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THREE'S COMPANY: Texas Teacher's Aide, Ashlyn Bell, Lured Three Teen Boys Via Snapchat, Banged Them

Ashlyn Faye Bell, 24 is the former teacher's aide from Texas facing felony charges after she was accused of engaging in sexual activity with three teenage students. Bell worked as a teacher's assistant at Texas High School, which is part of the Texarkana Independent School District, during the 2019-2020 school year.

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Whenever I hear the word Texarkana, I always think of the restaurant that Patrick Bateman (American Psycho, 2001) made reservations at in order to lure, who he thought was 'Paul Allen', for a nice quiet dinner before he chopped Paul's yuppie body up to the tune of 'Hip To Be Square', back at his lavish apartment located at The American Gardens Building on W. 81st street on the 11th floor.

Ashlyn, on a teacher's aide salary, most likely lives in something less amazing. She is also a woman, so her taste in excellence would be muted. However, Ashlyn did lure some teen boys back to her place for some psycho-sex.

Last month,authorities were apparently tipped off to the allegations after a teacher at the school reported Bell. The teacher — who overheard a group of male students teasing one boy for supposedly impregnating a school official — learned the individual in question was Bell. 

That's the problem with women in the workplace, they are always backstabbing everyone, including other women who just want to have sex with their teen students. It never ends for these women! So oppressed!

“They were ragging [the victim] about him being the baby’s daddy,” a probable cause affidavit obtained by stated.

Could you imagine being a 'baby-daddy', deadbeat at 16-years of age? Ashlyn could because it is probably what she was going for with these three teen boys.

Try'n to get that fresh, quality sperm to be pumped into her pussy and feeling that euphoric flood of youth pool against her cervix. Possibly more government aide for Ashlyn in the form of 'Baby-bonus checks'. Parasite.

What a psycho.

The teen, who wasn’t identified, was 17 at the time. He admitted to exchanging messages with Bell on Snapchat. The pair allegedly agreed to meet at a local truck stop and Bell later drove him to her home where they had sex, the affidavit explained. The teenager told law enforcement that Bell’s daughter was asleep in a car seat in the backseat while they traveled to her residence.

You know who also meets at local truck stops late at night?

That's right, drug dealers and prostitutes....and truck drivers.

Ashlyn was setting a fine example in how to exchange sex. She couldn't have taken the boys out to dinner first at Texarkana or heaven forbid, Dorisa!

Couldn't pump the boy full of booze/anti-depressants, take him to Barcadia, and then make him think you're both at Dorsia instead, no! You just had to treat these boys like Johns.

Ashlyn has zero ethics when it comes to being a female sex scandal teacher.

The teenager claimed he wore a condom and that it was “the only time they were together sexually.”

However, investigators later learned Bell had allegedly been involved in sexual relationships with at least two other students.

On Nov. 22, 2019, Bell allegedly used Snapchat to invite a different teenage student over to her home after a high school football game, according to a separate probable cause affidavit obtained by Once again, Bell allegedly picked up and drove the student to her home while her one-year-old slept behind the driver’s seat. 

Women sure can multi-task when they are horny.

Once at Ashlyn's residence, Bell took a shower, and then emerged allegedly wearing only a “large t-shirt and panties” before pulling the teen onto a bed, according to authorities.

Was the T-shirt large because Ashlyn is too?

This,unbeknownst to the "real detectives" is the most important piece of evidence we have. They will say otherwise, however, they are full-of-shit.

“[The victim] advised that Bell pulled him over onto his back and tried to kiss him, however he told her that he had a sore throat,” the affidavit stated. “Bell removed her clothing and that they then engaged in sexual intercourse.”

That sounds a lot like rape to me. But, we can't say that[rape] because Ashlyn is a woman, and as we all know, today you can never treat women as equals. You can never hold them accountable the same you would with a man.

This is a "love story" people!

The student claimed Bell dropped him off at home shortly after 5 a.m. the next morning. A week later, they allegedly had sex again at Bell's New Boston home. 

