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Struggles Of A Zero-Fucks-Given Author: 2021 Is Looking Even Better Than 2020

The struggle is getting real; I am having a hard time containing my excitement over how devastatingly good 2021 has been so far. It has only been one month, and it has already ended, bigly. I just did month end for Jan 2021:The portfolio is up another just one month.

I'm still not understanding why people are saying things like, "2020 was a dumpster fire" and "2021 is just as bad so far, if not worse".

I mean, where have you peons been? I am over here, trying not to cum.

You got Karen over there being all like, "2021 is going to be my I come!" and I am sitting here like, "Umm, don't think so, Karen."

This will be the year of struggle....for Karen et al. Oh well, at least there will be lots of cocks to suck for money, that is for sure. Just like in every economic down turn throughout history, it has been shown that when push comes to shove, women will opt for prostitution. 2020 was the year that exposed the fraud of feminism and college girl yo-go-gurlism.

Ladies, it's called an Earnings Gap, not a wage gap.

You see, guys like me, we may work the same job as you, get paid the same hourly wage or salary a year, however, we on average EARN more overall.

You see, women are so stupid that they can't ever wrap their heads around the concept of passive income streams, or that it's fucking possible to make money by any other means aside from an employer. Men understand that trading your time, and hours for a capped salary just won't cut it when trying to go for it and be great. There are only so many hours in a day; you spend 6-8 of them dreaming of being something great.

Men on average out-earn women because most of us are making our money work for us.

Funny how all of these women who went to get degrees are now on OnlyFans instead of making a living in their respective fields of study.

Oh, right. Bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and tourism have been locked and shut down; they[women] all majored in stupid worthless shit and nobody will hire them, even in a normal healthy economy.

So far, my Champagne campaign is running, smoothly.

Last year, I hit my target of making 100k in just the stock market, during the worst year in the markets since 2008.

At the end of last year, we celebrated by buying a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

This year, we are trying to do it all again in order to buy that bottle we don't really need, nor do we even care for.

That's how you do it: BUY when there is Blood in the streets. SELL when everyone and their grandma is in and pissing in the pool.

It is a struggle everyday now to walk past Karen, and not laugh hysterically in her face. Imagine for a second that you worked for one of these "empowered", "Strong, Brave and Powerful" females in CorporateLand, who thought they were a QueenBee all those years, unaware that you are making way more money than them in your pajamas at home, whilst getting ripped on fine Ale.

I work half the hours that Karen does; I make her yearly salary in about 2 months, farting in my Pjs at my desk at home.

How embarrassing....for Karen.

Karen walks around CorporateLand like she is hot shit, yet, here I am trying not to laugh. I can see why Karen wanted me fired. Imagine being reminded everyday what a complete failure you are when some young dude, who works part-time, out-earns you through passive income, trading and other online pursuits.

It's a feeling and experience almost better than sex.

Now, Imagine being almost a decade younger than this fat, fugly piece-of-sub human shit, who tried to get you fired from your job (because she was jealous of your success). Imagine all the time that she wasted, trying to get you fired by using HR as her personal Gestapo. All the while, you were absolutely killing it in the markets and doing something that is unheard of: Beating 89% of analysts/hedge funds and the index.

This is mainly due to the fact that funds have clients, usually old fucking Boomers whom are risk adverse, like women. They can't pivot into the new world of stocks that are going to be major disruptors of the old Boomer world. They can't beat the market because they can't afford to use their balls and be creative, be more daring. They play it too safe, instead of taking calculated risks.

Women/Boomers play it too safe; men take calculated risks.

It must be a pure struggle for Karen to read this. We know she does. Hi, Karen!

So Karen, I want you to sit down for this because you might just blow a gasket from what you are about to witness.

In fact, go ahead and play some soft Tantric music and light-up an incense candle, make an intention not to harm yourself: Hit the mat and take some deep breaths, because you are about to go on a wild journey of numbers; masturbate to a Buddha statue; Get triggered.

Last year I did around 5-10k on average per month.

This month is truly an outlier, but one we will gladly take.

I don't expect to do 25k+ every month this year, however, anything is possible when you use trailing stops and pay the fuck attention to your picks.

Karen probably doesn't even know what a Trailing Stop is, or how to buy the fucking dip. Karen can't even get her own orders right. Karen lives pay-check to paycheck, yet is so bad-ass, strong brave, independent, you go-gurl!

The problem for Karen is that she can't Cancel my market gains and she can't interfere with yours either. What are you going to do Karen, you going to complain to HR that I am making too much money on my own time? Eat shit, cunt.

