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Single-Mom Epidemic: The Reason Why Your Country Is in Decline

Here on the Red Island, we deal with the cold hard truth and the fact of the matter is: single-moms are cancer in society and a net drain. Single mom’s (they will tell you otherwise) are 100% responsible for their own poverty and fuck-ups even though most of them will never admit this. With 12 different birth control options in this amazing time we all live in (including abortion and celibacy), single-moms have absolute ZERO excuse for why they had children out of wedlock with that deadbeat thug/loser de jure.

If you are dumb enough to let some thug raw-dog your muffler and squirt a hefty amount of mayonnaise into your thigh sandwich then you must be responsible—but we all know you won’t be. What did you think was going to happen? The reason why women today don’t mind if Tyrone, Deshawne or Chad pumps their station full of choo-choo chowder is because they know in the back of their mind, if that pregnancy test comes back positive, that the government is there to accept that responsibility; and will be on the hook for the impulsive behavior of Becca’s little legs spreading far and wide for any biker Bob or Sleazy Stan. Most, in fact, want biker Bob to fill her snack-pack with some vanilla pudding SO she can get welfare and the baby-bonus; all so that she doesn’t have to work and get a job. Women are lazy.

You are a fucking idiot for letting him raw-dog you and deserve no sympathy and money

Women today must be dumber( or smarter parasites) than in former decades, because single mother- hood is on the rise and it seems that young girls today don’t understand how disastrous it is for you to have children you cannot afford. Oh, I forgot, yes, the government will pay for it all! However, even with the government cheese checks you are still more than likely to live a life of poverty and squalor—and rightfully so. There should be at least that consequence for fucking up in such a colossal way. Back in the days of old women would make damn sure they married first and didn’t slut it up/have kids out of wedlock because THERE WAS NO WELFARE STATE.

There wasn’t a welfare state and there wasn’t a safety net. Hence, there wasn’t any INCENTIVE to fuck up or care to fuck up in the first place. Back then, there was shame and stigma for getting a deadbeat to pump a fat load into your twat (or multiple guys) and shoot out bastard children faster than rounds from an AK-47. Today, we have no shame it seems and in fact, single moms are celebrated—“So stunning, so brave”. Society is now on a path of FUCKED because of this nuttery nonsense and inept thinking.

A society that props-up the weak, stupid and lazy will always collapse in on itself and those who will pay for it will be the productive workers and producers of said society; Such a waste of tax dollars, energy, man hours, and life.

Yet, the news and media channels lament how we must support these ‘brave’ and ‘hardworking’ single-mothers. What, with more fucking money? Hows that working out for the country as a whole? Let's all take a look at how great being a single-mom is, and how fantastic their kids turn out overall!

Let's take a look at some of the AMAZING benefits of Single-motherhood!

In homes with stepfathers/ multiple baby-daddy’s, peers were more likely to have been suspended or expelled from school, more likely to have engaged in delinquent behavior, to have problems getting along with teachers, doing homework, paying attention in school, and have lower grade point averages than those living in intact homes.

  1. The decline in two parent families has accounted for the three-fold increase in single parent homes, most often headed by single moms.

  2. According to the U.S. Census, the poverty rate for single parents with children in the United States in 2009 was 37.1 percent. The rate for married couples with children was 6.8 percent. Rector called marriage one of the greatest weapons against child poverty.

  3. Today 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 – a total of about 17.4 million – are being raised without a father and nearly half (45 percent) live below the poverty line (U.S. Census Bureau).

  4. Unmarried mothers generally have lower incomes, lower education levels, and are more likely to be dependent on welfare assistance compared with married mothers (Child Trends Data Bank).

  5. Single mothers earn income that place them well below married mothers in the income ladder. The gap between the two groups is significant.

  6. The median income for families led by a single mother in 2013 was about $26,000, one third (⅓) the median for married couple families ($84,000). Nearly half of single mother households had an annual income of less than $25,000.

  7. Single mothers often spend over half of their income on housing expenses and a third on child care.

  8. Without financial aid, single mother students — a total of about 2 million — have little or no means to contribute financially to their educational expenses.

As you can see above, it is SO great to be a single-mom, right? Look at all those super stunning and brave stats that just make your stomach all warm and fuzzy! Sounds like a life I would want! Sounds like it would be great for GDP, also! Like adding .001% to GDP;that income coming from working maybe 4 hrs a week at some shitty part-time job/sucking dick in the ghetto for cash;adding to consumer stables.

