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Hard 4 The Holidays (Part Seven)

Reading Danielle's text was an epiphany moment.

Of course, I thought, Kay had always indicated to me that she wanted to be subjugated. In my attempt to be selfless, I'd been ignoring what she was telling me indirectly. Obviously and ideally we would be able to have an open discussion about what we each preferred, but if Kay wasn't up for that, this was the next best thing.

Once Danielle had cleared some of the fog, my anticipation began building again. I could hardly believe what I was going to be experiencing in just a few days. Naturally, I was once again spending a lot of time at the gym, going for the Patrick Bateman look at this point. All the time that is, aside from the time I didn't spend on Kay.

Apart from giving her a lot of time and attention, we had also been slowly training her tight asshole for D-day. At first I'd been barely able to wiggle my index finger up to the knuckle, but now with the help of lube and some perseverance, I could comfortably squeeze my thumb into her ass which I now did every time we fucked—added it to the routine/repertoire.

The key was to take it slow. Fingering a biddie’s asshole is a lost art.

I had learnt from Kay that her only previous attempt at anal had gone badly when the dude had tried to just shove his cock in without warming her up properly— Rookie mistake lads, slow and steady wins more than just races.

The thing is, I never wanted to fuck Kay’s asshole with my cock, nor any of her friends’ assholes for that matter. They all have perfectly fine pussies that hadn’t been kicked in too much yet. Why kick in the back door when the front is perfectly open?

As part of our preparation, Kay and I visited a sex store to pick up a few items we figured might come in handy. Excuse the pun. Specifically, we were looking to buy water based lube and a new vibrator to buff some clits out, but I was secretly hoping to purchase a double sided dildo so that maybe Kay and Dani could fuck each other as a side to the main event—fuck the same dildo while being scissor sisters.

Unsurprisingly, I'd been watching a lot more threesome porn aroudn that time at college and something new I'd discovered that I really enjoyed: Two chicks using a double-sided dildo together while sucking dick. I mean.. yeah that's pretty explanatory. Obviously that's hot af. I was aware, however that for my first ever threesome, this was probably flying too close to the sun.

Sure enough, at the store when I half jokingly pointed out the double-sided dildos, Kay gave me an odd look, laughed and turned away.

One thing at a time, I told myself.

I would have to wait a bit longer before fulfilling that particular fantasy, but that's a story for another day.

In the meantime we purchased a new vibe.

By ‘we’, I mean Kay did with her own money. That stuff isn’t my responsibility. Also, ‘we purchased’: Lots of water based lube and ended up picking up a jeweled butt plug as well.

Kay was bright pink and excited by the time we left the store, which was really cute. I was used to my confident, self-assured girlfriend, but lately I was seeing this whole new side of her: More shy and wanting me to take the lead in her own life and sexual endeavors. Ever since I'd talked with Danielle the whole threesome Tuesday thing, I had started being more assertive with Kay in the bedroom; the results were incredible.

When we’d fantasized about our upcoming threesome during sex, instead of being confused by Kay's mixed signals, I would now tell her how she was going to watch me fuck her friend. Her response to this was invariably going into ‘wild animal mode’ and fucking me silly.

Afterwards she never brought it up nor revised her instructions about the actual threesome. I still didn't know what was going to happen on the actual day, but I figured I would have to play it by ear. Even if I didn't end up fucking Dani again, I'd still be having the experience of a lifetime— that maybe 1% of dudes ever get to— with two total babes and I was more than okay with that. Never get greedy, but always keep to door open for possibilities.

Finally THE DAY was here. Kay had spent all day exfoliating, moisturizing and God knows what else wither pussy. By the time the evening rolled around, Kay finally came out of the bathroom looking nearly as dolled up as Dani always did.

She was wearing a simple white dress that showed off her boobs and ended a little above her knees. She even had light make-up on. She asked me, anxiously, how she looked and it hit me that she'd done all of this preening, not mainly to impress me, but Danielle. I wasn't sure how intimate Kay planned to get with Danielle, but seeing that she was clearly trying to impress her was making my cock twitch like a crack head with tourette syndrome, in anticipation.

"You look, fuckable." I told her honestly. I'd been paying her a lot of attention and showering her with compliments lately, not only because she genuinely was an amazing girlfriend, but also because I wanted to stave off any potential jealousy she felt.

