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Tinder Tingles: Building The Fantasy & Emotional Spiking

Getting laid is first about physical attraction. Sorry, feminists.

For women it's rather easy. All women have to do is: Be young, thin, tight and then show up to the finish line to fuck all the winners.

Men don't care about a woman's career, or whether or not she likes to drink red wine with her furbabies.

Men, on the other hand, have it a little bit harder. We not only have to be physically attractive, but we also have to make the first moves (even on Tinder) and be able to seduce women on a mental level. Most women (even if they're attracted to you) won't make the first move in person, or on digital dating sites, because women are natural cowards and fear the destruction of their inflated ego's.

Most of Game is based on whether or not you can get women into a mental, sexual state (Her investing emotionally/sexually with you in her mind) rather than just giving her slight, jolting tingles from seeing your abs and muscular frame. You want her, like a HIIT (workout) routine, burning calories (thinking about you) long after the mental gymnastics.

You basically want her thinking about you, late at night before bed, while she is 'petting' herself to sleep.

What men have a really hard time with, in this day and age of textual seduction, is the texting or verbal realm in where they lack creative thought; making key observations that will help guide them toward enveloping a woman into a strong mental(sexual) frame (one that alludes to sexual contact).

Since most women love social media and fucking(dating, excuse me) apps like Tinder, it's actually a lot easier.

Being a writer, I don't have a problem with being creative, or being able to observe key things about a person that others may not see.

To be a good writer, you need to be able to understand life, people and what makes them tick. Most women will actually drop hints and clues a long the way in a conversation (especially if she is attracted to you) in order to subconsciously help you seduce her.

If she has the hots for you off the bat (physical attraction) her hindbrain will try to make it easier for you to do this because deep down inside, she wants something to happen between the two of you.

However, she needs the build-up, the fantasy first, so as to make the whole process seem as though it was 'meant to be' and not the raw and sometimes visceral fact that she, from the very beginning, was going to want to suck and fuck you anyway.

Women like to rationalize their sexuality away so as to not seem to themselves, a rabid and horny woman who is out-of-control.

Today, I am going to show you one success (out of others in the backlog) in what 'building the fantasy' can look like when sliding cold into a chick's quivering DM.

Enter, Laura.

I wanted to match with Laura because A) She is hot. Duh.

Probably about a 8-8.5 on the 'would you bone' scale of things.

B) Laura, upon taking the time to read her 'about section', gave me something to work with.

"I need a date to Adult Prom 5/11...please don't make me go alone haha."

That was the perfect hook. I immediately thought of the widely popular rom-com that chick's use to gush over back in the day (the ultimate female fantasy).

That film was titled The Wedding Date (2004).

Now, most guys on Tinder who are thirsty just start foaming out of the mouth like a rabid hyena, exclaiming how hot or beautiful the woman is (she's heard it a million times).

Basically, exclaiming with a bullhorn how much they just want to deep-dick her, immediately. No matter how much that is true, it's best to display your masculine sexual prowess in a way that will strike a better chord with a woman who is indeed looking to throw her pussy down on some hot meat; she doesn't want to feel like a 'slut' about it. She wants to rational hamster her way around the obvious.

Granted, this might work[Apocalypse opener] 1 out of 100 matches. However, the whole point is to stand-out among the hundreds of matches and messages these chick's are getting on a daily basis. Increase your success rate.

You have to get a little creative. That's where good writing and vibing comes into play. Understand that women want to mentally masturbate first about the two of you. Then once the engine is lubed up, she will want you to put in the key and turn.

When the engine has been heated up, it makes for a smoother transition if it has been idle in the winter.

Laura, throughout this entire conversation, which took place over the period of an hour or so, was at her job...under dim fluorescent lighting, in an office; not exactly arousing to begin with.

I made us (her) escape that world, mentally. GDP dropped and I feel slightly guilty, because this chick for the last hour of her workday did absolutely nothing but fixate on her Tinder....with me.

