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HATE FACTS: Interracial Children & Couples

Good day, class. Welcome to another round of 'hate facts'. If facts weren't true the Left wouldn't get so triggered.

Remember, all facts in life are considered 'hate-speech' by the radical Left because they hate the truth. Hence, hate-facts.

Diversity, as you will see, is not our strength. Life is not like a meeting with Human Resources in where they say to you, "Tell us about your strengths" and then you spin the question by stating that your strengths are actually your weakness.

We don't do that here (spew bullshit). In reality there are such things as inferiority and superiority; strength and weakness.

Libtards and progressives will eventually exterminate themselves by their own paralyzing ideology.

Unlike recipes for certain foods, mixing different people together isn't a good idea when looking at the end result. Mixing races is the worst tossed salad in the fagbowl of 'people kind'.

Without White people, Black people would not get the status that they desire. They wouldn't be able to play the race card; call Whitey a 'racist' in order to get the job over someone more qualified.

Without White people, there would be no such thing as 'hiring-quotas' for minorities, because there would be no jobs to begin with, just like in Africa!

Without White people, there would be no buildings to loot and smash for the BLM (Burn, Loot and Murder).

In Chic-congo (Chicago), everyday Black people are shooting Black people, yet, nobody knows the names of the victims; the news doesn't care and neither does anyone else, especially Black people. However, if a White cop or person shoots a Black person, everybody knows the POX's name, especially the White liberals who pretend to care.

How, ironic...

George piece-of-shit Floyd was a criminal like any other, yet, he is somehow a folk hero for getting stepped on by a White man.

"I can't breath" Floyd. Like TheGreatOne,Himself said, "If you can't breath, then how are you able to say 'I can't breath'?"

Why are we biologically against forced integration? Why does it feel unnatural to date or even have sexual relations with other races?

Even though the progressives and media ads continuously show mixed-race couples in insurance commercials, all with big fucking smiles on their faces, deep down, everyone feels the same way: You'd rather blow your load into your own kind.

Well, there is a reason why you have those instincts.

Those reasons are 'hate facts'.

Ironically, race-mixing is the opposite of 'diversity'. If everyone in the world race-mixed, we would eventually have a world with no Whites, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, etc. There would be no cultural identity for all of those races.

So when progressives shout and scream for 'diversity', understand that what they are doing is trying to erase existing cultures and identities. Progressives are the real haters of race, because they want to get rid of it.

More specifically, they are trying to erase White culture because it is the most dominant and hardest to control. If everyone is poor and dependent, they will be easier to control. This is the Left's goal. Race-mixing is a fast route to making people poor, stupid, mentally-ill, unhealthy, and dependent on welfare.

Segregation and nationalism (patriotism) is how you preserve culture and prevent what you are seeing today in the streets (looting, violence, rioting, economic strife) in the West.

Remember, Diversity+proximity=War.

Interracial Children and Couples


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