Looking at her, I seemed to have succeeded because I saw only pure excitement in her face. I pulled her into my lap and had begun to kiss her when the doorbell rang; Kay had practically ran toward it, fast and like an impatient toddler to answer it.

Dani was actually not late for once; a fucking surprise to say the least.

It seemed that Kay and I weren't the only ones that were looking forward to this.

Once the squealing and hugs had subsided by the two fuckables, I got a proper look at Dani. Of course, she was as perfectly made up as ever: Her hair hung straight and loose and she was wearing tight black TNA yoga pants and a tight tube top. Pretty tame stuff for Dani, but the fact that I could make out her pierced nipples through the thin fabric made up for that.

I greeted her with a hug in order to feel her jibblies. There was a little awkwardness in the air mingled with the sexual tension, as I hadn't seen her since we'd fucked at her place. Once you fill a woman’s pussy up with your cum, things change between you and her—especially, if that woman is a best friend of your girlfriend.

Dani was smiling at me with a knowing look, and it occurred to me that this was probably not her first threesome. My cock twitched again in anticipation and I took a deep breath.

This was the Big league; the Indy 500 or the Talladega of fucking.

Both girls seemed to be waiting for me to say something. Eventually I blurted out, "Does anyone want a drink?"

That broke the ice and everyone laughed a little at the strangeness of the situation as I prepared our drinks. Then I suggested to Kay and Dani that we move into the bathroom; I told them both to get naked and bathe each other, get those pussies clean.

Suddenly, my inner Bateman took over and out of nowhere I confidently suggested to myself that the best course of action with a situation like this one was to naturally treat Kay and Dani like high-end escorts during the 1980’s yuppie era. It seemed to go over well because women naturally like to be told what to do and treated like fuck-holes…if you’re good-looking that is.

We talked a little about random things as we slowly let the alcohol go to our heads. Kay and Dani washed each other with the soap and suds while I sat comfortably on the edge of the step surrounding the base of the bath with a glass in hand, playfully splashing both their chests with the water to free their tits from the suds.

I was mostly not really paying attention to the conversation but silently brainstorming ways to get this party started and to move these two into the chamber.

I caught only snatches of the conversation as I tuned in an out. "...crazy place" " rich...", "Lucky his beach house?" "Too bad he's bad in bed."

“Wait, what?” I tuned back into the conversation.

"Who's bad in bed?" I asked and the girls burst out laughing.

"Andrea's new boyfriend is," Dani told me. "Apparently he's hot and rich but sadly, doesn't have a lot going for him downstairs..." She shrugged and winked at me." Most guys only have two out of three." Kay giggled.

This information was both gratifying and somewhat irritating to me, I couldn't say exactly why. I hadn't thought about Andrea in a while and I'd also been off Facebook due to preparing for this fuck-festival about to take place. I asked the girls where she'd [Andrea] been lately. They sighed wistfully and informed me that she was currently on a long holiday with her boyfriend at his fancy beach villa down in Belize.

Apparently, whenever Andrea wasn't showing off and trying to make her friends envious, she was complaining about her boyfriend— a 35-year old pediatric doctor— to them. This definitely sounded like the Andrea I knew. Thinking about her using this unsuspecting guy was pissing me off as much as the thought of him getting to fuck her.

I was getting pretty annoyed, so I went to the kitchen to fix myself another drink and to clear my head. When I got back, Kay and Danielle were giggling and talking softly. Dani whispered something in Kay's ear and my girlfriend giggled and nodded.

"What's going on?" I asked. "Oh nothing, we're just talking about how Andrea would be really jealous if she knew what she was missing out on." Kay said with a slightly drunken grin on her face.

I didn't really know what to say to that because I was too much focused on the thought of shooting cum from both of my balls into Danielle's mouth. So instead, I just stood there and sipped my drink while Kay continued to use a soapy rag and washed Danielle’s tits for her. Dani was slowly stroking Kay's hair.

I thought the time had come to make a move.

After a bit, both Kay and Danielle dried each other off with towels, tossed on some bath robes and headed into the living space where we all sat together to finish our drinks.

I went over and sat next to them on the large couch. The girls started giggling again and I noticed that Kay and Dani were holding hands. I leaned over and kissed Kay. She kissed me back eagerly and cupped my face with her free hand.

I felt another hand on my lower back. My heart began beating faster, this was actually happening! I began to rub Kay's tits lightly over her robe. She pulled back and smiled at me nervously.

