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Boardwalk Empress

Venturing to parts unknown for men has been common ground for ages. It's how we grow, how we learn, and how we can cultivate greener pastures by finding other fields to plant our seeds in. The fields up north are getting pretty, tiresome; yielding very shitty crops year-after-year. Go south, young man.

Go south and you will find that the fields are ripe with fruit that is not as bloated, wrinkled, and soiled. Beaches of Florida, with white sand and creamy tans. Boardwalks at Venice pier to the ones in L.A all draw in the fit, the bold and the beautiful. Beautiful environments tend to produce beautiful things. Women with character, something else going on besides a selfie. The border chick, the one you will meet, is the coolest dolphin in the water of paradise. A rare sight, worthy of gazing; worthy of interacting with.

She doesn't fixate on her phone, her Instagram, or petty social dynamics, but she will take a photo with you. She wants you to remember her, the time you spent with her and her muse. She is free from society, the drama and the average. Out on the boardwalk she is her own controller, she rides for the sunset and the palm trees that sway to her groove. You can talk to her about anything because she is everything around her. She is the screams on the Ferris wheel, the birds on the shoreline, the car horns in the distance. Nothing bothers her, because everything is familiar. Her board is her best friend, the one who picks her up to go for a drink and drops her off after the sun goes down on this lonely town. The friend who drives her around to all the hidden spots that tourists know nothing about. The one who she will miss when it's too stormy out to safely ride the streets alone.

You found her by the gazebo at your condo complex, listening to music, writing and drawing in a journal. You stand confused, wondering why a woman like this is so shy, reserved, yet resoundingly open as time passes you both by. She asks if you've ever boarded before. You say "no". She wants to show you. She teaches you every morning while you remain there on vacation, trying to show you how she lives everyday among the sidewalks, streets; all the cracks and imperfections on the road mean nothing to her. Smooth surfaces, rough edges; they are all the same to her. She rides over them all, without a thought. When she rides, her mind is blank. You begin to learn her Zen, how to remain still, in thought, as you ride.

Shut off your mind, your phone, your meaninglessness. Life is happening to both of you and it's only a matter of time before you have to say goodbye, forever, to the boardwalk empress.

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