Let's continue with my struggle of having to show Karen how she is struggling in life, compared to the young men who are killing it out there, under the radar.

Beating the S&P 500 and the TSX comp; also, beating Karen....severely.

It has almost been exactly a year since the Scamdemic hit North America.

The portfolio underperformed during the darkest days in the market; that is when I was buying like a Mad Man. As you can see, it was the proper and right call to make. As soon as I realized that Covid-19 was just like the flu and not a DefCon threat level We Are Fucked situation, that was when I dunked both of my balls into the market, fucked that TSX index hard with my cock and shot my loads.

By the end of the babies have grown BIGLY!

Let's see how much they've grown-up!

Here are some of my biggest earners (not investment advice). Do your own due diligence.

Here is my "Gain porn":



DOC +278% ahhh BIGLY

TAAT +298%...oh ya....up BIGLY

TRIP +131% starting the rocket trip.


They are all up, CUNT!

How embarrassing for Karen. Yup, the future is female LOLwut.

These are my "risky" securities. This is my Weed, Psychedelics, Scamdemic part of my portfolio. The one I have to baby-sit every day....while I write blog posts like this one, drink tasty treats, and call one of my girls up from the bullpen to come over and take the edge off from all the excitement.

Truly, every day is a struggle.....being a White heterosexual male is not for everyone.

Of course, with big risk comes great reward if done right. If you think I just blindly pick shit, you need to stop reading. Becoming an overnight success takes years. I spent hours upon hours doing research on all of these before shooting my load at them.

If you have been paying attention since last time, you would have noticed that I had sold some shares out of SCR. I took out my principle to de-risk the play and now we are holding for the moon. The stock has now since been de-risked even further since the Canadian government is about to legalize single-event sports betting. To further that, this year's Super Bowl set a record for the most bets ever place on it. The appetite for sports gambling is at fever pitch in North America.

I am trying not to cream my jeans, holding strong, long and strong.

I have not sold a single share in any of these other plays. MMED even got as high as $ 6.47 a share ( would've been up 50K). Nope, diamond hands.

The future share price of these are going to be even higher in a year or two. Not selling for peanuts. I do have trailing stops on all of these and will trigger if they get there. Then will re-evaluate based on each individual situation.

This is how you make hundreds of thousands and potentially millions soon. You have to get in on the ground floor. People laughed at me years ago when I bought SCR in the pennies. Well, who is laughing now faggots?

"Gross, a penny stock? Too risky...too speculative."

Yeah, OK, 4 out of 5 are not penny stocks now. You are just butt-hurt.

It's called picking the right companies that are going to be disruptors and take market share, asshole.

People don't know shit.

Everyone was saying the same thing about TSLA, "It's too speculative". Many people shorted that fucking thing and got burned like the Jews.

Those shorting bastards almost took down one of the greatest humans on Earth, Elon Musk (why are there not statues of this man, I don't understand) but he beat them (barely) and is now, imho, deservedly the richest man in the world.

It's the same thing with your female boss that tried to get you fired by calling HR on you because she sucks and you don't. She is no different than a short-seller who wants to bet and gamble on your failure. People who try to cancel you are like short-sellers. It's Cancel culture, but in the markets.

Trust in your own strategy and execute on it.

But go ahead and short them all, I dare you.

Again, the strategy I take is a lot different than most. It is contrarian: I wait in the weeds; I step into the pool before it gets crowded.

Three years ago nobody was talking about SCR, for example. Now, everyone and their fucking grandma is buying it. Again, please tell me who is wrong here? Again, please, give me your advice on how you don't pick some stocks under a dollar.

Did you know that Air Canada at one point got wrecked and went into penny stock status? It was at .88 cents 8-years ago, now look at it.

It went over $50 dollars before the Scamdemic and is now settling in the $20 range. I have seen companies that were 5 Stars, that traded for years at $50+ get wrecked and go to zero. So don't tell me what a "quality" company is and your basis for what should and shouldn't be picked. Go fuck yourself.

All it tells me is you lack balls and or butt-hurt because you didn't get in that stock's pussy on the ground floor. Now, you have to buy that stock's pussy at a premium after everyone else has had a turn hitting that shit's ASK button.

For Christ sake, look at the Energy sector. It use to be a market darling and now it is a fucking joke; a washed-up and used pussy about to dry-up for good.

What is hot today might not be hot 10 years from now. You have to learn to pivot and you need to know when to get out and rotate, you fucking Boomers.

That's why people hate men like yours truly. It's because they don't have the balls to do what I do on a daily, fucking, basis.

Try being me in my pjs for a day, trying not to wack-off and blow your load at the gains on your screen.

You'd have some real struggles then.


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