Hardly a second passed before Dani leaned forward and kissed Kay. The kiss was slow and sensual for a few moments and then they were aggressively making out with each other. I watched in awe as these two insanely hot girls tasted each other’s tongues in front of me.

Previously before the tonsil hockey, I had made these two biddies some Cuba Libre cocktails with Malibu Rum. I stress the use of Malibu rum for this drink as the coconut flavor mixed with the added lime juice just makes the beverage live up to its name: A tropical paradise on your lips. I could taste paradise on my lips after making out with both of them.

I know what you are all thinking: Why didn't I play it festive and make us all some rum and eggnog? To be honest, eggnog with it's viscosity and gaggy white texture would be too much. The chicks were going to have enough thick white stuff run down their throats that day, so why be redundant in my cocktail call for the momentous event that was to come?

My cock was straining against my jeans at this point. Dani was pulling Kay's robe off, revealing her matching tight tits. I assisted Danielle with this venture.

I had barely grabbed Kay’s breasts from behind when Dani already had one of Kay's nipples in her mouth and was sucking on it. Kay began moaning softly.

Holy shit. Nothing had happened for a long time and then suddenly a lot was happening very quickly. I had planned to do a whole bit with Kay’s stereo and album collection, where I would put on some Genesis or maybe even some Icehouse: I would've gone on a tangent, with a rapist wit, on how that Aussie band was so underrated during the New Wave era. I mean c’mon, ‘Touch the Fire’, ‘Heartbreak Kid’ among others, like holy fuck; some sexy 80’s sax in those tunes; the fucking synth lines and atmosphere created. But shit got real fast and my dick was telling me to knock that psycho shit off; re-live the Bateman fantasy during a future threesome.

The sight of Dani sucking on Kay's tits and making her moan was incredible.

I wanted to touch Danielle, but I made myself focus on Kay first. Thoughtful, I know. She was now sandwiched between me and Dani on the couch, wearing only her panties under the robe. As Dani moved from one pink nipple to the other, I reached into Kay's panties.

Unsurprisingly, she was wet the mouth of a walrus.

I began rubbing her clit and she moaned louder, "oh my god..oh my god..".

Dani took this as a call-to-action and began making out with her again. I pushed Kay's panties down to her knees and continued flicking her clit like a kid with ADHD; a fidgety fucker I was. Everything that was happening was so fluid, like a well oiled machine. It was divinely orchestrated by an unforeseen force in the ether. Our bodies were one, like puppets having their strings pulled unwittingly.

Kay had her eyes closed as she moaned and bucked against my fingers. I couldn't resist any longer, with my free hand I leaned forward and groped Dani's tits through her robe. She immediately paused from making out and untied the belt to the bath robe, looking straight at me with an eye-brow up. Kay didn’t see anything; I got away with breaking the rule so far.

Danielle was wearing nothing underneath. I now had one hand on my girlfriend's wet pussy with the other gently pulling on Dani's pierced nipples.

They were both moaning into each other’s mouth as they kissed.

Incredible as the visual stimuli was, my cock was practically aching by now. I was considering unbuttoning my jeans when I saw that Dani was now kissing her way down Kay's body. Hell yeah.

Her lips were nearly at my fingers which was still rubbing circles on Kay's clit.

I watched as she stared at her friend's bare pussy close up for the first time (that I know of). I felt Kay jolt; I knew she had opened her eyes and was looking at Dani's face between her legs. Kay's legs instinctively tried to close, but I immediately tightened my grip on her thigh with one hand, holding her legs apart. She whimpered.

My finger dipped down and slightly entered her wet hole. A moan escaped Kay as her body jerked again. In the same moment Dani looked up into my eyes with an expression of pure lust. She then bent forward and took Kay's clit in her mouth, sucked on it briefly before lapping her tongue up and down her wet slit.

Kay began to tremble and scream. I could feel Dani's lips and tongue against my finger before I moved my hand away and began to massage Kay's tits. Dani was eating Kay out, licking her pussy frantically and occasionally pausing to suck on her clit.

Holy shit, guys, the girl was a professional.

It was clear to all involved that Dani was certainly no amateur when it came to pussy eating and clit pleasing. At that moment I started to wonder if she had ever eaten out Andrea, or Katie, like a box of beef guy ding.