Right off the get-go, I established the fantasy (most chicks her age have seen The Wedding Date). It wouldn't matter though (if she had seen the movie) because the mock wedding date, in where you hire a good-looking guy to show off to your family, is a fantasy nonetheless.

By mentioning that her and I should 'set boundaries,' puts a bit of dread/doubt in a woman's mind in whether or not you do indeed, want to fuck her. It builds a bit of tension and makes her try to qualify for your sex.

You set yourself up as the prize.

Her saying that she is 'normally annoyed' at that level of cockiness...but will overlook it, means that congruence has been established. She is already attracted, so it doesn't matter.

Asking her, playfully, to 'bring a bat or baton' for the date, gets her to invest herself with me in the mental picture, the fantasy or what could be our 'date'.

It's not about her and I as separate entities, it is now about 'we' as partners. Establishing a secret bond or plan with a woman is the quickest way to building a connection.

Saying that she will 'protect me' with a heart emoji, demonstrates her investment and that she would indeed be jealous if other women were to accost my butt with their horny hands.

When women say they aren't something, they most likely are that very thing.

Talking about 'what type of show' we want to put on in front of others (like in the Wedding Date) keeps the frame still in fantasy mode. Being playful with her and engaging her imagination with me.

Build even more tension in the fantasy (reality that could happen) by dropping the hint that she is attractive. It's a better way to compliment a woman, as it is a subtle way of telling her instead of stating the obvious.

'Doing a great job already' means tingles have been established.

She breaks the fantasy. You just have to adapt at this point, but also find a way to work back to it. You are mentally travelling with a chick at this point. It's like venue changing.

Make it come full circle at some point.

The key to Game is to just get women talking about themselves. They will start to leave small crumbs and clues about what they are about: Their blueprint.

Also, if she keeps chatting up a storm and dropping sexual hints...she is interested.

My profile of Laura was building with every hint she was leaving: Party-gurl (former?) who possibly still yearns to 'party' at age 27. Works in an office 9-5; life is not as fun as it use to be.

The grind is frustrating, having a 'career' means less time for getting hot sex and adventure. At 27, all of her friends are probably just as busy with work, kids and marriage. Single and quite possibly hasn't be properly laid in a while.

When a woman overtly,or subtly, is dropping 'location bombs' about where she lives, it is the equivalent of a her leaving her front door unlocked for you; her bedroom door open as a sign to come fuck her.

She is attracted at this point, so much so that she is starting to either purposefully or subconsciously leave a trail for I can come find her. To bang her. A map to her pussy.

Moving on.

I brought up marriage and kids as a test: I wanted to see if she, at 27, was still clinging to the cock-carousel like a coke addict; if she was as DTF as I thought she was at this point.

The reason why women love to travel so much (who doesn't?) is because it is the ultimate escape from responsibility. If something 'happens'(fucking 10 random Italians in the nightclubs of Florence) nobody is going to know.

If a chick fucked 10 dudes in a month in her hometown, everyone is going to know. She will have to be accountable and accept her status as the easy, horny and eager woman that she actually is (most women). They just can't admit this as it would ruin their sexual strategy with men (Alpha/beta).

With Tinder, it is sorta like travelling: Women can have guys drive from other cities, or meet-up with men whom they want to fuck (who they have on hold in their inbox) when they are in town, fuck'em, and nobody is the wiser.

Tinder and travelling offer women access to HV men, a pipeline if you will, in order to get quick and easy 'service' as discretely as possible.

The giner tingles need to be fed somehow: It's a woman's love/hate relationship with her sexuality.

'Freedom and independence' to a women means the ability to ride or die with the cock-carousel.

At this point, we a re vibing; on the same page. Mirroring in technical terms.

When you talk to women, never try to solve the situation. Like in the movies, like in a woman's fantasy, the dialogue she seeks is one that confirms her reality(her fantasy of what could be).

