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Frank Cervi is an infamous internet asshole, one of the most controversial authors of his generation. A renegade writer, an outsider, his politically incorrect style is welcomed, refreshing and timely in a world gone soft.


His blog, The Red Island, is mainly known for covering Female Teacher Sex Scandals ; 'grading' them on their looks; posting their photographs with his own 'doodles' and 'inspirational captions'.   


His  podcast and books ooze wisdom; albeit slightly crude and borderline reprehensible. So if you are thin-skinned, a snowflake, and easily offended, you should just go waste your internet clicks somewhere else.


Frank also moonlights as a independent stock trader, drinks fine Ale, and otherwise engages in hedonism. 




Frank Cervi is one of those authors that are more and more hard to find...  ---Ronald

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