I watched her in awe as Kay began to shudder in my arms. She had one hand in Dani's hair, holding her close as she trembled and came hard—Juices everywhere, running down the seat of the couch.

Unable to take it anymore, as soon as Kay came, my hands went to my rock hard cock. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. Kay was lying back and panting, she had her eyes closed and Dani was still slowly licking her inner folds, her labia.

When Danielle had heard me unzip my pants, she raised her head and I immediately pulled her up towards me. I kissed her, tasting Kay's pussy on her mouth mixed with the island shades of Cuba. Her hands immediately went to my cock, pulling my boxers down and taking my hard dick out. I groaned in relief as she wrapped her hand around my dick and began to stroke it.

She climbed off the couch like a horny gazelle and got on her knees on the ground before me, still stroking my cock. I felt Kay pulling my t-shirt off from behind me. She kissed my back and then crawled over the couch, joining Dani kneeling in front of me.

I grabbed Kay's head and pushed her toward my dick. She began slowly licking the head and immediately Dani followed her lead and began licking the other side of my shaft. I felt like I'd died and had gone to that place those sand niggers always talk about. Except, instead of 17 virgins I had something better: Two, highly trained and obedient, modern sluts.

I loved these girls.

The two beautiful blondes were licking up and down my dick, worshipping every inch of it. Dani began to make her trademark porn star noises, spit bubbling up all over her face. Kay was licking and sucking along the base and shaft while Dani was sucking on my dick head. I grabbed Dani’s head and pushed her down on my dick. She moaned louder and took my dick into her throat. My dream was going to come true: I was going to put my cock between these two biddies while they made-out with the fucking thing.

I began thrusting myself into Danielle’s throat when I suddenly looked to the side and noticed Kay's expression. She was watching me throat fuck Danielle with an expression of pure desire on her face. Her eyes were unfocused and her mouth was open as she watched. I grabbed her head and pulled her back towards my dick. She immediately began licking my balls as Dani worked my cock. After a few minutes of this I began to feel my cock pulsating and with a great effort— I pulled Dani off my dick.

Uncomfortable as it was having my cock back out in the cold air, my head was swimming and I needed a small break if I was going to last. My girlfriend and her best friend looked at me expectantly. "Make out on my cock" I told them.

Kay and Dani grinned at each other. Kay put one hand on my cock and brought it between their lips. They began to make out. Fuck. The sensation of them kissing with my cock between their lips and their thrashing tongues was everything I had hoped it would be: I was immediately addicted. I could have stayed like that forever and I would have been happy to die if someone broke into the apartment at that very moment and shot me in the head out of pure hate and jealousy for my lifestyle.

After what felt like too short of time, Kay raised her head and said, "Fuck me please, fuck me."

I was reluctant to leave my own personal heaven, but my throbbing cock also needed release. I looked at Kay and then at Dani. I remembered what Dani had told me about Kay.

"Turn around." I told both of them, and they did, revealing their amazing asses. They both faced the couch, knees on the floor, chests bent over the seats. Naked.

I reached out and grabbed Dani's ass, shaking it so it jiggled. I spanked it lightly and Dani let out a soft moan. I looked at Kay and said, "Do you deserve to be fucked before her?"

Kay gasped. I waited with bated breath. Her shock melted away and then she said, "I..I don't.."

"You don't what?" I snapped.

"I don't..deserve to be fucked before her...sire" Dani twisted around to look at me, looking amazed.

For a girl like Dani this was probably playing perfectly into her kinks as well.

"Good girl. I'm going to fuck her in your bed." I told Kay and led Dani by hand to the bedroom. There she scrambled onto the bed on all fours, just as she had done last time. She bent her bubble butt up in the air before me. Kay followed us to the bedroom and sat next to us on the bed. I was about to fuck Dani in front of my girlfriend. Kay was breathing heavily and I decided to push my luck even further.

"Tell me what you want, Kay"

"Oh fuck.."

"Say it. I want Danielle to hear."

"Oh god, please fuck her, sire. I want to watch you fuck her and fill her pussy up."

Dani moaned.

"Why?" I asked Kay.

I could see from her face that she was uncomfortable, but that very discomfort was turning her on. I was determined to push her boundaries. I smirked at her.

"Why do you want to watch me fuck her?" I said again.