The reality that she is seeking out of life, no matter how crazy it may sound (fantasy).

Fantasy and reality to a woman are intertwined.

Women feel their way through the world. Never forget this.

She wants someone to mentally confirm with her that everything she is doing is 'OK'. She then gives herself the permission she needs to move forward with what she is seeking.

Notice how all I am doing here is mirroring, it's like how you see it in movie scripts and in rom-coms. Women eat it up. That is the 'connection' women want.

Like they have known you all their lives; but you have just met only hours ago.

I know, I am genius.

You can thank me later.

Even though the conversation flipped from us in a semi-fantasy (wedding date), to camping, to a lifestyle of 'not settling'....we are still vibing; which is important.

I let this keep going for a bit, before pivoting back to sexual tension.

You want to create 'emotional' spikes throughout the conversation. These are mental points (anchors) in where she feels a new or old emotion that had been previously established.

This is what's known as the 'emotional roller coaster' that women love to be on.

With each new topic, the woman will feel something new if you do it correctly. When she looks back at her texts later, or day dreams about the conversation at work, she will be able to feel those emotions when thinking back to the subjects you both talked about; the fantasy and the plot.

Wedding date (sexual tension), Camping (playful adventure/story-telling), Lifestyle (vibing and comfort).

Now we are back to 'sexual tension'.

Implying that 'I must be more interesting than insurance' is me framing myself as the object of sexual distraction: The very reason why she is not being productive at work as much as she probably should be.

That's called pivoting. It's easier to switch back to the sexual when that feeling (the tingles) has already been established with her. It will be more so, amplified at this point because it's the very reason why she is talking to me (she wants it). It was the first impression, as well.

A sexual imprint from the get-go.

"I get party vibes from you" means she wants reality to be as such.

"I bet you're loads of fun to party with", confirms she wants to White-girl, 'party-gurl' with me (fuck).

Party-gurl confirmed, as I suspected.

"I'm not like I was in my early 20's..."

*cough, bullshit. Even if that is true, this woman is trying to say that she really, really wants to go back to those days.

Pivoting back to 'adventure/playful imagination'. Controlling the frame. Push-pulling the sexual notes: Emotional roller-coaster.

She then plays along into the 'adventure' frame.

She was typing fine before, it's just hard for women to type when they are horny at work. That's what she was trying to say.

Writing while horny and trying to do insurance claims, is bad for GDP.

As you can see above,I took a fun jab at her proclivity to be anal about grammar (who gives-a-shit about grammer?). Mine as well (playful, teasing her).

What an American girl means by 'Canadian vibes' is :Limp-wrist, pussy.

Most Canadian men would've simped to this chick, undoubtedly. Most Canadian men would've sucked-off Justin Trudeau's cock if somebody told them they could get a date with this chick.

I am not like 'most' Canadian men. It's the reason why this chick is DTF and why I am able to write a blog post about it; publish five books; be an interesting, fucking person.

I don't give-a-fuck.

After 'virtually knowing me for about an hour,' this chick has already made-up her mind that she wants me to come fuck her.

With that knowledge and assumption, I then pivoted back to the sexual in a more blunt way (still involving the 'Hollywood fantasy script' invoking the two of us).

I gave her a load of sexual imagery to think about: Traveling together; wanting to fuck after a day of sight-seeing. Being stuck in a elevator together; relating that to being stuck in a hotel or hostel together. Fantasy that could actually be a reality.

Agreeing to a social pact or 'contract' is very Fifty Shades of Grey. Women love transnational sex. However, the 'transaction' being talked about here is sex-for-sex. Mine and hers.

That's pure desire.

If a woman just wants to fuck you, solely to fuck you, she will let you know all by herself.

Notice how I didn't say that I just wanted to fuck her, or desired to. I implied that both her and I would have a problem keeping our hands to ourselves. Again, it's a 'we' thing, not a 'her' vs 'me' thing.

You can fill in the blanks after that for yourself.

Use your own imagination.

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