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#METOO BACKLASH: Men Are Finally Avoiding Women At Work In The Wake Of Cancel Culture

As women en masse continue to falsely accuse their superiors (men), more men are heeding the advice that had been readily available for years.

If you are a woman and you've tried to falsely accuse someone at work, you are a loser and will reap what you sow just like all the other women who have done the same. All of us superior people will be laughing on the side-lines while we watch you suffer in agony.

What is just as good as sex? Watching a libtard drown in their own misery that they've caused.

The books CorporateLand (2017) and The Pence Principle (2018) have been out on the market for quite some time. CorporateLand was ahead of its time, and had predicted what was to come in the modern workplace; it was a fictional account of corporate America. Fiction often turns out to be true.

The Pence Principle was written by another brilliant author, aside from yours truly,Randall Bentwick. Both books should be mandatory reading if you are trolling about in the corporate machine.

By reading both of those books, that were of course written by men, you will be able to navigate the shit-hole that is corporate America; filled with SJW, libtard, diversity-hired parasites that WILL try to pull petty moves on you.

Remember, progressive libtards cannot compete normally, thus they have to use cheap tactics in order to get their way/rank up. Those who cannot compete will ultimately fail and be crushed.

Contrary to leftist ideology, there are such things as winners and losers. Not everyone gets a trophy. There are superior people and inferior people. Water is wet; the sun is hot. Those are facts. Hate facts to a leftist because they hate the truth.

Those two books alone will teach you about the psychology of the culture you will find in any typical office and how to navigate it. They will teach you how to defend yourself and thwart off any attacks that may come your way from toxic women (especially) in the workplace; you will learn how to crush them mentally and render their tactics, useless.

Useless, just like them.

These people are losers and need to be "evacuated" from this earth. Eventually their incompetence will surface and will ultimately destroy the company that they reside in (Equifax, Yahoo, etc), or, companies will just stop hiring them once they figure out that they[libtard progressives] are costing them way more than they produce.

Which after all, we know that lazy libtards produce nothing of value and strive for nothing.

Article found here

You should be uncomfortable around a fat, lazy landwhale who will try to weaponize her sexuality, or your words against you. Uncomfortable because looking at a gross, fat-fuck would make any normal person as such.

It has been three years since CorporateLand was published for the world to read; two years since The Pence Principle. It seems that the word and message is getting out.

In the above article, 60% of male managers answered honestly; the other 40% are cowards and cucks; most likely still living in a Blue pilled world in where they will #believeallwomen.

We now have men refusing to work with women, along side with women refusing to work for a female boss.

Women are of course whining about how they are not being mentored anymore by men in higher-up positions. This is ironic because all these years we were told that women were Strong & Independent, and didn't need no man.

Hm, gee. What a shocker!

It turns out that the only way women can achieve "equality" is by getting men to help them. If you are a man and you mentor a woman, isn't that a form of "Mansplaining"?

The whole #metoo movement started because women were slowly realizing that they couldn't collectively hack it and achieve greatness like men.

So, what do losers do?

Well, they try to cheat and use cheap tactics in order to win.

They try to 'eat the rich' and blame White men for all of their shortcomings. In turn, they need rich White men in order to get their gimme-dats.

Not so independent after all, huh?

All of these movements: Metoo, BLM, Occupy Wall Street.

Notice how all of these 'protests' are full of losers?

A bunch of dipshits.

By feminist logic, men should not mentor women because that would be 'mansplaining'. Yet, women are complaining about the lack of mentorship?

Here is a thought, ladies, why don't you figure it out for yourself, like men?!

I mean, after all, women today want to be just like men. Although, all of them end up being defective versions of them in the end.

Why is that? Well, it is because men and women are different!

Again, if it weren't for men, women would not get anywhere. If men weren't in the workplace, women could not rank-up through false accusations/fucking their bosses.

If a company were run by all women, well, this would happen.

How was that woman so stupid to not foresee the coming storm of an all female company? In case you were wondering, that was of course a rhetorical question.

This is what was warned about in the book CorporateLand (2017) in the very last chapter.

As companies continue to "diversity hire" and fill their boards with feminist-progressive shitlords, they will continue to not only lose money, but also lose productivity; the reason why GDP is down across the West.

When you try to eviscerate the backbone(men) from your economy you will get an economy that produces feelings instead of results: Nothing.

When you fill your company full of women, well, you get 'Catfights over handbags' and tears in the toilet. The same toilet your company's money will be going down with all the lawsuits and lost productivity because Sally got her period, chipped a nail and has to go home because she "isn't feeling herself today."

Feelings will cost your company money.

Results won't.

Exactly. It looks like POP SMOKE AND GHOST!!! has been reading CorporateLand and The Red Island. We have been telling you since 2016 that women are like children. It explains all of their behavior.

When a woman doesn't get her way what does she say to HR or other 'authorities'?

"I'm offended."

If women were so strong, brave, 'badass' and independent then why do they get offended? Why can't women deal with their own problems? Why do women avoid conflict and instead go behind people's back at work and complain about them?

It's because, that is what children do.

Children tattle.

Children can't solve their own problems.

Women are children.

Children whine about every little thing.

Children whine when they aren't comfortable/get their way.

Children need others to be responsible for their actions because they are helpless.

Children value their emotions and feelings over facts because their mental faculties haven't developed fully.

The problem for women it seems is that they don't mature past high school, and mentally cap out as the most responsible teenager in the household. This is all based on the collective actions and behavior of most women today.

This is why we find it believable that all females are at heart leftist;they fail to learn from history. Women don't want to learn, they just want men to learn for them so that they don't have to do anything at all. The particular history we speak of is that males are problem solvers and are adaptable.

Men see the #poundmetoo as a problem and find an easy solution: segregation.

Segregation solves everything because: Proximity+diversity always equals war.

Unless society wants to return to 'innocent until proven guilty', this will continue.With every #poundmetoo accusation that ruins a man's life/career, more men will become red pill aware.

Remember, feelings aren't facts. Nobody cares about your feelings. If you were smart you would understand that feelings are subject to personal interpretation. The world cares about facts and results.

The results are in: Men are getting wiser, thanks to intelligent authors..male authors to be more accurate.


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