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Married Florida teacher, Katie Carsey, caught half-naked in her car after a church romp rendezvous w

A married middle school teaching assistant got busted for allegedly letting a 14-year-old male student fondle her breasts while she was wearing nothing but panties — in the backseat of a car in a church parking lot at 4:30 in the morning. The culprit is none other than Katie L. Carsey.

The 36-year-old mother of two was arrested on Wednesday. She is currently on paid leave from her job at Fort McCoy School …

A Marion County sheriff’s deputy spotted Carsey’s automobile in the church parking lot and decided to investigate. The deputy stopped Carsey as she was trying to leave the premises in her vehicle. She was only wearing a bra and panties.

Carsey told the deputy that her plan was to meet an adult male in the parking lot, according to an incident report.

The deputy permitted Carsey to leave without an arrest or citation.

Then, on Tuesday of this week, an anonymous tipster informed the sheriff’s office that the 14-year-old male student had been involved. …

The now 15-year-old teen explained that Carsey had removed her pants, her shirt and her bra. Carsey and the teen kissed, he said. He also touched her breast.

Then, the cop showed up.

The teen told investigators he “saw the police officer, turned around, left the parking lot and ran,” according to sheriff’s office spokesman Paul Bloom. …

According to court documents, she initially stuck to her original story, saying that she had been in the church parking lot — wearing only undergarments — because she had made out with some random guy at a bar and wanted to change clothes before going home near dawn to see her husband.

Later, though, investigators say, Carsey admitted that she had been almost totally naked while making out in the backseat of her car with a middle school student. She noted that she touched his crotch, according to the Star-Banner.

Carsey also admitted that she knew her romantic feelings for the teen were inappropriate, according to a report by investigators.


Well, I guess Katie should get down on her knees, again; but instead start praying to Jesus. Holy shit.

The # 1 rule when you're a female sex scandal teacher, in the midst of your own love story with an underage hunk, is that you don't go blabbing to your girlfriends about how the both of you almost got caught giving each other handies/oral lessons. Loose lips suck dick, and they also sink ships, too. Remember, you are not in a normal love affair. You don't call your friends up the next day and talk about how big Chad's coke can donger was, how he made you orgasm more times that your Hitachi wand, and how good he is at how you want your tick-tac flicked.

It's almost as if our gurl wanted to get caught. Cracking under questioning, without the other side having any substantial evidence, except for an anonymous tip (probably by the friend she spilled the beans to)? Classic on her part though, by making up a false adultery story in order to cover up the actual adultery...but instead of involving a "random guy from a bar," it involves a not-so-random, male student.

The public may see a tarnished housewife, mother, teacher and sinner. However, all I see is a woman desperately wanting to feel salvation....all over her face.

Our gurl's facebook page has been active even though this story broke a few days ago. It's hard to say where it all went wrong. The devil is in the details though. Along the way, Katie, got the dyke-cut somewhere around 2014. Most of her photos are just her and her family. But it is interesting to note, that within the last year or so, there is more of a prevalence of Instawhore styled selfies, use of filters, virtue signaling, and all the hallmarks of You-Go-Gurlism.

Our gurl resides, of course, in a very well known TSS state: Florida. Which is always in competition with the other great TSS state: Texas. It appears she is a Gators fan. Most women that I know, who are Gators fans, tend to be very slooty. Just say'n.

The Report Card

Methodology: Again, we get these types of hasty, unhashed, brazen attempts at getting Gina tingles resolved by these married female teachers, all the time. They are all so thirsty and eager to get it on, that their planning is most likely, just as bad as their teaching. Touching of the genitalia? Fondling? Partial nudity? For shame. Reads like a 14 A, 80's movie.


Integrity: Any other parking lot would have sufficed. Most lots are empty at 4:30 am. Our gurl chose to commit a sin in a church parking lot, with a teen. Also, our girl somehow managed to sneak out (and get the male student to do the same) of her home without her husband and kids noticing? That takes skill. That's some hardcore cucking and adultery.Doubt you can get away with, "I am going to get some more milk, hunny buns" at four, fucking, thirty in the morning. Was this on a school night? If so, more points should be awarded. From what it sounds like, I wouldn't be surprised if she hadn't given the cop who caught her in the parking lot, a blowjibber too.


Presentation/looks: Our gurl kinda has the resemblance of a poor-man's version of the wife from Everybody Love Raymond. She looks like she gives good handjobs,though.


Overall Grade



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