So, we must reduce hardships of single mothers. That of course means certain cost to the society, but thanks to that, children of single mothers would be productive members of society. This will make it easier to be a single mother. Thanks to that, woman would be more willing to be single mothers. That would increase costs to the society. The gynocentric logic is clearly sound! Right?

Of course, there are two more factors: one, that some research seems to indicate that males raised by single mothers tend to be impacted much worse than females; second, that there might be that single mothers are single because they have inherited certain traits making them more susceptible to being single mothers (among other things), and making it easier for them to have children will simply increase the number of their children, making more children with such traits (like low impulse control etc).

Single mothers are a HUGE net drain on society and add nothing of productive value to GDP. Yes, there are single-mothers who work jobs. Who cares !? Seriously, why the fuck is that an argument because not sure if you have ever seen or worked with these women but they make THE WORST employees:

Why Single-moms Make Terrible Employees

  • They usually never show up on time.

  • They tend to call in ‘sick’ frequently.

  • They don’t work hard since they are always ‘tired’ because they are a single mom (no dad at home to help out)

  • When they do show up to work they are always on their phone because they just HAVE to be in contact with the baby-sitter, their kids, etc.

  • They tend to leave before their shift is over because of drama at home or to pick up the kids from school or some other bullshit that wouldn’t happen if you were married and had fucking money/stayed home.

  • They tend to only want to work part-time or very little hours a week (that’s if they even fucking show up).

  • All they do is complain, not about the job, but about their personal drama.

  • They expect their employer to make concessions and ridiculous accommodations for them and work around their schedule.

  • They bring a depressing and shitty attitude to the workplace; since their lives are always so fucked up with baby-daddy drama, the courts, the police, restraining orders, no money, etc.

Why single-moms even attempt to get out into the workforce is beyond me. Actually, I do know why, it’s because welfare actually isn’t enough/barely enough to survive on! Wow, shocker! Gee, would’t it have been nice to, I dunno, not have kids you couldn’t afford or maybe had a solid partner to support you? Oh, but that’s the evil reality monster I am talking about. You can’t say that! The evil ‘patriarchy’ (aka-reality) is bad because prosperity is distrustful in today’s society.

Single mom’s need to just fucking stay-at-home and focus on their bastard children because if you try to ‘do it all’ ladies, you are just going to be equally shitty at all of those things. You can’t be a career-gurl, a party-gurl, part-time slut and expect to be awesome at all three. Pick one and stick with it. You want to have a career and be wealthy? Don’t get knocked up.

You don't 'need no man' like a fish needs a bicycle, right? Boo-fucking-hoo.

You wan’t to have kids, raise them right and not be in poverty; where they will be constantly sick all the time because they are living in a shit-hole apartment surrounded by nig-nog gangs or their future versions of themselves: car-jackers, thugs, deadbeats, crack whores, etc? Simple, find a stable man who doesn’t do crack or fentanyl; whose idea of a job isn’t the block's favorite drug dealer. Maybe he has more than a GED and can hold down a job? What do I know, though? These are just some crazy ideas. I am sure having Tyrone, the drug dealer, knock you up will work out just great! And hey, if he stays around long after he’s dumped that white Christmas special into your muff-mug, he could teach little DeShawne all about the family business; how to smoke and sell weed, and how to hide weapons and paraphernalia from search teams.

We hear it all the time from single-mothers, and how they bitch to the government for more subsidies for ‘better health care’ and more benefits and access to medicine for their kids. You can’t make this reality up. It’s a fucking comedy show. Here is an idea, and it’s a fucking crazy one, I know. How about we have women, instead of asking the male tax payers (the government) to subsidize all their mistakes in life and their inability to afford basic shit, take some responsibility and NOT fuck up. How about you find a stable fucking partner, get married before you have kids and get a good fucking job, so that you can afford these things YOUR FUCKING SELF.

Single-moms: Producing the next generation's talent......

Let’s look now at some of the 40 benefits of being married to a stable partner!

  1. Children growing up in homes where two parents who have been married continuously are less likely to experience a wide range of problems (academic, social, emotional, cognitive), not only in childhood but later on in adulthood as well (Amato; Howard & Reeves,).