"Because she's so fucking hot, my king..." She trailed off. I simply stared at her. I rubbed my cock on Dani's pussy, waiting to fuck her slit. It was dripping with grool in anticipation. Kay hesitated for a moment and then panted, "Because she deserves your cock, sire... she deserves it, we all do."

As she soon as she said the last part, I shoved my cock in. Dani practically screamed and came as I pushed into her wet pussy. I began to fuck her fast, and Kay groaned and slipped a hand between her legs. Her juices were dripping out onto the bed sheet and forming a small wet spot.

Kay had scrambled towards us for a good view. She ended up kneeling next to me and watching as my dick slammed in and out of Dani. I tried to kiss Kay as I fucked one of her best friends, but she pulled away almost immediately, her eyes fixated on my dick pulverizing Danielle’s drenched pussy. Clearly she just wanted to watch.

Alright then, I thought and yanked her forward so her cheek was pressed against Dani's ass; Kay now had a perfect of my dick entering her friend's pussy.

I slammed my dick hard into Dani's cock holster. She began panting "..oh yeah..aww yeah.." repeatedly in this high-pitched porno voice as I fucked her.

Finally, my cock began to pulse and I felt the release course through my body as I finally began to cum. I kept thrusting into her, shooting a huge load deep into Dani's abyss as she moaned and screamed so loudly I was sure our neighbors could hear.

As soon as I finished cumming, I pulled out; Kay grabbed my cock and began sucking on it. I guess she finally got to taste Dani's pussy on my cock. As Kay was devouring it, Dani turned over onto her back. I made eye-contact with her, she was panting as she watched Kay clean all the effluence off my shaft.

After a few moments, I gently guided her face towards Dani's dripping pussy. I knew that prior to today, Kay's girl-on-girl action had been limited to kissing and touching. But today, was a day for firsts.

I told Dani to remain on her back, to keep my cum inside her pussy; I pulled Kay close, turned her around and forced her on all fours, so I could fuck her from behind.

I was still hard even though I had unloaded, for what seemed to be a fort night’s worth of semen into Dani’s cooter, and proceeded to fuck my girlfriend in her pussy as Danielle recovered from her pulsating, wickedly violent orgasm.

As I fucked Kay, Dani scooted her fine ass over and slid herself underneath Kay a bit; she motioned to Kay to come close in order to such each other's faces off while I kept fucking the shit out of Kay’s cock-socket.

By this point, Kay was in a downward dog with her ass up high and back arched perfectly so I could get as deep as possible; Dani was still sucking face with Kay and playing with one of kay’s tits while she used her other hand to cup her own pussy to keep the sin inside of her.

I shot another formidable load now into Kay, emptying another clip at the range so to speak. There were moans and screaming all around. It was like 9/11; I had just gone full Jihad on these two pussies.

After the contractions and filling Kay’s pussy up with some white hot octane, she collapsed forward into the bed and laid with Dani; they cuddled and touched each other, held each other close like the hottest dykes you’d ever seen—Dykes with cum dripping from their pussies, ironically nonetheless.

The passion could not be denied from these two biddies. Maybe it was because they both had my seed in them, or maybe it was the Cuba Libres, but all of a sudden Danielle rolled on-top of my girlfriend and they began humping each other and making out— two hot af biddies doing the tribbies.

It was insane. Both of them smashing and smooshing their pussies together, both had my cum leaking out of each. It was like they were fucking me, but not really, at the same time.

Kay then looked up at me and I nodded, encouraging her. She leaned forward and began licking Dani's pussy. Dani closed her eyes and whimpered in a way I'd never heard before. It was real. It was unbelievably sexy.

Now that I had post-nut clarity (a superpower), I was once again clear headed enough to appreciate just how incredible this situation was. Kay was slowly eating my cum out of Dani's creampied pussy. Wow.

I took a few moments to admire the view, and then I picked up the lube from the bedside table and scooped a generous amount of it up with my fingers.

I got off the bed, stood behind Kay who had been engrossed in her task while I parted her ass cheeks wider than Moses. She gasped, which made Dani whimper again and Kay continued licking her wet pussy. I massaged the lube into Kay's puckered asshole and she began moaning against Dani's clit.

Dani now had her legs wrapped around Kay's head like she was live at Wrestle Mania.

I gently slipped a finger into my girlfriend's asshole as Dani came hard against her face, her juices once again flowed like leaky faucet. Behind, I watched Dani's face as she came; it was scrunched up and her mouth was open. Free from her usual play acting, she looked vulnerable and real. Not like the Slavic fuckdoll from before. And truth be told, even sexier than usual.

