Married drama teacher Sarah Barton, 36, banned for a lesbian romp with a pupil

Original story published 8/9/17

Married Mum-of-two Sarah Barton, 36, bedded the girl in a hotel after taking her to see the play Matilda.

Drama teacher Sarah Barton, 36, admitted taking the schoolgirl to see Matilda during the half term holiday and meeting her for sex in her car and fields during their relationship.

The married teacher, who worked a school in Essex, has been banned from teaching indefinitely by a teaching conduct panel which heard her case in June.

Mrs Barton repeatedly messaged the pupil over Whatsapp and had a picture of herself and the pupil kissing on her mobile phone.

Other teachers had expressed concern over the amount of time Mrs Barton was spending with the girl in her office, the National College for Teaching and Leadership panel heard.

Mrs Barton, who had taught at the school since 2007 before becoming head of drama, also attended the pupil’s birthday, ate dinner at her house and met up with her in pubs and restaurants.

She resigned in July 2016 after the relationship, which began in the academic year starting September 2015.

A misconduct panel heard the former head of drama also bragged to pals about having sex with her in fields and her car.

But neighbours said she was still with her husband Gareth, 39, who is believed to run his own company.

One said: “I understand they have gone on holiday together. I last saw them about a week and a half ago.”

Last year Barton ignored pleas from friends and took the girl on a trip to London – booking them into a hotel.

Misconduct panel chairman Mark Tweedle said: “Regardless of who actually organised this trip to Matilda, it took place when your relationship with Pupil A had been developing for some time. This was clearly inappropriate.

“Witness 1 states that you had told her that you had had sex with Pupil A in your car and in fields.”

It’s surprising that this particular Female Teacher Sex Scandal story almost got shoved under the rug, and hadn’t been munched on yet. Very rarely do we have one of these closet lesbian, teacher-student love affairs between two lost souls. You’re welcome.

Picture a foggy, moonlight night in the West End of London. The play Matilda is in town, and suppressed lust is in the air. What doesn’t say ‘lesbian planned sex-romp’ than going to see a Broadway Matilda in theaters? It’s not about the play, the actors or the art of the human voice or movement.

This drama & arts teacher leveraged her credentials as a smokescreen for the nude gay magic show, to which was planned to take place that holiday weekend, that night in the hotel and in nearby ‘fields’.

Now, I am not an expert on plays, or what turns lesbian women on, but I saw the movie Matilda; the sight of Daniel Devito alone—and the bulldyke who played Ms Trunchbull—was enough for me not to feel the need to finger-bang or get a blowjibber from the girl I was doing basement business with at the time.

We keep seeing these married female teachers time and time again and it’s always the same story: Husband owns a company or is successful; wife is a teacher who just can’t help but push the boundaries of feminism. In this case, though, it ‘twas not ‘cake’ Barton was after…it was pie. She ate it, oh yes, she ate it too.

The Report Card

Methodology: Using WhatsApp to message her pupil, bragging to her friends about the clam-rubbing sessions? Bold and beautiful. Think about all the time, creativity, and hard work that went into our gurl getting her 'big opus'. I mean, the common folk see 'offender', 'reckless', and 'irresponsible'. All I see is words like 'passion', 'dedication' and 'cares deeply'.....for sex with women. This is a bigger story than just two ladies of the arts giving each other petting-sessions and grass burns. This is about a national, no, global discussion on pride; and what it means for two women to experience a wonderfully wet weekend holiday together. The great part about this whole story is that she (Barton), and her husband are still together! Either he is the biggest idiot, or he finds his wife's lesbian escapades to be a turn-on in the bedroom. At that age, you need a catalyst for great married-couple sex.


Integrity: Being an Arts & Drama teacher, whose husband is a successful business owner, must get frustrating in more ways than one if your're a modern woman. Our gurl must have felt so small in her husbands shadow that she had no way out but to show him that, she too, could accomplish something remarkable. What Barton created was her very own rendition of The Sound of Music: with her and her female student grinding like crickets in the countryside fields of the UK; making sweet, sweet music together. Their audience? The birds and the bees...and maybe even a curious sheep farmer in the distance. Fancy a quickie?


Presentation/looks: I am not a lesbian, but for a mid-thirties drama(former) teacher, I am willing to say that I'd gladly be gay for women. When you look at Sarah's facebook pictures, she does indeed, have that whole carefree, beautiful hippie, I-give-good-head look to her. Being an Arts and Crafts type of gal, she is probably good at scissoring.


Overall Grade


Case Filed

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