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Married Teacher's Aide, Jessica Sims, Accused Of Having A Sexual Relationship With A Teen Student

Teacher's aide, Jessica SIms

Original story at KSLA

Teacher's aide, Jessica Sims
  • The Shreveport Police Department says sometime in May, detectives were contacted about an incident that happened in the 8500 block of E Kingston Road.

  • The detective who responded spoke with a concerned parent, who claimed her son was potentially involved in a sexual relationship with a teacher’s aide at that location.

  • Shreveport Christian Academy is located at 8501 E Kingston Rd.

  • Police say the juvenile disclosed the relationship to investigators.

  • On May 30, Jessica Sims, 36, was arrested and charged with prohibited sexual conduct between an educator and student.

  • Jessica Sims is a married mother of three kids who volunteered as a teacher's aide.



Women are master manipulators.

You've probably noticed by now the remarkable contrast between Jessica Sim's mugshot and her carefully filtered social media on FB and IG (which you will find below after reading the full fucking monologue).

On one hand you have a seemingly normal wifey-life-y, normie conformie married mother a three from a religious community and background. On the other hand, Jessica hid her horniness and rampant thirst for teen peen. At age 36, yes, your prospects (as a woman) for a traditional affair are pretty sour.

What man in their right state of mind would even consider Jessica for a quick poke and smoke? Exactly, not a whole lot.

This is because they(men) are too busy banging her 22-year old former self; the cute waitress at Denny's or the college grad who just got her first internship and is trying to "work her way up" the corporate ladder. Sucking the day's dick just like every other chick, trying not to lose her job to AI. Hoping her boss will keep her around even though it would be more efficient to get an algo or computer to type emails and notify him that he has a 10 O'clock appointment and that his wife is filing those divorce papers at noon.

Jessica Sims is married with three kids. She not only broke the law (allegedly) but also broke a contract with her husband. Women today initiate 80% of all divorces in the West. Marriage is the only 'institution' in where one party is allowed to break a business contract, face no repercussions and on-top of that be rewarded for doing so (alimony/child support). If men file for divorce or break the contract, they still are the ones whom are punished and have to pay vagimony/(prior use of a vagina, tax).

If women can't even uphold a simple marital contract, how can they be trusted with running a business or be in the workplace in general? They took the vows and said that the man was their "true" love in all their social media posts, to live happily ever after.

Then on average, 11.3 years later, it is a full 180 degrees and the mask comes off.

Why would you ever do business with women in CorporateLand, and why would you ever do business with them in general?

At age 36, women like Jessica Sims have to put a goddamn fucking filter on every selfie they take to look thinner, and appear to have more attractive skin (tight and no lines) than in reality.

At age 36, you'd think being a full-grown adult, Jessica could have figured out how to masturbate by now. Or, heaven forbid, ask her former Chad of a husband to close his eyes, or get the brown paper bag out in order to pound her feverish, quivering pussy into the next solar system.

But no, you see, Jessica is a woman after all.

Women are smart you say?

Well, all Jessica had to do was go onto Amazon (where you can buy all my books) in order to find the perfect vibrator for herself, and satiate those pulsating throbs that have been emanating deep within her loins.

But she didn't. Women are stupid.

Instead, Jessica took the path of least resistance and went for the low hanging fruit:

The hormonal teenage American boy.

Sex for women is so easy. All they have to do is show up.

Sex for women over 30 can still be 'easy', all they have to do is show-up to a high school (engage in felony sexual assault) full of teen boys that are willing to fuck anything if it means getting all-up-in-that sliz and shooting a load.

Jessica could've still shown up to her local tavern and had some success there with men her own age, or perhaps some young college guys looking for a slump-buster and some practice rounds. But no, Jessica went full-send retard into Female Sex Scandal Teacher Greatness. Congrats!

Women again are master manipulators, mainly of men and boys. They say one thing and do another all the time. Women say that they could never be attracted or have sex with a man who lives with his parents, has no job, no car, no money or prospects. Yet, we have scores and scores of women today grooming and banging teen boys.

Simply stunning and brave.

The Report Card


The details are slim, unlike Jessica's figure.

This is what happens when I jump on a story that has only been out for an hour or so.

The good news is, we have ourselves an Exclusive: We are first on scene: I was able to find both Jessica's Facebook and Instagram before she presumably takes it down in a day or so when she is let out on bond. The bad news is, yes, Jessica is not that attractive and yes, more importantly we don't know exactly what happened. Some close sources are saying (via the arrest record) that she kissed/made-out with the boy in question at the Christian Academy in the city.

However, the authorities are indicating that this is a sexual relationship which, for all of you who are retarded and are just joining the blog to lurk and send hatemail to me, it basically means that Jessica slid her mouth and or sliz down that boy's pecker.

Tickled his pickle. Beat his dick with her meat flaps like it owed her money.

Hopefully things get into shape soon, especially Jessica. It's no wonder why her hubby wasn't givin' it too her on the reg (presumably).



A Christian wife and mother of three. Married to a police officer.

Can it get any more legit than this? On-top of this, Jessica most likely had sex with the victim, further legitimizing her title/Yasss Queen crown.

The big issue here is this: Jessica is not exactly an employee at the school in question.

She is not "technically" a teacher. She is a teacher's aide. A volunteer.

Society doesn't give a lot of credit to 'volunteers' or do-gooders. It is thankless in most cases, so I am willing to let the whole technicality slide and just give Jessica a chance here.

After all, she gave that teen boy a chance. What would the world be without chances, right?