I shifted focus to Kay's ass. It was so tight; I could feel her inner walls squeezing my finger. I slowly eased another finger into her and she arched her back and began panting. Dani was now murmuring softly to her and rubbing Kay's shoulders.

Suddenly she said, "Not like this baby, turn me around." I pulled my fingers out of Kay's asshole and she got on her back with her head in Dani's lap. She spread her legs and raised her ass. I bent down to kiss her stomach before shifting my attention back to her ass. I gently worked my fingers back in and began to finger Kay's ass slowly until her whimpers turned to moans.

Needlessly to say my cock was hard again. I roughly pushed it back into Kay's soaking wet pussy and she squealed. I fucked her pussy slowly while still fingering her ass, now with my thumb. I was completely lost in the moment when out of nowhere, Dani grabbed her phone and snapped a picture of my dick entering Kay.

"What the fuck?!" I exclaimed, but Dani just winked at me. Kay didn't even react, she was too overwhelmed by all the sensations. I focused on the task at hand. Finally, I pulled my dick out of Kay's pussy and positioned it away a bit.

Danielle’s mouth suddenly took up the task and began sucking my cock, tasting my girlfriend’s pussy once more, maybe even one last time. I then saw Kay grab the tube of lube and slathered some generously onto her fingers while she snuck behind Danielle so she couldn’t see. I was on my knees, Dani was on hers, still sucking like it was her lifeline; Kay snuck behind Danielle and rubbed her ass slowly before sticking a finger into Dani's asshole and rubbing her clit with the other at the same time.

Danielle was moaning hard sending vibrations through my cock and she then motioned me to lay down on my back on the bed. She took my cock out of her mouth briefly; Kay stopped doing her thing behind Danielle as we all moved in unison. Danielle was about to ride me like the first hot female jockey.

I lay there while Dani rode me like a mechanical bull in Vegas during a bachelorette party as my girlfriend, Kay, held and caressed her best friend, fingering Dani's asshole and reaching around her waist to rub her clit.

So much for the vibrators and jeweled butt plug that Kay, I had thought. Chicks know how to waste money.

I gradually increased my pace with my upward inflections into Danielle’s beat-up pussy by this point. The scene was incredible and eventually I shot my third and final load into Danielle. My cum was living rent free inside of this chick for a week by this point.

Exhausted, we all collapsed on the bed in a heap. Dani and I stroked and kissed Kay, who was in between us, until she seemed to recover. I couldn't believe how well everything had worked out.

I'd just had the most incredible experience of my life and I had Dani to thank not only for the great head, but for the heads-up about what Kay wanted. And of course, for being so generous and cool during the threesome— also letting me shoot two off inside of her and having another crack at her pussy since our brief affair at her luxury apartment that her Daddy bought.

After resting for a bit, Kay went off to take a shower, leaving Danielle and me alone.

I turned to see Dani watching me with a sly smile playing on her pussy lips. Truth be told, I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to grab her magnificent ass once more. I wanted to push her onto her back and make her whimper like she had before. I wanted to watch her face as she came around my cock.

The way Dani was looking at me I thought she probably knew what I was thinking: All of the above. Although she was still naked and in my girlfriend’s bed, something told me that ravaging Dani now would be out of bounds.

Sort of like in those John Wick films in where you can’t do battle on Continental grounds. The threesome was over, the whistle had blown, just like my dick had been. No more periods or intermissions.

Instead, I impulsively leaned forward and kissed her. Nothing wild, just a short sweet kiss that said more of a, “Thank you” than a, “I want to put you onto your tummy and fuck your pussy from behind just once more,” type of kiss.

Dani kissed me back for a few moments and I pulled back, not wanting to get carried away.

She still had that wicked smile on her face.

I thanked Dani and told her I couldn't be more grateful to her for everything.

She simply laughed and said, "I bet you could," while looking down at my slow dance chub.

At the time I just laughed with her and didn't think much of it.

However, a few days later, when I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that life would be all downhill from here on out, but then my phone buzzed.

It was a photo from Danielle: a cropped screenshot of texts between her and Andrea. It was the picture she had taken of me and Kay followed by a message from Andrea that read, "Ugh, I need that cock so bad right now."

To Be Continued....


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