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Caring: The First Step Towards Disappointment (Part I)

Many others like me hear the Tale of the Beta so often that it becomes normalized—the same stories but with different characters, with slightly different settings. Aaron Clarey, for instance, gets bombarded on a daily basis through his AssholeConsulting site, with nerds who constantly ask for the advice: How Do I Get The Gurlz? You can go on his youtube channel and see all the videos, and also how tired Aaron is of having to answer this question over and over again ad nauseam. Even The Great One, Himself, over at Cynical Libertarian Society, has delved deep into this discussion; why beta males don’t make pussies wet.

What prompted this post, was that in this week alone, I had heard two woeful beta tales in certain close circles. One story I will share today in this post and the other will be in a part II.

The one variable that I have noticed in most, if not all, of these sad stories is this: When a man cares too much about the outcome, or about a woman’s intentions or behavior, he is doomed from the start. Outcome dependence will make that pussy dry up faster than Ellen Degeneres’s clam at the sight of Channing Tatum in a Speedo.

Our first Tale of the Beta comes from a guy I know who asked me for an opinion on the events that took place while he was bartending at a wedding. The following is a loose transcript of what happened that evening:

The man in question is a 24-year old who took a bartending shift at a wedding. Throughout the night, while he was working, he chatted with a single 29-year old female who was at the reception. They exchanged flirtatious banter throughout the evening and at one point our boy suggested that he and our gurl should rendezvous sometime for dinner and or drinks (A date by traditional standards). At which point our girl spat out the following to him: “That sounds nice…but you are too young for me I think”. Our boy was persistent, even though he told me he was somewhat dumbfounded by this—a pre-wall woman being extremely picky and suggesting that age played a big factor in her conscience when in fact it should be the other way around. He told me he then said to our gurl, “Look, I will give you my number and you can do what you want with it, hit me up if you change your mind.” At this point he said she smiled and replied with, “Ok, maybe… will see”. She then proceeded to go and dance/drink and the evening continued. Apparently right at the end of the night, our girl had a change of heart. She came back to the bar and told our boy, “I was thinking.... and I will take your number.” Our boy then gave her his number and the night was over.

Now, when he told me this tale it had been 3 days since that night. The reason why he was asking for my opinion was because….*drum roll please*……she hadn’t called him back. This has been nagging on his mind ever since and he is now wondering if he should text/call her to see why the hell she at first rejected his number, then changed her mind, to not even bother to contact him after the fact. He told me he had been obsessing about it for the last few days. Obsessing about why she (someone) would take your number and then not even reach out. Problem is, he never got HER number and is now considering stalking her on facebook or elsewhere on social media in order to DM her somehow (which looks even more creepy and desperate). Lads, that is why you always get her number, regardless. It saves a lot of guessing, time, and energy. If she flops like a fish on the dock when you request to hang, put her on ice or toss her back into the sea. Saves you a lot of time.

There are billions of fish, why are you getting so caught up on this one 'catch'?

After listening to this story from him, my first and only question was this: “Why do you care?”

I asked this, because this was a woman who he barely knew, for all but a few hours. A very attractive girl (he told me) who most likely has multiple guys texting her, stalking her on Instawhore or Fuckbook—who was intoxicated nonetheless. My question became even more important because I then found out that he was still dating his girlfriend. Again, WHY DO YOU CARE!

A man like this baffles me as to why he even has a girlfriend to begin with; considering this type of behavior. But then again, most dudes who are in ‘relationships’ tend to be of the beta stock; easily controlled and docile. Women love ‘relationships’ because of the power trip they can receive in controlling their guy: To show all of their girlfriends how much her pussy is being kissed and worshiped. Women do not get into ‘relationships’ for the sucking and fucking (even though that might happen at first). The sucking and fucking aren’t for Poindexter.

Caring is the first step towards failure and disappointment, even if you already have a girlfriend and you’re looking to cheat/trade. This guy cared so much, and it seems like our gurl sensed it. He didn’t take into account that maybe she decided to take his number at the end of the night, solely for the purpose of adding it—like a baseball card—to her roster of beta orbiters; to cash in at a later time when she needs a pinch hitter to score some runs for her( i.e dinner dates, concert tickets, drinks, attention showering.)

Secondly, the only time a woman is going to call YOU is when SHE insists on getting your number or contact information. Making your number available to her first and then her flip-flopping on taking it, is never a clear indication of interest. It is forcing the issue in an unnatural progression. Her taking his number could have also been out of pity, or more likely, doing so as to not burn a social tie in the tribe. Remember, women steer clear of openly rejecting men due to fear of reprisal among the human tribe, even though this is unlikely to happen in modern society. However, a woman’s lizard brain, through evolution, has sought to protect her in this way: Do everything in a passive manner as to protect her from angering men whom are stronger than her.

That is why most women are cowards when it comes to relationships and in their ways of letting men know they are not interested in their advances. A woman will usually not tell you straight faced that they are not interested in the way men do within the tribe. That is why you always hear women saying “I wish men would just get it”. This meaning that they wish men could read their mind, their subtle cues, and their passive behavior so that they don’t have to do the riskier thing: Outright rejection of a man. Being passive absolves the woman of these responsibilities; while at the same time makes her believe she has ‘told’ the man of her intentions/decision.

Our boy, in this story, is right in him telling me that, “She is 29-years old…who is she to tell me I am too young for her…she is almost 30 and single…something must be wrong with her anyway.” What I told him was that I agreed but not in the way he thinks. Traditionally, yes, a woman not married by the age of 30 was (sorta still is) seen as defective. Today, all it means is that she is most likely still riding the cock-carousel—constantly trying to trade up, up and up, hoping to find her Christian Grey. I told him that her line of. “I am too old for you” was bullshit and was a test if anything. It would have been better if he had taken the initiative and asked for her number instead of putting the responsibility on her.

Women hate being responsible, even though everyone thinks equality exists in the dating market today; that men and women should share the duties of asking the other out. It is not true. Women will rarely text or be the first one to contact you. The only time this happens is if she is hungry for your horn. With that said, if you are a dude, by 30 you should know when a woman wants to fuck you and all of the signs that come with it. Those are the women you want to purse and invest small amounts of time with. This woman, that our boy is wrestling with in his head, is not worth ANY of his finite time because she has already wasted so much of it:They haven’t even fucked yet, let alone gone out with each other. She is a nobody.

Boy’s, get your blowjobs up front. Then consider giving a chick the time of day. Stop wasting your fucking time wondering why she didn’t call you back; wondering why she flip-flopped like a trout with your number; why you haven’t heard from her since. She ain’t going to call you; she was never going to call in the first place. Stop caring so much about women you don’t even know, or who haven’t slipped their tight wet sliz down over your pecker, already.

Snatch is snatch, there will always be another fish to catch. They all taste the same to me and you so why lose sleep over this one piece-of-poon?


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