A New Proud Tradition (Evaluating & Grading Female Teacher Sex Scandals)

The school year is almost upon us and things are about to get busy for writers, bloggers of the satirist variety. Yes, in light of a new and growing trend, we are starting a new and proud tradition here: Giving a report card to female teachers worthy of a D (pun intended).

There is just so many stories every month coming in, year after year, of female teachers engaging in "inappropriate" conduct with students that, we here, need to address; as it stirs a hot debate around the double-standard in which female teacher-student misconduct is frowned upon, while male teacher-student misconduct is an open and shut, criminal case. This being that, very rarely, do female teachers who have been accused and convicted of such acts, receive little to no jail time vs their male counter-parts.

The new segment will be called Hot For Teacher and will aim to to memorialize & satirize the brave, hot-ass female teachers; for swallowing their pride, dignity, and pension in order to aid the lucky few; horny teens, who've had their wildest fantasy's come to life!

Hot teachers flushing their educations and careers down the toilet for a few seconds of awkward, fumbling sex is a part of who we are. Deeply embedded into our national psyche. As iconic as the cowboy, the astronaut or the cheerleader. The way America was once defined by brave pioneers in deerskins and coonskin caps taming the wilderness, so we are today defined by sexually deviant women texting titty pics and giving blowies in a school broom closet. It is not just a trend. It’s not a fad. Or even a crime wave. It’s now become, Americana. #MeToo


In recent years, WND published a hefty dossier back in 2014 that profiled many female teachers going back as far as 2006 who had engaged in sexual misconduct with their students (and in some cases multiple misconducts). That list still grows today and is being constantly updated. All of them have different stories ranging from giving feverish blow jobs at a camp-site on a school trip; to sleep-over’s (aka ‘fuck nights’) with their male students.

When you scroll through the laundry list of the cum stained bedside photos of some of these “ladies,”(only the hot ones) you will not only noticed that a decent handful of them are surprisingly attractive but also the very subtle point that the majority are either approaching ‘The Wall’ (ages 27-34) or have already entered the most feared time in a woman’s biological life. When you average out the ages of all the women showcased in this display of extreme cries for sexual attention, the average age for these last po-go hoppers is in the low to mid thirties, with the few outlying exceptions. Adrienne Laflamme 60 (gross, man) is one of those extremes. Imagine those saggy tits and her mud-flaps dangling over you when you were a young lad, now that is a true crime against humanity.

In a case like in Erin McAuliffe's, a recent teacher out of the great state of North Carolina who, this year (2017), was brought up on charges pertaining to her giving blowjays and cock-carousel riding lessons to three 'victims', begs the question of, "Is this really a crime?" And there are even more, just this year, like her. The real interesting thing about Erin, and others in her league of extraordinarily female teachers, is that they all seem to have a prolific social media presence, which we can all be thankful for.

Hot math teacher Erin McAuliffe, 25 (smokeshow) arrested for banging and fulfilling the dreams of three male students.

The point is, it is painfully obvious when looking at the data that The Wall plays a huge factor in all these cases, yet in some it is baffling. The Wall doesn't explain the picture entirely as it doesn't account for the more attractive female teachers, like Erin, fulfilling every young boy’s fantasy of a hot teacher requesting banging services in the portable, or oral lessons at their own homes. Can these chicks not get any adult dick? Doubt it. This makes one to believe that they have some deeper physiological issues at play. The ugly, older, and less attractive teachers still have physiological issues as well; since they abused their authority, and doing sexual activities with minors is taboo and legally wrong in any case; but The Wall can explain a good part of it in an extreme case, as most women would just go to the local bar or tavern, and settle for some deadbeat loser to satiate their lonely voids.

Stay tuned for more. Because if last year were any indication, this year should be a windfall; given the trend and data surfacing. The 'Magic states' to look out for are Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Texas, as they all seem to be breeding grounds for hot female teachers, banging away on some poor 'victims' cum crayon.

#TeachersWorthyofaD #MeToo


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