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My books and savage  humor are for men.

This is comedy.


I write satire, fiction, and aim to entertain while providing wisdom.


My style is not for the thin-skinned. 


If you like what you've read, great. If you were offended,even better.

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The Red Island Blog

If you've read the books, you will definitely find paradise on the Red Island Blog 

It’s ultimately a numbers game. American men who are stable, intelligent, and productive are simply being bred out of existence. 40% of all American children are now being born into the same circumstances which have destroyed communities of previous empires and current ones. That number will continue to rise as Western women, in particular, begin to double-down on the bad-boy cock carousel, celebrate baby-daddy syndrome, and claim their cash and prizes from the state—for being such good little prostitutes for pimp-daddy Uncle Sam.

                    ― Frank CerviUncle Nick: Diary of a Misanthrope

Frank Cervi's novel 'Uncle Nick'; a hilarious and insightful read
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