Ohhh, Ashlyn pulling a move straight out of the PUA playbook: Changing venues.

Gotta keep those teen boys on their toes...or off them...whatever. Clearly, Ashlyn needed some PUA tips as she was finding that fucking teen boys wasn't as easy as she thought it would be. I mean, "I have a soar throat" is essentially a red flag for: He doesn't want to kiss you/have sex with you.

Ashlyn must be fat or something, perhaps needed a breath mint, because most teen boys are ready to go at a moment's notice.

The third student told authorities that he went to Bell’s home in New Boston on three separate occasions to be tutored. 

He claimed nothing happened during the first two sessions but alleged Bell performed oral sex on him during his third visit. He didn't recall if they had sexual intercourse, an additional criminal complaint indicated.

Ashlyn has a thing for the number 3. Sounds like she has been indeed looking up dating tips from old PUA handbooks. As we all know guys, by the third date if sex hasn't happened, you need to pull the ripcord.

It's really sad that it took Ashlyn three tutoring sessions until she could get her mouth onto that boy's cock and suck it dry. Most guys, if they are into you, will fuck on the first date. This whole scene is a script-flip, it's like Ashlyn is the beta-chump in all of this.

The teenager admitted he was high on marijuana when he attended study sessions at Bell’s house and alleged Bell would typically pick him up from his grandparents’ home after football practice and drive him to her home, the affidavit continued.

Taking advantage and abusing your authority is bad enough, but then seducing (trying to) a teen boy who is aslo under the influence of a substance that impairs his cognitive function, well, that is what we like to call an "all in" stratagy.

Ashlyn was clearly very passionate about her students....and concerned about their pent-up balls need for drainage.

That is dedication to which is hard to find these days in the labor force....ironically, Ashlyn is now out of a job.

Systemic sexism!

Huggins warned parents to be mindful of their children’s cell phone usage
“They need to stay on top of their kids as far as what type of media they are dealing with,” Huggins said. 

Yes, parents need to be on-top of their kids...or else their horny female teacher will take that role away from them as we can see.

Those three boys weren't saved by the bell; instead they got to ring hers.

The Report Card

Methodology |

Snapchat has become super popular among women; it is popular for female sex scandal teachers as well since its easy to cover their tracks with its use. Ashlyn played the game fast and loose; her pussy after getting pumped, dumped and then pounded some more is probably just as loose as her game.

Ashlyn treated her students like a Chinese menu, she couldn't just stick to one dish and had to switch to the buffet. The Cum-of-Sum-Young-Guy was particularly a fancy of hers.

Ashlyn wanted all the 'spring rolls' in her sight. However, sooner or later somebody is going to see you trying to shove three of them into your mouth, one after the other in a short period of time, and suspect that you may have a problem.


Integrity |

Ashlyn is a singe-mom of at least one child; the whereabouts of the father are unknown. Classic.

Ashlyn, understandably horny with no stable dick at home, sought the easy dick at her where she was surrounded by aspiring football chads who happened to all be underage.

It is unknown what exactly caused her vagina to tingle, throb and then wet itself, but it did.

Ashlyn then couldn't control herself, because she is a woman and has no agency, apparently.

Her vagina forced her, took Ashlyn hostage. A gun must have appeared out of her wet pussy. Ashlyn, naturally, had no choice but to do what her vagina demanded of her.

This could be a possible defense, I am sure, when her Court appearance is due. We are positive her and her lawyer are crafting such a full-proof defense like this as I type.



Presentation/Looks |

It is now becoming apparent as to why some of the boys were reluctant to kiss or even test out Ashlyn's 24-year old pussy, and take it for a fast spin to CumsVille (population 200 millions sperm).

Ashlyn scrubbed all her social media.

That is NOT how you win and play the game, sugar tits.

Lets just hope we get a hero in the night who has some JPGs of our gurl and leaks them out, because as of now, Ashlyn's grade is about to go down faster than her mouth did on that third boy during tutoring.


Overall Grade



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