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Kyle Rittenhouse: The Patriotic Hero Kenosha Needed, The One That America Doesn't Deserve

On August 25th 2020 a hero was born and announced to the world.

No, it wasn’t literally Hitler in the homage-driven tale that I wrote during those disgusting riots in Kenosha: A tale that encapsulated the champion that is Kyle Rittenhouse.

Of course, as predicted, the left-wing media and BLM fappers would eventually and predictably, paint Rittenhouse as a, you guessed it—a fascist, white supremacist! It turns out my writing is usually spot on. Who knew?!

Rittenhouse Is the Hero That Kenosha Needed, But Also the Savior that America Doesn’t Deserve

America, or rather, Amerika(USSA) and the lack of respect for him by many (from Democrats, and other morons), is the reason why America in its current evolution does not deserve such a remarkable hero. We use to make movies about heros like Rittenhouse up until the late 80's and 90's. Not anymore.

There was once a time in America’s history (better and prosperous times, thanks to industrious Capitalist men) when most would have acted just like Rittenhouse did during the nignog, self-hating libtard riots in Kenosha.

A 17-year old kid, Rittenhouse, had more balls than 80% of Americans, today.

This would have been normal behavior in another time; yet, Rittenhouse’s actions of lawful self-defense are seen as alien, and to the wackjobs on the left down-right racist! (Even though he didn’t kill or shoot any nignogs).

The two men that Rittenhouse ventilated/euthanized were in fact, white and self-hating (libtards). The third man whom Rittenhouse shot at was also, white and a self-hater. But wait, there is more!

All three men that Rittenhouse took care of weren't 'victims' in any sense of the word; Rosenbaum(Jew), Huber & Grosskreutz were the actual problem that needed to be dealt with.

Criminals are not victims, they are the problem.

Democracy is not the answer; it is the problem.

Mob rule on social media from the racist leftist morons is not the answer; it is the problem.

All three men that stalked and chased Rittenhouse through the fires and flames, and around the streets of Kenosha, with the intent to kill/harm him, were all criminals and had extremely colorful pasts!

Yes, they were/are a colorful bunch (even though they are white). Let’s take a look now at the roster that the left can’t seem to defend enough.

Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum & Gaige Grosskreutz Were Not ‘Victims’; They All Deserved Their Fates

Joseph Rosenbaum

Let’s start with the first piece-of-shit that the Left loves to defend.

Maybe it’s because he is a ((Jew))? Can’t hate on the ((Jews)) now, can we?

But it's OK to hate on white heterosexual men who defend themselves against violent child molesters, arsonists, rapists, wife-beaters, and armed felons?

Joseph Rosenbaum deserved to die after trying to drop kick Rittenhouse with lethal force to the head. Sweet vigilante/legal justice. True Americans will fap to thee.

Now, if you actually watched the live trial in its entirety, which I did, and what 99.9% of leftwing faggots didn’t, you would know the facts. The left loves to 'fact-check'. So, we are about to do that!

You would also know and understand how the justice system works and what the laws regarding self-defense are.

You would also know this:

Joseph Rosenbaum was a FIVE time convicted child rapist and had an open misdemeanor case at the time of his rightful and justifiable death (aka—when Kyle turned him into Swiss Cheese and a dirt dart). He deserved a death worse than what Rittenhouse gracefully and tactically gave him.

Did you also know that Rosenbaum, a ((Jew)), was also charged by a grand jury of 11 counts of child molestation, oral sex, and showing minors pornography?

Probably not because you’re most likely a fuckn’ Left-wing commie cocksucker, who—like you other commie friends on Facebook—only gets their news from CNN and never does any actual research or critical thinking.

Don’t worry, it gets worse.

Did you also know that the true victims of Rosenbaum were five boys?

The left is full of these fucking pedophiles, criminal scum that need to be exterminated from this earth.

Five boys, ranging from the ages of 9 to 11.

9-11, we have an emergency and it is the epidemic of mentally-ill, left-wing commie fucks that burn down entire cities without consequences, except in the case of Rittenhouse in where America for once had a hero with balls to do the right thing: Defend thy self and exterminate the parasites in the process.

