Sara D'Spain 'unloved' wife and teacher arrested for getting a burger and then having he

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Sara D’Spain a Kerr County, Texas high school teacher who was arrested last week on suspicion of having an improper relationship with a student has been revealed to what extent her indiscretions occurred.

An arrest affidavit released on Monday told of the teacher admitting to allowing a student to feel her breasts while they kissed behind a burger restaurant.

The 38-year-old, who was fired from Tivy High School following her arrest Thursday, allegedly admitted to police officers that the relationship was ‘inappropriate,’ the Houston Chronicle reported.

D’Spain was booked into the Kerr County Jail on $35,000 bond, but has since been released.

According to her arrest affidavit, D’Spain told cops that she communicated with the student through Snapchat and often sent him photographs.

It wasn’t clear what precipitated the married teacher reaching out to the student.

D’Spain admitted to meeting the student on September 10 behind a Culver’s Restaurant in the town.

That’s where they allegedly kissed and the student felt her breasts over her clothing, according to the affidavit.

Notice of the impropriety came when on September 12 a different student showed school officials an ‘explicit’ Snapchat photo he received of her wearing a bra, the affidavit stated.

D’Spain was then questioned about the photo and she insisted that she had only sent it to a former student who doesn’t attend the school. D’Spain insisted she only stayed in contact with the boy after he graduated.

D’Spain, who according to the dailymail also reportedly complained on several social media platforms about her husband spending too much time away at work, does not face any charges in connection to that particular photo.

The Kerrville Tivy High School teacher’s arrest came as part of a broader ongoing investigation targeting two school district employees.

Last week, officials with the local school district announced that D’Sapin and another teacher, who has not been named, were placed on administrative leave, reported

D’Spain is certified to teach pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, and she is also a certified English as a Second Language teacher.

Kerrville Police Department have since confirmed that the victim in D’Spain’s case was a male and a minor. The age of the boy wasn’t disclosed.

Online records and social media posts suggest that D’Spain is married and lives with her husband and their two daughters in Bandera, Texas.

If convicted, D’Spain could face between two and 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Another TSS from Texas. Are we surprised?

There are two victims here, and D'Spain is one of them. If only her husband didn't work so much in this terrible economy: to put a roof over both their heads, food on the table, paying the mortgage; we wouldn't have these vows of marriage broken at first sight of underage, student dick. This is every modern woman's breaking point in today's world. Who cares about shelter, having the electricity on, and keeping creditors off your back? If that happens the government(male tax payers) will always be there with welfare. Right? It would be considered 'abuse' if her husband requested his wife get a second job or work more hours.

This all seems like a convenient excuse though. In all seriousness, we all know that if hubby stopped working so hard and smothered our gurl with attention, she still would've left him for the highschool quarterback.....twenty + years her senior. Nothing gets a woman today randy like a burger behind the back of a's so romantic. Nothing like getting down with one of your students while some wage-slave takes out the trash 15-feet away from your car, the oil stains on the concrete, the smell of ketchup and greasy musk from a perfect butter burger. mmmm. I guess when the moment is right, it's right.

D'Spain not only managed to (finally) get her husband's attention, she also got everyone else's.

The Report Card

Methodology: Our gurl is clearly a cheap date. Although, we don't know who paid. My guess is that, she did; considering her undue thirst for ANY male attention. A $5 burger is now the going rate for a smooch and a feel. Inflation anyone? Seriously though, snapchat, some kissing, boobies felt up? WTF? Amateur hour. Our gurl didn't even get Culversized by her love interest. Why didn't she ask for the combo upgrade?To ruin your marriage and career for a trip back in time to your first date(light petting and maybe a dry hump) is highly, reprehensible. We see this all the time with our thirsty married teachers: They never take the time to plan out their romps. This one has much to learn. This happened in Texas. Go big or go home. Too bad her learning and teaching days are done.


Integrity: Instead of cheating on a hard-working husband with a rapper that has a huge bingo dabber in the briefs, our girl decided to go for the low-hanging fruit. Nothing says 'easy' like Fast food with a teen who's balls are swole 24/7 and would fuck a knot in a tree if he had to. The lesson to the husband is: Take your wife out, at least once a week to a burger joint. Feed her. She's a' hungry.


Presentation/looks: Our girl definitely looks like one of the many horny, lonely, and frustrated women of America you see everyday; wasting away with their 'abusive' hard-working husbands who provide their standards of living. Our gurl in some of her photos even sports the dyke-cut! Which is always a red flag for the husband.


Overall Grade



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