reason why the world is in such a fucking shit hole that it can't seem to get out of at the moment.

If women are children, as Vanessa has confirmed for us, then why are they aloud to drive, vote and have jobs?

If women in their twenties are unable to consent to sex with men in their thirties, then why are female teachers having sex with teen boys? The female teacher has all the power and authority in that situation, that's why.

For women, sex is about power and control.

It is apparently "pedophilic" for older men to have sex with younger female adults, but quite OK for adult women to have sex with teen boys.

Gotcha, Vanessa.

Women, The Perpetual Victim

Women like Vanessa are always playing the victim and they always want to portray other women as victims, too. Why? Well, without being a victim women wouldn't be able to get free stuff and to get bailed out of their bad decisions.

Just like children. They wouldn't be able to play pretend career-gurl while at the same time complain about why "there are no good men around".

If you are a constant victim in life, nobody can blame you for anything. You don't have to take responsibility for anything in your life because the professional victim (women) always has a scapegoat: Men.

Ironically, without men, the victim has no power or control. Just like with Black people, without White people Blacks wouldn't get to play the victim or race card to get what they want from White people. Women want what men have earned without all the responsibility and hardship; Black people and other minorities want what White people have earned without competing at the same level.

Vanessa is painting the fantasy that all women before turning thirty cannot reason or negotiate; open their mouths and speak words to articulate their wants and desires.

Therefore, according to feminist losers and women like Vanessa, all sex that is unwanted, regretful or of low-quality is rape. It is this constant authoritarian obsession that women have about controlling the sexual marketplace and directing it in such a way that is only advantageous for them and not for the proper balancing of it.

Vanessa Is A Wall-Hitting Hoe, Most Likely

This case is clearly a #hoesmad situation.

The psycology behind Vanessa and other older women is that they do not want older men who are wealthier and more established to date, fuck, and possibly wife-up the younger, hotter, tighter 20-something women.

Wall-hitters get less attention; they get less resources.

Ironically its always mens fault. Yet, these same women complain about not getting a quality man to give them attention and money.

Women are children. Women are stupid.

According to Vanessa, who is a woman.

It’s a weird coping mechanism for women hitting the wall. All these higher status men passing them over for some younger thot (and who the old ladies perceive to be dumber) is pretty harsh on their psych.

Women thus perceive naiveté (want you to believe) other women whom are younger than them to be 'dumber' and thus not an adult, even though they are older than eighteen. Women are the real misogynists and sexists.

Vanessa has exposed how older women perpetually victimize women as (as a group) in order to gain power over the younger, hotter women in their competition sphere. The perceived and negotiated naiveté is a control tool.

Young women are incapable of consent.

Young women are stupid and can't do anything on their own.

Young women are thus children.

Thanks Vanessa, we get it.

Finishing Vanessa Off

Therefore, a woman like Vanessa comes on Twitter with her bottle of Merlot and conjures up some weird rationalizing hamster as to why women can't date older men and why she insists that older men dating younger women is "dubious" and "pedophilic".

Which, is of course one of the most retarded and idiotic things I have ever heard or read, ever. Vanessa's mom should have swallowed twice just to make sure none of that DNA could drip down her chin, down her stomach and somehow seep into her axe wound with whiskers.

Women as fucking dumb as Vanessa should not be aloud to breed, let alone vote and have jobs; they should not be aloud to be in institutions of influence, for their emotional-based thinking is harmful to society as a whole.

Someone like Vanessa would be better suited to suck cock for money on the street, not to be on twitter or being able to say anything, really.

Again, why wasn't a man around to slap this bitch and take away her phone?

Who allowed Vanessa to have a social media account?

Where is the father, where is daddy?

Where is the pimp hand?

The only time Vanessa's mouth should be open is when its about to wrap around a cock in order to suck it off; the only time one should hear this dumb cunt speak is when she says the words, "Can I get you another beer, daddy?"

When you empower women, your society will fall to the floor in a bloody mess of cognitive dissonance.

Flawless, Victory.


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