My God, he[Rittenhouse] is a hero. I think he even turned Anthony Huber's girlfriend into a warbride and she wants to suck Kyle's cock. She, on a visceral level, recognizes that Kyle was the victor and the Alpha. Her giner tingles now for the strongest man in the room.

Of course, Rosenbaum was only convicted of two amended counts as part of a plea deal. Yet, where was the outrage at his trial?

Where were the riots and where was the Left-wing faggots in the media?

Where were all the virtue-signalers then on Facebook in your hometown (the peanut gallery) spewing their disgust and hate?

Nowhere to be found, because after all, it's all about skin-color and race for them and not about the facts.

Joseph Rosenbaum deserved to die and he did, justifiably so. He deserved more than that, honestly—Tortured before the fact would have been nice.

We need more people like Rittenhouse, or, something akin to a Dexter Morgan.

Guns are great; I am more of a hands-on type of person and would like to take my time with these scum if they ever come to my area. They won't be getting just a bullet in their empty heads; they will be dragged to a peaceful and quiet location in where they will experience hell on earth for hours until an orgasmic finish in where the last pathetic breath escapes their cocksucker.

Moving on to our next shining star of the Left.

Gaige Paul Grosskreutz

“But, but, but he was just a “peaceful protester” holding a cell phone”

-Some Blue Haired, mentally-ill Libtard

Sadly, Grosskreutz lived to tell his tale of stupidity to the court.

Reminding everyone that when you point a firearm at someone, it means you are intending to destroy that person and are a threat. Rittenhouse acted justifiably in his right to self-defense and disarmed that threat, Grosskreutz.

Honestly, he[Rittenhouse] should’ve gone for the headshot. A bit disappointed, but Rittenhouse had a lot going on that night. Marxist scum to shoot in self-defense; warbrides to fuck in the aftermath. You can’t win them all.

Grosskreutz intended to murder Rittenhouse in cold blood in the streets of Kenosha. Let's also see what else Grosskreutz had been up to before that fateful night, when he cried like a pajama-boy bitch after getting a bullet in his forearm.

Grosskreutz’s arrest history from the state Department of Justice is lengthy and represents a laundry list a reasons why he also should have been exterminated from society, instead of getting away with just a scratch.

Grosskreutz is a felon and involved in a radical commie group called the People’s Revolution, a ‘peaceful protest’ group I am sure. Grosskreutz, like many like him, is a parasite and an entitled snapfuck with no work ethic or ability to advance the once great nation of America. He deserves more than just a scratch. Tack on the fact that he attempted to murder an innocent 17-year old boy at the time for defending his city, his neighbors, his family and the values of this country when nobody else would , not even the fucking police would do so. Cucks in blue.

Grosskreutz, you fucking piece-of-shit, you deserve to die a horrible death that is sure to come for you soon. Hopefully, another hero out there will come to slit you from mouth to anus.

True Americans are waking up and the time for talking is now over.

Rittenhouse is just the beginning and hopefully more true American’s will exercise their right to self-defense the next time you commie cock-suckers violate and destroy towns and cities, livelihoods.

The joy of hating is tied to many orgasms, especially when it involves the slaying of libtards. It wasn't presented as evidence in the court room, but, I am sure Rittenhouse if pressed would've confessed to soiling his underwear the moment he saw Huber and that Jew's body hit the floor, drowning in their own inferior blood.

Speaking of. Moving on to the last cock-sucking, Left-wing faggot.

Anthony Huber

Huber tried to kill Rittenhouse with a skateboard by using lethal force to the head after stalking and chasing him through the streets alongside his group of ‘peaceful protesters’. Huber, rightfully, was shot and killed.

Actions have consequences, cocksucker.

Now your girlfriend wants to fuck and suck your victor. It's just too bad Rittenhouse couldn't apply medical aid to you in time to see him get a blowjob from her and shoot his wad all over her face and hair. Marking his new found territory. Huber, if you can read this from beyond the grave, I hope Rittenhouse fucks your GF for real and she squirts from it.

Can the Left-wing fuckjobs answer this question?

“How is it possible that all of these ‘peaceful protesters’ are so violent?”

Gee, I wonder if they have a history of known violence and felonies?!

