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The Epidemic of Female Teachers Banging Their Students

The real rape/sexual assault culture is being swept under the rug. Forget Weinstein, Lauer and the rest—where most of those alleged cases don’t even have a police report to back up claims on social media…and have past the statute of Limitations by a mile—no, the real #MeToo should be focused on the trend that has been happening for almost a decade now: Female Teachers sleeping with their students.

Even though on this blog we have started documenting, in hilarious fashion mind you, the rising trend of hot female teacher sex scandals, this has been a long time coming. I wanted to do a serious piece and analysis on this trend because I believe, as much fun as it is mocking and covering these stories, we should also consider the serious and reasons behind this phenomenon.

We often joke how these male students are not victims (because getting your balls drained by a hot teacher wouldn’t be a crime for your cock), however, what is not fun is that if that female teacher should become pregnant with child, that underage student is then on the hook for child-support once he turns 18. Then at that point he is, indeed a victim, even if you didn’t think so before. This has actually happened multiple times in some of the cases we have followed. That is how fucked up the court system is today, but that is what you get with gynocentrism. Banana Republic-pseudo law.

No Consequences? No Problem!

This goes well beyond hypergamy and women seeking young seed or the potential earnings of these students, because if that were the case, these female teachers (especially the young hot ones) could just go and find Chad or Christian Grey at the local bar or club, fuck him, get his status and a good hard dick’n that hits the pussy, just right. You can’t give women that much credit. No, this is about arrested development and more so, power & control.

The reason why these women fetishize these young high school kids is because they’re children themselves, not physically, but in their own mind and psychology. They say women mature faster than boys, but they never say when they cap out. Yes, girls do mature faster than boys; that is why girls do much better than boys all throughout grade and high-school. However, boys keep maturing well past high-school and do far better than women in the long run (Evidence: Everything you see around you). If men didn’t, we wouldn’t have bridges; market systems, inventions, economics, Bitcoin, block-chain, Apple, Microsoft, Oil pumped, quantum computing, modern medicine, greater society. So what is my point?

My point is, most women don’t mature (intellectually) past high-school. Combine this with a gynocentric culture in where women can apparently do no wrong and not receive equal consequences for their actions, and you get an epidemic of female teachers banging everything from Chad the high-school quarterback, all the way too little Jimmy who has a learning disability. To boot, most of these teachers are married and have kids of their own; which speaks a bit to hypergamy, but does not paint the full picture of what is going on here. Yes, we all know women love to cheat when they have a hubby or a beta boyfriend, and look to get their Gina tingles fulfilled by Chad with the Pepsi-Can cock, but that doesn’t explain the whole Hot-For underage dick, phenomena. Plus, who is she getting the most attention from? Hubby, who is working all-day long? No, it's all the horny jocks and nerds at her workplace: School.

The Fantasy Mindset, Twilightgasms & Reality

A woman will usually identify closer to a teenager, or child, than with a man. That is why a lot of women go into these soft fields; daycare, early childhood education, teaching, motherhood. It’s because their mind-set is on that level. Don’t believe me? If you’re a guy, how often do you find women you meet who can hold their own when discussing politics, economics, science, philosophy, etc? And I am not talking generic talking points from CNN. I am talking about original, critical thoughts on life.

The truth is, probably not many, or if anything, as many as you can count on your hand. You talk mainly to your male friends and other men about these subjects, right? Talk about that stuff with the majority of women today and you get deer in the headlights, blank stare. Talk to them about Dancing with The Stars, Justin Bieber, and vibrators, now they’re engaged.

These female teachers have a different world in their mind, a delusional one. They fantasize and plan out these engagements (aka-grooming) and they build up the fantasy in their head. It’s completely illogical and stupid, but this is what is going on. Imagine if you put children in charge of running a school, or teaching it, this is what you’d expect to find.

This happens, every, fucking, day now. Every day! Every day I get a new female teacher sex story that crosses my desk, and it’s overloading. I have so many in the pile that it’s getting hard to keep up with. And the bizarre thing about them is, most of these women aren’t post-Wall hags. We are talking about young and attractive chicks in their early Twenties, who are out giving handjibbers and inviting their student’s over for Oral and a Fuck night. It's like they never want to grow up and escape high-school, and the Chads who are there. It's a bit of Peter Pan syndrome that has been sprinkled with an over-sexed culture by the magical fairy, Tinker bell.

Why Not Go For Chad at the Local Tavern?

These are women in their Twenties, in the prime of their sexual market value, literally blowing their careers over some stupid high-school kid. It’s literal insanity. Since boys start puberty at 13 and girls around age 11, these female teachers who are fucking these 15-year olds are preying on these boys when they, developmentally speaking, are in such a confused mental state where they are vulnerable and can be easily taken advantage of.

We, as a society, actually base what we define as puberty off how boys mature, not girls. Boys start at around 13 and don’t finish until 18, whereas girls generally start around 11 and finish at around 16. And, if you remember when you were that age, you’d fuck anything, awkward boners for no reason, especially if some hot twenty-something bombshell offered you a blowjay or a chance for her to slide her smooth, perfect sliz over your Johnson.

So yes, it’s all great, I know we all wish we could’ve banged our hot teachers, but the point is, it’s still wrong, not morally, but legally. And that is the point. Yet, most of these chicks get little to no jail time, whereas if a male teacher even makes a sex joke at school, he gets the slammer. Its gynocentrism, it’s the culture that hates on men, even though women are doing the equivalent, if not worse. It’s bullshit.

What I believe this all comes down to is the power and control dynamic. For women, sex is all about leveraging power for them. Since women are smaller and weaker than men, there are very few cases where the woman actually feels power and control in a normal, sexual relationship—unless, she is into midgets. Remember, it takes the right kind of woman to be down with a Pakistani midget, but anyways.

Power, Control, Leverage

In most normal sexual relationships, the woman is most likely going to be the smaller and weaker individual of whomever she is sexually engaged with. However, if she preys on young high-school boys, those dynamics change from one of de-leverage, to leveraged power. It’s a power window for these women who bang their students, because these boys have matured physically to the point where their bodies want sex, but they don’t understand mentally what is happening and what it is all about. It’s sick, quite frankly.

The other problem that mixes with this, like we have discussed earlier, is the fact that these women identify more with the world of teens than they do with reality and the adult world. Just look today at all the grown women who are obsessed with shit like Harry Potter, Twilight, believe in Wicca, vote for Justin Trudeau because “He’s cute”. If u look at movies and TV shows you will see fully grown women trying to wear their daughters clothes, enjoying sleep-overs with their daughter's friends, hitting on the daughters boyfriends...basically trying their hardest to stay a child despite the obvious maturing in rationality and aging of the skin.That’s all stuff a 16-year old girl would be into, or think about.

If you also go through all of the young, hot, female teachers who have been charged for sleeping with their students, you will notice that a lot of them have prolific social media presences’— selfies, bikini shots, and all of the vanity that a sexually charged teen would have who is looking for Chad the quarterback to “like” their pictures. If you were a professional teacher, would you be posting T&A shots on open and public social media platforms for all your students (especially male) to see? Also, would you do this if you were married and had kids? Why are you fishing for dick? And if you are fishing, why aren’t you fishing in the big pond with all the other big, adult fish?

They, in their minds, still think they belong in the small pond. Or, that it is just easier to catch a small fish.

My advice for these ladies is: Please try and go for adult Chad, not Chad back in high-school. I know Chad is hard to find these days, because feminism has eroded the Chad supply...but seriously, put some effort into it!

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