I am going to grant her full official, Female Sex Scandal Teacher status for the time being, not just because of the potential here for a spicy story in the early stages, but because I care...for the blog and my readers.

Jessica clearly cared about something too. Her vagina.

And as you will see, Jessica has already done the work and put in the effort. She kept her social media open. It is full of pictures, mainly of her sucking on straws and gulping thousands upon thousands of calorie-packing milkshakes and iced coffee from Starbucks, Dunkn' and some other local vendors.

What is with women fucking teen boys, and what is with women's obsession with coffee and calorie-packing mocha-frappa choco-dick-a-chinos?

Why are most 36 year old mommy's fat and age like milk?

Well, let's look at Jessica's presentation and find out that Scooby-Doo mystery together!



First off, we have to thank Jessica for being detained and not being able to turn-off or lock her social media for the time being. We thank the teen boy for ratting her out and the other jealous mom (who probably also wants to fuck the victim) for spreading the rumor (that turned out to be true) of seeing Jessica taking liberties with the boy.

Women love the whole 'see something, say something' Orwellian policy.

Women are all fascists and communists at heart.

Jessica Sims facebook

The above links to her Facebook & Instagram so you can all follow along and have your own journey.

Again, may I remind everyone that Jessica (like most women) love to put age reducing filters on all their pictures in order to make themselves feel better, and to try and catfish guys into having sex with them.

In this case, Jessica needed to get her pussy dusted off. And who do you think would do a good job of dusting that pussy of hers? Yeah, a teen boy who'd not think twice about pile-driving and jack-hammering her pelvis like it was his last day on earth and Jessica was going to be his first and only lover.

Jessica going through one of the last 'transition' periods as a woman. Realizing that women actually become "old" much sooner than they think. 46 is ancient for a woman. 36 is pretty fucking old due to fertility and attractiveness in the shitter. A woman that is 27 is on the cusp of old because her fertility has plateaued.

Jessica is in the 'Alpha Reinterest' phase. Right on cue.

You may be saying to yourself, "But hey, a teen boy is not 'high value'...aren't women hypergamous..?"

Again, the teen boy in question is usually the most dominant boy in the classroom. I call him the 'aspiring Chad'. Alpha by proximity. He has potential and is showing all the traits, signaling it and giving those vag tingles to all females around him. For women, age literally doesn't matter (even though they say this shit). Hypergamy is two-sided. Beta need (husband/provider) and Alpha seed. Women want both.

Virtue-signaling 101

What the fuck happened to both of them, seriously?

It's only been since 2009. Hubby use to be a Chad. Jessica looked like a fucking minor back then, what is this age gap?

Flash forward to today, Jess is not only a borderline fat housewife with crows-feet and lunch lady arms, but her hubby has also let himself go and presumably has been on a steady diet of estrogen. Married life breeds complacency and also a desire for something different and exciting.

If her hubby slaps the cuffs on her for this, do you think it will reignite her loins for him? Nothing like a little Dread Game to get your wife back on your hog.

At this point though it's over. A teen boy outfucked the hubby. Take L and move on.

Jessica likes take-out, and it is not Chinese food. It is the Cum-of-Sum-Yung-Guy...

Teacher's aide, Jessica Sims

The one thing Jessica can't lie about is her age. If I didn't already know, I could've guessed 36 no problem. She has mommy breasts and lunch lady arms, very typical of 30+ women. The weathered, grainy skin and pot marks on the chest are all indicative of gravity working against a woman over time.

If you're a teen boy tough, you'd motorboat those things, titty-fuck and cum all over them. Don't lie. Don't be a woman.

Jessica is sad because she'd rather be cuddling with her teen student and creating fondling memories.

Teacher's aide, Jessica Sims

Points for great dental work and a solid tooth to gum ratio. Nice smile.

Would make an exception if offered a blow-jibber from her at age 36.

Teacher's aide, Jessica Sims

C.C. stands for Cock-Carousel.

Jessica has hopped back on and doesn't want the music at the mall to stop.

Teacher's aide Jessica Sims

What also isn't stopping, is Jessica's love-affair with calorie-packing beverages.

Typical white woman from North America.

Hey guys, Jessica is thirsty! Teen boys are a lot of 'work' and after the fifth session you need to restore those glucose levels!

Jessica ❤️'s cream pies...

Both can make you gain weight and ruin your figure.

In the amount of time it took to go to Dunkin's, purchase this calorie-packing monstrosity and pose for the selfie, Jessica could've saved time and money if she'd brewed her own coffee.

White women from North America. And they wonder why there is an earnings gap and a glass ceiling. Instead of having sex with their husbands that they supposedly love, they instead try to bang teen boys whilst flushing their degrees, careers and marriages down the drain.

What a giant waste of resources.


Final Comments: Jessica Sims to some may have no right being even considered for the title of Female Sex Scandal Teacher. However, teacher's aide still has the word 'teacher' in it. Think of Jessica like a mall security guard. Sure, they aren't real cops...but they show up everyday and do what is asked of them. Jessica may not be a real teacher, but she showed up and pretended. She assumed the role and gave aide to a young boy and possibly changed his life in a big way.

Jessica gave us a full presentation, unlike some of the 'real' teachers we have covered over the years. The effort was there. Jessica was there. And the teen boy absolutely knows she was there, showed up and was 'present'. She went above and beyond for her student and what she did (presumably) was not fake. Unlike her stupid selfies.

When a female teacher has her mouth on yours, her hand on yours, her vag sliding down your Johnson...that shit is real. You can feel it.

The passion cannot be denied on this one.

Overall Grad



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