Huber, of no surprise to anyone with a brain, had a disorderly conduct conviction from 2018 as a domestic abuse repeater. He is, sorry was, a wifebeater!

The Left loves these kinds of people. They love abusers, rapist, child rapist, pedophiles and violent criminals. Notice how Huber and company aren’t even black, shocking!

It doesn’t matter though if you are a commie, leftist cocksucking faggot who deserves to die: The Left will take all of you into their arms and under their Left-wing no matter your race, creed, sex and religion! Yay! The good thing about Lefist is that most of them like to congregate in big city centers. I know where the nukes should be dropped!

He [Huber] also had a forfeiture case for possessing drug paraphernalia. No shit! No surprise there, I was waiting for that other shoe to drop. Commie fappers love their drugs and cope.

The list of felonies goes on for this winner. Two time convicted woman-beater with everything evolving strangulation to use of a dangerous weapon. My God Huber, you definitely deserved to die on the streets in your own pool of inferior blood.

The media have largely sanitized the criminal histories of these three men (inferiors).

The bottom line: Rosenbaum, a ((Jew)), was a registered sex offender who was out on bond for a domestic abuse battery accusation and was caught on video acting aggressively earlier that night.

Huber (commie faggot) was a felon convicted in a strangulation case who was recently accused of domestic abuse.

Grosskreutz (Another commie cocksucker) was convicted of a crime for use of a firearm while intoxicated and was armed with a handgun when shot (he testified in court that he carried it concealed despite having an expired permit; Wisconsin law requires a valid permit to carry a weapon concealed).

Remember, these are just three commie rioters who were there out of thousands. Most of the people who rioted in Kenosha, if you were to go through their records, a lot of them probably had criminal backgrounds similar to these three cocksuckers above: Mostly criminals; mostly ‘peaceful protesters’.

Kyle should have got his hands on a flamethrower, to be honest.

The Commie Left Wants To Abolish Your Right To Self-Defense Away

This trial was not about race. That is what the Left wants it to be about and paint it that way in order to distract you. To make you think that self-defense is somehow non-negotiable, especially if you are a white heterosexual male.

This trial was about the right to defend oneself and his community from a horde of terrorists, criminals, rapists and violent offenders.

If Rittenhouse were of black skin, would the left be up in arms? Nope.

This wouldn’t have been in the news and be the trial of a generation.

A 17-year old white kid shoots three literal criminals in self-defense; two of them bleed out into the streets, choked like they do on cock, rightfully so.

Yet, just this year in Chicago, total homicides are at 767. Black people killing black people in cold blood everyday, yet, everyone cares and gets their fucking panties in a twist when some white kid defends himself against the horde of commies that are ruining this country everyday with their rampant entitlement, thugtactics and nig-nogism.

When are you fucking black people going to stop killing each other and start taking responsibility?

Year to Date In Chicago:

Shot & Killed-721

Shot & Wounded: 3,400

Total shot: 4121

Total homicides-767

All of these facts and yet, the Left takes a few days off to watch CNN and fap to the Rittenhouse trial, hoping that the kid gets the noose for executing his right to defend himself against violent criminals who intended to murder him in cold blood.

All of you Left-wing commie fucks are just fappers; parasites that need to be exterminated. Good for nothing, yet, you blame Capitalism, The Patriarchy, the myth of white supremacy.

Black people make up only 12% of the American population, yet, every fucking commercial we see on TV has a black family or some Pakistani princess buying shit on Wayfair.

Shut the fuck up already.

Go get a job and stop dealing drugs and pretending your life is The Wire.

But that’s not enough for all you losers out there; you want everything without working for it. You think your skin color oppresses you, or that it is part of your identity and personality.

Shut the fuck up or kill yourself. We have had enough.

I have news for you all: The world doesn’t care about you, no matter your skin color. The world cares about results. So shut the fuck up or die.

True Americans also care about their cities, their businesses, their families and community. They care about the economy and their livelihoods and if you people are going to choose to burn that down or threaten the lives of said lawful citizens, well, actions have consequences you cocksucking, motherfuckers.

And the law states that you have the right to defend yourself against those threats.

Go fucking cry about it or come at us and pay the ultimarte price while we fuck your girlfriends after the fact.