  2. In two parent families, for example, children typically have access to more of the economic and community resources because parents are able to pool their time, money and energy; children tend to be more of the focus of the home.

  3. Research also shows that family intactness has a beneficial influence on reducing out of wedlock births, increasing high school and college graduation rates, and even has long-term benefits such as higher employment rates.

  4. Children living with both biological parents are 20 to 35 percent more physically healthy than children from broken homes (Dawson).

  5. Manning and Lamb found that adolescents in intact families had higher levels of academic achievement and were less likely to exhibit problem behaviors in school compared to peers living in homes where single mothers lived alone or with a cohabiting partner.

I know though, you are right. I can hear all the single-mom and feminist dykes out there exclaiming “But there are no good men out there”—aka men with money. Well, you can thank feminism and gynocentrism for that! You took their jobs away; you took them out of the university and colleges with your #MetToo bullshit and basically making it a hostile learning environment for men to be in. No wonder men aren’t attending college and can’t get good jobs anymore when society today forces gender quotas and diversity hiring upon corporations; hiring nothing but minorities and women.

Men are now flocking to entrepreneurial pursuits and jobs that are not in an office setting where all the women are; because they don’t want to deal with the drama, bull-shit office politics, threat of being fired or falsely accused of sexual harassment, etc. Men don’t need these jobs anyway as they can survive on barely nothing. Its women who need the most money, because they make up 80% of the consumer base. They spend more and they earn less. Women are a net drain on society, especially single-moms. That’s why single moms are always on the hunt for another man whilst on the hunt for more welfare money.

Fucking cancer.

I Award You No Points, May God Have Mercy on Your Soul

Having read everything above; with the charts, the graphs and the logic, if you are a sane person you will have deduced that there is literally ZERO reason to give earth-shaking applause to single-moms. Yet, the feminists will call you a bigot or some other ad hominem attack. Yes, lets all applaud the hard work of single-moms; working hard to destroy the base of society. Let's applaud and give standing ovation to the over-flowing prisons, the bills that can't get paid, the poverty, the fact that all of these bastard children will repeat the same cycle. Let's give thunderous accolades because your kids will most likely not graduate highschool because they will A) Be in prison by grade 11 or B) Hitch-hike hooking for coke like mommy did when she was younger.

The solution is to NOT help single-mothers and keep incentivizing this life-style and bad decision-making. The goal and solution is to STOP producing single-mothers! Stop the cancer so the host (your country) can have a hope in hell. How do you do that? STOP giving them money. STOP giving women a safety-net for horrible choices. STOP glorying horrible and crippling life decisions and bring back the shame and the actual consequences for out-of-wedlock pregnancies and liberal pump-and-dump mate choices.

The chemotherapy will be shame; the antidote is to take away what causes this cancer to begin with (welfare). Bring back the shame and you will restore virtue. But no, lets celebrate that you are setting your children up for failure, for poverty, for a life of cock-sucking on the thoroughfare for crack rock or a life of gang-banging with the other hood-rats; selling drugs, stealing cars and fighting around the world because mommy made poor breeding decisions and let biker bob in through the front door without proper vetting.

The Fuck always stops with the woman.

It's your fault, ladies; not the man's. Remember the word "no"?. As in "no, you can't raw-dog me, I don't want to get pregnant and have to eek my way through life like a leech."

Tired of Paying for Other Peoples Kid's/"Mistakes"

Are you sick and tired of paying for other people's mistakes? I am. There is no such thing as an "un-planned" pregnancy; unless you were raped. When you allow a dick to flood your pussy with the cum of the day, that means you were ready and accept the consequences of the possibility.

I am tired of seeing my tax dollars being wasted on other people who can't control themselves, who can't put a fucking condom on or remember something so simple as to take their birth-control. Stop the cancer and stop the madness.

The good news is, like with cancer, it will eventually kill everything. The welfare state will eventually die and the money will run out. So, the problem will take care of its self; it is just too bad many people will have to suffer; when all along they never had to, if they would've just adhered to common sense and reality. The reality is, single-mother society and a culture raised by impulsive children themselves isn't sustainable.

You can thank feminism and gynocentrism for allowing this to happen and for incentivizing women by allowing the hinges to come off of their hypergamous rails; to fuck anything in sight in order to get all the cash and prizes without having any responsibility.

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