PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: Florida Teacher, Susan Weddle, 40, Took Teen Boy's Virginity

Original story at DailyMail

A Florida special education teacher was arrested Monday after allegedly having sex with her son’s 15-year-old friend “several hundred times” beginning last year, a report said.

Susan Weddle, 40, and the teen allegedly kicked off their relationship at the woman’s Cantonment home after the two attended her son’s football game and started drinking, according to the Pensacola News Journal, citing an arrest report.

The teen said once he was drunk, he convinced Weddle to have sex with him — even though she told him she knew it was wrong, the report said.

From there, the pair then allegedly had a sexual relationship that lasted more than a year with dalliances at her house, his home, in her car and at the beach.

“Weddle was his first and only sexual partner, and he believed himself to be in love with her,” the arrest report said.

Weddle on Monday resigned from the J.E. Hall Center, where she helped train other teachers as a learning resource specialist, Escambia County School District Superintendent Malcolm Thomas told the paper.

She worked there for 11 months. Before that position, she was a teacher at L.D. McArthur Elementary School, the report said.

Several witnesses came forward to report the pair’s relationship, and in November a high school guidance counselor tipped off the Department of Children and Families.

That witness alerted the counselor about discovering damning text messages between the teen and Weddle.

Another witness, who was hired to pressure wash Weddle’s home in April, alerted the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office that he saw the two kissing.

The witness also told authorities the teen showed him nude photos of Weddle on his phone, according to the arrest report.

Weddle allegedly gifted the teen with an iPhone, necklace, bracelet and other items during the relationship.

Today, class, we will be looking at Susan Weddle's presentation. Susan could not attend today because she can't walk properly.

After getting fucked 'several hundreds' of times over the year, it is understandable.

We wish you, Susan, a full vaginal recovery.

Now then, since Susan is not here to teach (quite frankly, won't ever again) let me do some quick math on the board.

Quick Math Lesson on Susan:

Susan fucked her 15-year-old lover, "several hundred times". For the sake of argument, let's assume the value of the word 'several' to mean 300.

The average amount of semen per ejaculate for men is between 2 ml and 5 ml, so let's call it a cool 3.5 ml.

300 x 3.5 ml = 1,050 ml ...which equals out to be 36 fluid oz or 1.05 liters

We can deduce that Susan Weddle, accepted the equivalent of a 1 liter Pepsi bottle worth of jizz in and or, on her body. That is roughly saying, in total, Susan extracted a full ice cream tub (standard) of cum from her 'lover's' ball-sack throughout the course of 1-year worth of sucking and fucking his dick-off.

That's a lot of Bruce juice!

Now that we can understand how much cum Susan had dripping from her mouth, sliz; down her back, ass, legs and thighs, let's do some more quick math, shall we?

We need to now figure out how beaten-up Susan's pussy got over the year.

So, considering that, according to studies, men on average thrust 48 times per minute during a normal, steady sex session. Considering the median time for sex is 5.4 minutes (lets just assume a high school kid can even last that long) that means that the average number of thrusts it takes to ejaculate is roughly 260 humps.

So, if we take the value 300 ( rough number of times Susan got fucked) and multiply it by how many thrusts that kid bestowed upon Susan's genital (260 Hps), we will get the total of hits Susan had to take on her pussy in order for her 15-year-old to ejaculate a little over a liter of cum in the span of 1-year.

300 x 260(Hps)* = 78,000(Hop)**

*Humps per session (Hps)

** Hits on Pussy (Hop)

So class, just picture that. Susan's 40-year old pussy taking 78,000 pumps in just one year!

In and out.

In and out.

In and out.

78,000 times!

Susan gave that boy his own personal pump station. Choo-choo!

This isn't even taking into account how many other sex partners Susan has had in her life thus far; how many times she has had sex since she hit puberty.

Susan's pussy must look like a cheese-steak, mini-sub by now.

Or, an Arby's sandwich.

Susan sums up, basically every horny skank from Pensacola to Halifax and all the way to Los Angeles.

"Oh no, we can't have sex...why, that would be wrong. I am not that type of girl."

-Proceeds to bang dude 'several hundred' times over the course of the next year.

You see, all sluts have to say to themselves that "This is wrong"; Won't stop them from fixing their giner onto that cum-rod.

Saying it out loud somehow absolves a woman of all responsibility, thus, if anything happens after that point. its not her fault.

The Report Card


Susan, like most of her horny and desperate sistas, played the game how a thirsty beta man would when trying to seduce even a woman his own age: Ply them with booze; buy them expensive gifts; hope to get sucked and fucked. For Susan, at age 40, a little bit of 'lubricant' (both alcohol and K-Y) will go a long way.

Susan feigned her horny levels by telling the boy that, "It would be wrong to have sex." Knowing how teen-boys are, Susan had created a ticking time-bomb of hormones within the virgin 15-year-old's loins.

With that, came (pun intended) a fury of fucks:Several hundred that were sprinkled and splattered here and there on the calendar. Splattered like the loads that hit Susan's face, mouth and pussy.

A fuck in the car; at her house; at his parents place. It all started to add up. Before they knew it, they were keeping it more than 100.

Careless, Susan had been spied on by the power washing specialist that she hired and subsequently[He] witnessed her and the boy playing tonsil hockey.

Susan played the game fast and loose; a reckless affair.

With fucking so many times and not being able to count the orgasms, a woman like Susan will lose track of the days and her surroundings. That is when her discretion and careful tactics of having car sex and beach sex most likely started to compound into her undoing.

When a woman gets as horny-for-cock like Susan did, fucking becomes #1 in her life. She will fuck anywhere, jerk you off on the freeway during rush hour; taker your dick into her swollen giner at the beach during high-time.

One word sums up Susan's reckless abandon for teen cock: Passion.



Paying for sex like a beta buckaroo (a mark off). Sending mixed messages about "It's wrong, we can't have sex." to fucking her son's 15-year-old friend, 'several hundred times' (love story).

Getting a 15-year-old hormonal boy to 'fall in love' with you because he experienced what it is like to shoot his wad inside of the warm embrace that is your vagina.....priceless.

That's love.



To a 15-year-old virgin boy, who has only experienced Susan's beat-up and weathered vagina as a means to gauge, Susan is a sex goddess.

That was Susan's master plan all along: Hook the teen with her vagina, he only has his hand to compare; forget masturbation.

A seasoned snake-sucker like Susan has been around and it shows. To any man with a critical eye and who doesn't have the spiking levels of hormones that a 15-year-old would have, Susan at 40 is not looking like a 10 bagger or heaven forbid, a 100x bagger.

You wouldn't need to paper-bag her, but Susan is what you would call a hardened, Pensacola whore.

Is the wreathed skin from all the ultra-violent (UV) rays out in the Florida sun?

Or is it from all the acidic loads of semen being pasted onto Susan's cum catcher all these years?

Vitamin D is good for your skin; Susan has been taking another kind of D which has given her the 'several hundred' cock stare.

Verdict: Susan looks like she swallows.

Wood/would?: If I had nobody better to shoot a load into, I might with Susan....after she plies me with booze and lots of it. If I were 15-years old, again....ya.

At 15, you'd fuck anything.

GO FOR MORE (How about 'several hundred'?): Susan Weddle's life philosophy.


Personal Notes:

If you aren't willing to do something at least 100 times, don't do it at all. Practice makes perfect! :)

Overall Grade


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