That you (the left) didn’t get your way or the verdict you wanted. If only the Left could avoid touching children, beating women, raping minors and violent crime like they do the Constitution.

Let’s look at the Facts For All You Transient Lawyers on Facebook and Instagram

Social Justice isn’t real justice; Social Justice Warriors are just fucking morons who never went to Law school or passed the bar exam. Social Justice Warriors need to be Rittenhoused.

Fact-Check Time, Faggots!

  • Kyle went to Kenosha to wash graffiti of walls; he extinguished a dumpster fire that was being rolled down to a gas station with the intent to blow it up; he also administered medical aid to people caught in the riots, hence the gloves.

  • The police were told to stand down when the ‘peaceful protests’ riots began; the city was not being defended and lives were at stake; 30 people died as a result of the riots and cocksuckers of the BLM.

  • Kyle’s dad, grandma and friends all lived in Kenosha, 20 minutes from where he resided with his mom part-time in Illinois.

  • Joseph ((Jew)) Rosenbaum knocked Kyle down twice and then attempted to kick him with lethal force to the head with the intent to cause bodily harm and death.

  • Anthony Huber had struck Kyle two times with a skateboard to the head with lethal force with the intent to cause bodily harm and death.

  • Gaige Grosskreutz, a criminal felon in possession of a firearm, aimed his Glock 9mm at Kyle first as he admitted on the stand in front of a jury of his peers. Aimed it at Kyle’s head, an intention and a threat to kill.

  • In the state of Wisconsin, it is legal for Kyle to have a firearm, handle a gun and have one in his possession , even at 17 years old (which was why the gun charges was dismissed).

  • An AR-15 is not an ‘assault rifle’; it is just a rifle like all other rifles.

  • Kyle did not cross state lines with a firearm he wasn’t suppose to have. The rightful gun owner did, however, and was legally permitted to do so.

  • Rosenbaum was a five-time convicted child rapist and Huber was a 2 time convicted woman beater.

  • GrossKreutz was a convicted burglar with an assault on his record. Kyle Rittenhouse is clean as a whistle.

If the media had done its actual job instead of being an arm of propaganda, we ALL would have known this.

The media is of course full of communist, Marist cocksuckers who need to be exterminated and do not deserve to be shown in any household.

Let’s be honest, you commie cocksuckers wanted Rittenhouse to burn and hang because he was white, not because he was right.

The left loves skin color; it is everything they have to cling on in the vein hope of getting what other people have in life. The left can’t handle the law, evidence or facts. Just like with Kavanaugh, they thought emotions would rule the day: A fucking Witch hunt.

Black Lives Matter (Burn, Loot & Murder) want to defund the police; they want to disarm everyone so that they can do exactly what BLM stands for: To burn, loot and murder the people who built everything in society (mainly white people whom are male).

It is as simple as that, take from the producers, the rich and redistribute to the lazy, entitled, criminal rapist cocksucking faggots that roamed the streets of Kenosha in August of 2020.

They want to march in on your life, unopposed; they don’t want people to defend what they have worked for their entire lives. They are criminals and Marxist at heart. They all need to be exterminated one way or the other.

We don't hate people of color or anyone in particular here. We hate everyone, equally. Morons and lazy snapfucks alike. Equality! We treat every loser the same: They are all losers who need to be extinguished from the gene pool or relocated to some retard dystopia.

The BLM and the commies all say things like “This is why we march!” whenever they don’t get their way in reality. What they are really trying to are say is,

“This is why we burn shit that isn’t ours, beat and murder people in the streets because we don’t understand the law or the Constitution or how the real world works for that matter.”

This is why you march? Well, that is why you will die just like Huber and that Jew, Rosenbaum.

If you are lucky you might just get a hole the size of a tangerine in your forearm like that faggot fapper GrossKreutz. The hope though is that all of you Marxist out there get slit from mouth to anus.

The question is: Will Americans channel their inner Rittenhouse?

A 17-year old boy did what I think, most Americans today, lack the balls in doing. That is why Rittenhouse is the hero that America doesn’t deserve unless all Americans find their nut-sack soon because it is midnight and the clock is ticking.


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