LIKES'EM YOUNG:Sydney Female Teacher, Monica Young, 'allegedly raped a 14-year old student'

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Sydney Teacher, Monica Young,(23) will remain behind bars after being charged with 10 offences relating to the alleged repeated sexual assault of a boy on school grounds in Western Sydney.

Monica, your last name is your destiny.

You have to laugh at the 'Key Points', and or 'take-a-way' recommended in the article.

I mean, really?

This is where we're at in 2020, where instead of just talking to your kid about plain old missionary and where babies come from, we now have to have "difficult" conversations with them about having sex with their hot female teacher.

What is so difficult?

If you are going to have sex with your hot female teacher, just be safe and make sure to save all the nudies/details; send them over to us here at The Red Island.

Pretty simple, guys.

Use a rubber.

If she wants to sliz-slide down onto your Johnson O-natural, then just communicate as to where you should 'color her white' when its time!

Remember, communication is key in every relationship. We have been told numerous times by society, that "women are great communicators."; this shouldn't be a huge problem.

It's important when trying to figure out where your hot female teacher would like the "load" delivered to. Does she want it on her "front porch", through the "back-door" or down her "eaves-trough"? The logistics may sound complicated, but trust us, it's not as hard as you may think. Just time your delivery and make sure she is ready to receive it. Nothing is worse than a 'missed' package or having a docking issue in receiving.

I digress...

Early morning on Friday Monica was aroused and wakened, not by her 14-year old student's (lover) attempts to prone-bone her as per a 'morning sex' alarm clock, but rather by the jack-boots of police.

All "fantastic" high-fives, to be more accurate.

Apparently, our gurl was just weeks....weeks away from wedding her fiancé, whom by-the-way looks exactly like Monica's type: Young. The dude's frame reeks of adolescence.

Monica and her lawyers failed to persuade the magistrate to keep her name and identity concealed. Monica is an adult now you see; only minors like the one she has 10 counts of sexual abuse against can have their identity kept secret.

We applaud her efforts, though. Nice try, sugar tits.

We expect more details to come out next week as this story is still developing; still developing just like that 14-year old boy she b-b-b-banged!

My FTSS detective senses are tingling, much like how Monica tingled everyday when she was with her boytoy, and not her fiancé. My senses are telling me that this could be one of those big sex scandal teacher stories in the making, and we are just in the foreplay stages right now.

Only time will tell, to quote the band Asia.

The Report Card

Methodology |

Little is known at the moment about what made Monica mad with love. All we know is that over the course of about a month, she and the 14-year old boy were trying to create their own love story, aside from the other one Monica and her fiancé were creating in a few week's time.

Let's take a look at what a fellow detective like myself (he's not a true FTSS detective though like yours truly) had to say about Monica's blurry psychology.

Detective Haddow, I think, is missing the much larger point here. The kids are innocent and are not responsible for their off-the-chart, raging boners. Haddow is correct, however, in addressing their vulnerability to equally horny teachers like Monica who was out for easy dick.

What Haddow is hinting at is that Monica's brain, as small as it may be, was tricked into mistaking a 14-year-old who displayed early alpha traits, as being Chad. Thus, Monica's vagina could not tell the difference when it tingled.

After-all, women clearly have no agency and just follow their vagina and do as it says.

Monica had the option and responsibility to tell her vagina, "No, bad vagina....this is not a true Chad...we are being deceived!"

Instead, the tingles must've been so strong as to short-circuit Monica's brain, allowing them to by-pass all reason and logic, and consequently causing Monica to go full-fuck-mode for what she thought was easy Chad seed.

This need-for-seed(Chad's) came at a time when she was about to lock-down her beta provider; her fiancé.

Standard operating procedure for women in optimizing their hypergamy.


Integrity |

Monica has been with her boyfriend, with whom she was about to marry, for a long 6-years prior to her new love story/interest with her 14-year-old Chad-super-lite.

Had the equivalent of a "workplace affair" with a student's body... whose body was apart of the 'student body' of the high school. I know, it's quite confusing.

Just as confusing as it would've have been for Monica when her gina tingled, spoke to her and whispered the words, "Fifteen is too old, Monica."


Presentation/Looks |

Women think that "life" just happens to them, and aren't responsible for the events that befall their actions.

We here are keeping our fingers crossed that more details, and hopefully pics, will come out as this story unfolds. Even though we were quick to jump all over this story (as quick as Monica jumped that 14-year-old), Monica was still quicker; she took down all her social media.

Not a 'team player', that's for sure.

You know chicks today, always on their phones 24/7. Monica most likely nuked her social media accounts the second those police officers politely knocked on her front door, and asked for her to put on some yoga pants; come out with her hands held normal.

For now, all we have are videos and pics of Monica's blurred face.

We can understand that she might not have had time to put any fake-up on her face, but still, it is no excuse.

We take our work seriously here, and if Monica wants to achieve excellence and become a great FTSS, then she needs to work with us and play ball!

You are only hurting yourself (and your grade) and a lot of other horny men out there. Shame on you, Monica!

Of course, the boyfriend/partner is always in denial with regards to the dark side of female sexuality. "Oh, that's not like her...she would never do that." The fiancé has a lot to learn about women. He should have lots of time now when he hopefully dumps her ass.

Monica's stage walk needs a little work. Sweetheart, this is the Big Leagues. You are a female sex scandal teacher, act like it!

Next time when you come out of the court house or walking to your jail cell, it's *snap, snap, to the six, to the eight, to the nine* and repeat. On the *snaps* you have to snap-out your booty to the side and give the camera a little taste of that action.

It's not a Sunday walk in the park *1 & 2 & 3--1 & 2 & 3*. You have to show the camera, and the people, how dat booty shakes, as it would in bed when you are bouncing up and down on that teen.

Make us believe you are going for greatness. Convince us all that your sex was worth it to that boy and to you!

Own it, and the crowd will love you for it.

Work it good, and you just might go down in FTSS history.


Overall Grade



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