Teacher Alice McBrearty who was celebrated for her 'insanely perky boobs' used her well-resp

Original Story from Dailymailuk

  • Alice McBrearty, 23, befriended one of her students on Facebook and Instagram

  • The pair kissed and had sex in classroom, hotel and her car inside a garage

  • She also took the boy to her council executive mother's £750,000 home for sex

  • McBrearty was eventually reported to police by the boy's concerned father

A 'gifted' young teacher had sex with a 15-year-old pupil when she brought him back to her council council chief executive mother's £750,000 home.

Alice McBrearty, 23, admitted having a four-month fling earlier this year with a pupil she taught at an east London school.

The teacher — whose mother Lesley Seary, 59, is the £160,000-a-year chief executive at London's Islington Council — took the boy to an Ibis hotel for sex, and performed sex acts on him in an empty garage and in her car as a 'birthday treat'.

She also took the teenager to her parents' £750,000 home in Wanstead Park, east London, where she performed sex acts on him and had sex.

The well kept four-bedroom red and white brick Victoria terraced house has a high evergreen hedge at the front.

Along both sides of the road sits top of the range Mercedes, BMWs and Audis.

Jailing her for a total of 16 months, the judge described McBrearty as a 'bright, intelligent and gifted young woman, who knew right from wrong,' but said she had committed the 'grossest breach of trust'.

'You engaged in a full-blown sexual relationship with a 15-year-old child.

'I accept he was consenting - what 15-year-old schoolboy would turn down such an attractive offer?' she said.

'I accept you truly believed this was a great romance, you were in love with him and vice versa, and that age didn't matter. But it did,' the judge continued.

'You were supposed to keep him safe, to help him make the right decisions.

'Instead, you helped him make all the wrong ones.'

The court heard the relationship began when McBrearty sent the boy, who cannot be identified because he is a victim of a sexual offence, a friend request on social media.

Prosecutor Lisa Matthews said he 'felt special', adding: 'She started to take him out to parks, including the Olympic Park, they went on strolls and out for meals.

'He appeared to be besotted with her.'

The court heard the pair had seven sexual encounters, starting when McBrearty took the youngster to her home.

On other occasions she booked a hotel room for sex and performed sex acts in a garage and her car.

Emma Shafton, defending, said: 'This is a young lady who has had a spectacular fall from grace - university educated, comes from a respectable family - she has been utterly disgraced by this.'

She told the judge her client 'is not sexually attracted to children', but added: 'She will of course be branded a paedophile for the rest of her life. She is a sex offender.'

The barrister added: 'She has not been able to get a decent job that matches her qualifications. She has of course resigned from the teaching profession. She has been working on a zero-hours contract delivering parcels to Amazon.'

You know you're one of the greats to play the game when the female judge, who is sentencing you, hits on you.

For some reason TSS's always sound more polished and classy when they arise from the UK. However, I am sure that taking your underage love interest to an Ibis hotel is the equivalent of, let's say, a teacher from Florida or Texas taking their pupil to a Red Roof or Best Western. For shame. Given that our girl clearly comes from money and affluence; at least she made it up to our 'victim' by then making sure he got a classy blowjibber in the garage of a 3/4 million pound home.

As a 'birthday treat' McBrearty picked the boy up and took him to a nearby garage for a blowjob

I would hope that our gurl has 'insanely perky boobs'. She is 23. Even by the judge's words, we are to assume this is one of the greatest love stories of our time: A wealthy princess, who's mother an esteemed member of council, had all the lads in London to pick from off her Instagram and Facebook, yet chose a young and 'besotted' schoolboy. The courtship began with a light friend request, strolls in the park, meals and chatter the like. Then sparks flew with Gina tingles abound. Our girl then fulfilled the wildest whims and fantasies of any British lad with a showering of blowjobs, handjibbers and full-on in-and-outs of the genital variety. The love affair was of course tarnished with the suspicions from the young lad's father (jealous perhaps) and the ball draining, ceased.

Our gurl, disgraced, now has to work at Amazon with all the other commoners and lowly types. Our victim, sentenced to years of agony and withdraw from some of the finest pussy he will probably ever have. It is truly a dark romance that can only come out of the UK; filled with love and sorrow, fluids, big houses, grand delusions, and fairy tale.

You know a gurl likes you, maybe even loves your dick, when she makes the first move seven times...

The Report Card

Methodology: Grooming the boy on Facebook and Instagram, giving him an unforgettable 'birthday gift', showing him the world of the elites? It's like the modern day story of Aladdin, but in reverse. Strolls in the park, laughter and hand holding after fancying a quick dinner. Sex sessions in your mom's mansion, passionate kissing on school grounds, garage oral. Our girl shows that she is an all around creative, showing that even the wealthy don't mind playing the grease monkey and giving a dude an old-fashion tune-up under the hood. A true romance.


Integrity: The catalyst in this fairy tale is the status of our gurl's mom and background. This is truly remarkable. This wasn't some lonely married teacher from the Bayou or out of the repressed homes of Arkansas in and around the Bible belt, no. This was a horny, albeit bored princess who detested her job, from the UK who is university educated and family background reaches into some very deep pockets. It shows that no modern woman, no matter the creed, social status, and situation, is safe from the tingles beneath thy panties and the ignition from a 'besotted' teen whose attention, so baked in gravitas. The public may see a 'fall from grace' out of our gurl. However, all I see is an Instawhore whose duck faces landed her the most expensive/costly dick in her lifetime. She now works at Amazon. Did her resume state that she is good at "handling packages" with care? Hired.


Presentation/looks: It's all in the mug shot. If a woman can look so couth in her own mug shot then you know she must look incredible on her Instawhore page. Posture in her social media pictures is lacking and its obvious that our gurl is from over the pound due to the signature lack of muscle tone that our British friends seem to possess all the time. However, we have a star here nonetheless. And the suspected lesbian judge, who sentenced her, is right. What young boy would'nt turn down such an attractive offer? I will tell you this, with 100% certainty, that if you dangled a piece of steak in front of a rabid ocelot you would get the same reaction.


Overall Grade

A (solid)


#TeachersWorthyofaD #Satire


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