TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: NJ Teacher, Bridget Sipera ,36, Banged Teen After Being Named 'Coolest staffer'

Original story at The Sun

A CATHOLIC high school teacher who was once named the "coolest" staffer allegedly molested a student about 60 times when he was 17 years old.

Bridget is too cool for school, literally Hitler. She can't go there anymore because her vagina swallowed more than it could ingest.

There comes moments in every FTSS detective’s career that makes it all worth it. While female teachers are giving ‘reach arounds’ to their students, the office here has its own reach. We have “boots on the ground” so to speak in various states across America. We have agents in the field.

In particular, I have an agent posted in the great female teacher sex scandal state known as the dirty 3rd-y, New Jersey—which is, quite franky, becoming the leading state with regards to the amount of diddling. New Jersey is starting to give Florida and Texas a run for their positions as the greatest FTSS states of all time.

As always, I protect my agents on duty in the field, but I wanted to give everyone a tease and a taste of how effective we all can be if we work together.

If it weren’t for my agent in the field over in the dirty 3rd-y, we would not have had the ‘heads up’ that we needed in order to find Bridget’s Facebook page quick enough to get some grabbies(pics) before she pulled that thing down like Larry Silverstein with the Twin Towers on 911.

As soon as the news broke, my agent in the field was on it, and notified our office here within 7-hours. With that head start, we were able to find Bridget’s Facebook, do a deep dive into her like that student did; dig, poke and prod before leaving.

Pumped and dumped her. A quick hit.

We didn’t do it to her 60 times, though. All we needed was about 20 minutes. That was all the time I was going to give Bridget, since her 'goods' were barely worth a grab. So much flab to sift through.

Alas, a haul is a haul.

We thank our agent in the field over in New Jersey, you know who you are. Your service, your dedication, and your sacrifice for greatness is forever appreciated by all those who read and follow Hot For Teacher.

Any man willing can become an agent. We need boots on the ground in every city, every state, and every corner of this country. All you need, like these horny female teachers are three things: Passion, dedication and a lustful thirst for ‘greatness’.

We salute, you.

The Report Card


Bridget was a woman of supreme hornyness. Her ‘pounds on the pussy’ is not something to be taken lightly: A heavy-weight, in more ways than one, yes.

However, weight and looks to a young man can be overlooked when blinded by the size and rotund nature of his own balls; them being so big and needing to be drained. Bridget knew this of her target, and sought to remedy his situation, 60 times to be exact. How many times does it take to drain a teen's ball bag?

Apparently for Bridget: Not enough.

Bridget, a married woman of all but five years it seems, obviously had a lot to hide from her husband; she also hid that teen’s penis 60 times inside of her pussy. She hid his cock inside her vagina at multiple locations: The back seat of her car in a parking lot, while inside her marital home and even over at her mom’s home. To suck and fuck inside your own mom’s residence just screams the words: Dedication, passion, and drive.

Bridget craved that teen cock like crack, and she had to have it any way she could. Why go home for steak when you can have wild game?

Maybe, because her husband ate it all.

The raping…sorry, 'sucking and fucking' occurred over the span of 18-months. Interestingly enough, the 60-time fuckathon went from January 2019 to March 2020 before the Chinese virus stuffed more things up than Bridget’s vagina.

If it weren’t for the Asian flu, one would confidently wager that this love affair would have continued through the summer.



Married with two kids; a Catholic. Bridget fits the profile that many before her have displayed.

Where did it all go wrong?

Sipera had been the school's girl's lacrosse team coach and was named Coach of the Year by the Women's Lacrosse Club of South Jersey, a 2019 edition of the school's online magazine said.

Sipera was voted one of 2013's 'Coolest Teachers' by school students in a Preston & Steve Show poll.

In 2013, Bridget was 29-years old. She was still 'cool'. Which in highschool, means attractive enough to be called as such. Notice how Bridget hasn't been deemed 'coolest staffer' since? That's called hitting The Wall.

Did she not get her fill of the cock buffet during her time at The College of New Jersey with her girlfriends?

Repressed all her life by the church, followed the rules without the end result of promised ‘fulfillment’? Or was it being named ‘coolest staffer’ that sent Bridget’s sex drive and ego over the edge to blissful ignorance of the law? Did she think she still 'had what it took' to get an aspiring Chad's cock to slide down her fun tunnel?

The papers say she ‘molested’ the 17-year-old boy. Wildlife gets molested by humans when they use a sling shot. Sucking and fucking a teen boy( a minor) is a tad more than ‘molesting’.

It’s called rape, sweetheart. Hope your vagina was satisfied and fulfilled enough; that fully juiced pussy squeezed of all its anguish.



Bridget looks exactly what you would come to find in the garbage piles in the back alley of a Jersey bar: Old, discarded once valued items of purchase. Ten, twenty years ago, Bridget looked pretty good, and was a valued item.

Heck, some dude even married her and shot cum inside her pussy in order to breed some “little me’s”—dedicating a load to co-create spawn with her. Most probably wouldn’t have gone that far with Bridget. She isn’t good looking—her gum-to-tooth ratio is one of the worst we have ever seen.

Being a former lacrosse athlete herself back in college, and the coach of the girls team at the high-school in question, Bridget presents herself correctly: She was most likely a brow-beating-bitchy-butch, only to her husband, obviously not to the teen boy.

Bridget eventually went "full oriental" (permanent orgasm face) with the cum of Sum-Yung-Gai (cream of teen) being injected and ingested. A full fuck buffet of taboo.

Bridget projected a modest life; the life of a good Catholic. The life of a hypocrite; a woman.

Here is the dossier on Bridget that was made possible by one of the brave men (agents in the field) serving this blog. Special thanks in particular, again, to our agent in New Jersey who, is undoubtedly steeped in one of the most horniest states filled with these teen-peen, fanatics.

Stay safe out there, and Godspeed.

Bridget's bosom provides ample real estate for any man's load

to be laid to rest...

Her tooth-gum ratio is abusive to the eyes.

The picture that confirmed everything that we knew.

My version of 'Marry, fuck, Kill' with Bridget's TCNJ (college) girls...


Overall Grade



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