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Why The Majority Won’t (likely) Get To See Fiona Viotti’s Nudes

We saw the nudes, though, because we have them.

We, over here in the studio, have been thinking for days about what we should do with the nudies.

We have reconsidered whilst having a well thought-out discussion.

We considered how all of this ties into human nature and how we would like to make a point and teach everyone a lesson.

At first, we considered just handing these things out willy-nilly like candy on Halloween; like a cheap hooker giving blowjobs on the corner for $5 a pop. But then, there is a wider theme here at play: A grand experiment; a larger picture that we want to expose; expose like Fiona Viotti’s tits and muff.

Just to show everyone that we aren’t kidding here when we said we are holding them[nudes] hostage, here is a snippet of one screenie we grabbed from the elusive third nudie-video of her that was uploaded to Pornhub on that fateful day back in October.

I spy with my little eye: Fern plants...

That third video was the money-shot; the one of her in the bathroom mirror, diddling herself.

Does anyone want these hostages free? Well, guys are emailing me saying, "yes". However, I am not seeing any dedication. We haven't seen true commitment to freeing these sweater puppies and muff. We are all praying for their safe release.

We released the titty-pic of Lauren Miranda, also, just to further prove that we are not joking or shit-acting around here when we say we have the nudes.

That much is serious.

Here is my main point:

Right now I am basically, Fiona Viotti (metaphorically). I have the salacious pictures that you all want from me. You want my nude body; to see my tits and muff; to see me diddle myself in front of the bathroom mirror surrounded by all my ugly fern plants.

And don’t tell me that nobody isn’t interested in the nudies that I have.

Countless emails like this one: Men emailing me, pleading and begging for me to show them my nudies. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

This plays out every day in every city across the world—Men pleading with women to send them nudes. Remember, right now, I am like that hot chick in high school; Or in this case, Fiona Viotti. Remember guys, the hot chick in high school is not just going to send you nudes or show them to the world. You have to invest first in her! You have to put some skin in the game.

I don’t care whether or not you get to see the nudes, because we already have them over here. We don't owe anyone anything. In fact, we did all the hard work. So rationally, like a hot chick, we should be owed for our sex, our nudies. A tip, like you give to that hot waitress who made you think you were special by smiling at you, putting her hand on your shoulder and calling you, "hun" for 2 hours while she brought you beer and nachos.

We can look at them every minute of every day for the rest of our lives. We earned it.

Cadbury and I will continue, every year on the anniversary of this case, to throw a ‘nudie party’ where we scatter all the nudes around the house and drink the night away with a bunch of our close friends—Just like we did when we first got them.

This Is All One Giant Experiment

The class needs to prove to us that you want the nudes. We don’t care how you do it. You can all work together. Or not, it’s up to you. Share the blog with your friends; get a kindle book for you and a paperback for them. We don’t care.

Oh, that’s not moral? Fuck morals. Was it moral for Fiona Viotti to fuck FIVE teen boys? Nope, but she did it and will likely face no consequences. We all would like her to pay-the-price.

We all want a ‘white’ creamy Christmas. Or, do you?

So, let’s make it one. Is it moral for all of these female teachers that we have covered to fuck minors? No. Is it moral for them to send nudes to minors? Thus, subsequently having them exposed online because nothing is private, nothing is secure with technology.

Also, I thought this is what modern women wanted: Attention. When they send their nudes through their phones, they know that these are going to get leaked at some point, right?

Isn't that the purpose of sending nudes, so that you(a horny female) gets attention? Well, female teachers like Fiona are definitely getting the attention that they so craved, right now!

Fiona had no problem cheating on her husband and not adhering to a legal binding contract (marriage).

Fiona is not moral. Modern women are not moral.

The divorce rate is through the roof: 80% of all divorces are initiated by women; Women are not moral.

Being moral gets you nowhere. If you don't believe me, just look at women today. They are getting so far ahead of men with freebies and everything because they are not moral.

It's time to be bad, fellas.

Let's All Fuck Fiona, Together

So, fuck morals and fuck Fiona.

Let’s stop supporting women like Fiona and start supporting men exposing them!

What we do here is honestly, thankless. Yet, we are one of the only blogs who have the nudes of one of the most famous-to-date, female teacher sex scandal.

If this experiment fails, then our confirmation in humanity will be confirmed: People would rather support thots who have nudes (show their tits) and video of their titty’s than to support men providing content that will actually save your life with regards to modern women.

We have tits and nudes here, right now. I have the 'taxes' file right here containing all of the 'taxes' on Fiona. Ones that, literally (literally Hitler), tens of thousands of people around the world would like to see, as per the data on Twitter and social media.

Yet, the class seems uninterested. Not seeing the difference, really.

If this experiment fails then it would be safe to say that men are becoming like women:

They want everything for free without putting some skin into the game.

I am starting to believe that guys don’t really want to see the nudies of Fiona Viotti because I really haven’t seen anything substantial materialize from the interest.

On the blog, I put the call out that if we saw 500 book sales (just for the month of December alone) by the end of the month, we would do it. So far, doing the math, it looks like we are not going to come even close with 26 days left on the clock as of right now.

