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Why The Night Shift Is Superior

The third shift, dog shift, or the graveyard is one of the best gigs you can get. Moon marauding is not for normies, however. Studies have shown that those who are natural born ‘night owls,’ or who prefer being up when everyone else is dreaming, are the highly intelligent and more creative of our species. There are tremendous amounts of benefits to working the overnight vs. a regular 9-5 cubicle slave job. There are, however, always a few drawbacks. These drawbacks are very minor, but nonetheless we will cover all of it.

For the sake of this post, we will talk specifically towards overnight shifts of the security/enforcement and night watch for contextual purposes. Having done these in the past (and still do from time to time), I can attest to the experience and benefits of working the dog shift.

The Benefits

While They Sleep, You Live

It is the best possible gig since it is as close as you're going to get in the way of entrepeneuralism—i.e you don’t have to deal with people! For most of these jobs you are on your own. Full stop, period. You don’t have a boss breathing down your neck. You don’t have to commute with all the normies; all lining up on the highway in the morning or evening, bumper-to-bumper. You don’t have to endure your other slow, incompetent, and lazy co-workers. You can work at your pace (which is usually lightning speed) without hindrance and annoyance.

Anyone who has ever worked retail,or as a bartender or server, knows what I am talking about when you have to deal with people on a daily basis. Now, picture a gig in where you don't have to deal with PEOPLE! Hallelujah, Halleujah!

It's wonderful.

You Get 10x More Shit Done

Some of the best ideas I've had for books, posts, marketing etc, have come from working in peace during the night shift. If you have a security job in where you are posted or stationed at a desk all night, you can literally go to college, write a book, listen to audio books, do your banking, all while doing your job. Today with the wonders of modern technology, you have access to all of this...on your fucking phone! It's incredible. Honestly, you can work and literally, get paid to study.

Typically when you work these types of jobs there is a lot of down time, or periods in where nothing is happening or going on. Use that time wisely. This is why the night shift is great for entrepreneurs and hustlers, alike. While the normies sleep, you are getting 10x more shit done because you dont have to report to anyone, deal with customers, and all of the other bullshit that comes with working during the day. The night shift gives you such an incredible edge over everyone else that it's almost unfair.

It Pays to Moonlight

Depending on the line of work, these gigs typically are cash-cows. You not only get the wage bump for working the dog-shift ( most people don't want to hustle and work these shifts) but you most likely will get what is called: danger pay. For instance, the job that I do for the overnight pays me more in 9 hours than what I would make working 20 hrs at a regular minimum wage job. I make more working two 4.5 hr mid-night shifts than what I would make working all week at a fucking retail job.

Especially for the young people, who have loads of time and energy, who are tired of being in poverty or having no money, work the goddamn night-shift! I can't advocate it enough with regards to finances. If you manage your money well, you will be godlike. You will not only save yourself a shit-ton of time during the week (because you will have to work less hours than the average min-wage slave normie) but you will and should, depending on the work, be rewarded accordingly.

With that said, if your gig pays you well, you should have a plan in place for your finances. We here, on the island, do not condone normie financial spending and imprudence. Wherein a typical normie would blow this cash-cow on a new truck or something equally as stupid; a liability. Most overnight gigs are usually contract work. When I do contract gigs, I always have a plan in place for where the monies will be allocated towards (hint: usually investments). I want that extra income to be making me more money in the future so that the flame of my hard work and hustle can still live on, through dividends. Don't be a normie, you're better than that. Obviously you are because you are working the night-shift.

You Will Find Yourself Real Quick

If you work alone, at night, with nobody to look to but yourself, yes, you are damn right you will find out who you are real fucking quick. You will be so on-top of your game that it will amaze you. You will learn to develop your own strategies, adapt to the dangers of the night, learn how to get out of tricky scenarios, solve problems on your own, learn how to be a leader. This is, because, you are all that you have. That is probably the biggest benefit and lesson the dog-shift will teach you: In life, you are ultimately all that you have. With that truth, you learn real fucking quick how to believe in yourself because, you have to. It's either do that or fail. Thats why the dog-shift is not for normies, because most people in life today can't do that. They don't know how to cope with being alone, on their own, having to give themselves direction, figure shit out without the help of others.

It [the night shift]is the true mark of someone who is independent.

The Drawback

There is obviously a biological drawback to working the overnight shift. Humans were not meant to see darkness all the time. You need to see the sun, eventually. That is why, at the very most, I could maybe do the dog-shift for about a year and half at max. Six-eight months is ideal, I would say.

It will and does fuck with you. Seriously, your sleep patterns will tend to get all messed up and you will have to schedule your social life around the night (your day) accordingly. However, with that said, its not that hard to do. These are all very minor drawbacks.

I will say, however, that the night-shift shouldn't be a lifetime choice. Eventually, you will either want to do two things: Use the experience as a means to get into days or traditional full-time hours. Or, do the more superior thing, and have it lead into entrepreneurial pursuits. At the end of the day (or night perhaps), the main goal should be for you to escape the cubicle wars and become your own boss. The night-shift should teach you this. That it is the way of the superior being; to want to be free and to be his own master.

The Day is boring, boring is for normies. Long live the night.

The night is for the wild, the unhinged, the brave, and the renegades.

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