It’s amazing because all that has to happen is for 500 people to buy 1 copy. Or 100 people to buy 5 copies; or, any other combination of such. I have five books published and I even lowered the price on all the kindles.

So out of the tens of thousands of people who want to see the nudes, if not even a 100 people can figure out how to navigate Amazon and buy something that will last longer than a meager orgasm from fapping to Fiona, something that will actually provide value in your life (wisdom) it really shows through. It really shows us that you really don't want to see the nudes that badly, then.

Thots About Giving Up The Nudes

We have thots on Twitch playing video games (terribly, mind you) showing a hint of cleavage and they are massing thousands, if not, tens of thousands of dollars a month on Patreon.

Thots like Alinity, who abused her cat live on air and doesn't get banned. Guys still throw money at her. Alinity openly told her audience how she came to this country, married and divorced some dude, just so that she could get her citizenship (she's not joking). Alinity is not just a outlier. That's modern women. Alinity isn't moral. Women are not moral.

Men will throw away their life savings and get nothing in return but maybe a mention in the chat. Oh sure, guys will go and give tons of money to these thots but they won’t support men providing content that is valuable to improving their lives.

Books like mine or Aaron Clarey’s. Podcasts like TheGreatOne, Himself that are far better than any fucking thot flapping her gums about how she gets horny while playing Call of Duty all day long and needs sugar Daddy to take care of her.

Books that should be best sellers yet won’t get as near of attention than some chick like Belle Delphine selling her bath water or used panties online.

Men like Terrence Popp won’t get as many views as some thot on Youtube talking about how she played with her cat (not her pussy) that day while she angles the camera just right for you to catch a glimpse of a partial nipple.

So ya, it doesn’t look like the class (so far) is going to be able to see Fiona Viotti’s tits and muff.

Why? Well, everyone said they were interested….but nobody seems to want to play the game. That is the game, right?

If I am the hot chick with the goods (the nudies) then the game is that you must invest, first. Hm, funny. Not really seeing the investment. All I am really seeing is a bunch of dudes emailing me asking for nudes without any "skin-in-the game" of their own (And no, don't send me your nudes). Funny.

It’s almost as if, all of these men have been pussified to the point where they are all acting like women: Waiting at the finish line in order to fuck the winners.

We did all the work here. We have the nudes. We, really, don’t have to do anything at this point. Except, people expect us to just hand out the goods for free. Remember, I am the hot chick and you want my nudes. Nothing is for free. There is always a price, especially if something is in demand.

It is insulting, really: Doing all of the work and having people just waiting at the finish line with their hands out. Now I know how a hot chick feels, everyday of her life.

This is subsequently why Western civilization is in decline. Men are not even supporting other men. The majority of men would rather support women and give their money to worthless thots who provide nothing of great value (bath water, used panties, etc).

Thots who aren’t even half decent at video games. Yet, thots will get all the money, all the support, while also still having their backs to fall onto (sex) and big Daddy government when the going gets tough; when they are no longer hot and attractive and their looks have faded into nothing.

Women are not the net tax payers so any money that a woman earns through her make-work public sector job isn’t even enough to off-set how much government tax money she is going to use and abuse throughout her lifetime.

The majority of women work in the the public sector. Hence, their salary is paid for by the tax-payer (male tax dollars). Essentially, the majority of women in the ‘work force’ don’t add anything meaningful to GDP. They produce less, they consume even more. Society today would rather support women than the backbone of the economy (which is men). That is the main reason why the West is in free fall.

A White Christmas; A Wet Dream At This Going Rate

This is why the majority will most likely, at this rate, not get to see Fiona Viotti’s nudies.

The blog and website on the day we released the podcast regarding the update to Fiona Viotti got, in a single fucking day, over 11,201 hits. The blog received 12,161. The podcast had received 2,000+ on the first day and is still racking up plays.

So, don’t tell me people aren’t interested. People are lazy, though. People are stupid and can’t take the time to listen to the whole thing, clink the links and read the blog in order to figure out how the game is going to be played.

Instead, they click, find out there are no immediate nudes (entitlement, instant gratification society) and then start emailing me shit like, HOW DO WE GETZ THE NUDEZ?, ARE YOU GUNNA POST DA NUDEZ?

Gimme, gimme,gimme. So selfish. Like a welfare recipient.

So class, we will see if everyone will get the nudes in time for Christmas. Trust me. I too would like it to be a ‘White’ Christmas, for all.

However, it is up to you, person who would like to see the nudes.

I thought men had agency? The responsibility is on everyone now if they want to see Fiona Viotti’s tits and muff while she is in her bathroom, diddling herself.

We, over here, Cadbury and I, don’t have to do a single thing. We already did our part.

We, painstakingly, waited and managed to see the video before it was taken down.

The fact that we even managed to get these nudies is almost a statistical oddity. This is rare and will probably never happen again with regards to Female Teacher Sex Scandals.

So, with that said, we will see if it will be a ‘white’ Christmas for all. If not, well, there is always the next time a female teacher’s nude video gets miraculously uploaded to Pornhub and we just so happen to be on Pornhub at just the right time in order to get the grabbies from it before it gets taken down. **Out of breath

Yeah, because that is surely bound to happen many more times in our lifetime!

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