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Understanding The Female Teachers Who Have Sex With Teen Students

Recently, Adam Piggott wrote an article that I thought was very insightful on the topic of female teachers who bang their underage students. A trend to which has been happening at an alarming rate in North America and around the world.

You can read his article here.

To add, Piggott along with TheGreatOne,Himself and special guest Aaron Clarey—who should be working on his new book instead of worrying about hot female teachers— congregated on The Greasy Pole Podcast to share their thoughts on one of the famed female teachers to which we had covered awhile ago on this blog: Former Miss Kentucky, Ramsey Bearse.

Piggott’s main thesis falls on the premise that horny female teachers like Ramsey are yearning for sex with young teen boys due to the lack of Alpha Supply (should've been an 80's band) in the sexual marketplace in regards to alpha males.


"The women caught out in these illegal sexual activities are inevitably married to a man in one of those generational demographics. The war on men and masculinity has been so pervasive and successful that women from the same age groups are turning in desperation to much younger men in the hope of receiving some form of stimulation."

Adam Piggott-Gentlemen Adventurer


Thus, most of these women who are committing these acts had married, or were married to Millennial men. Most of these men are of the soy-boy generation; most husbands fall into the beta-male category regardless because well, that’s why these women married them in the first place.

Hypergamy can’t explain everything. Or can it?

What most guys fail to see when they email me and exclaim, “How does Hypergamy explain why these female teachers are going after young boys with no status?” is that Hypergamy is more about the dual-sexual strategy of women.

It’s not just about women ‘trading up’ in terms of resources.

That does play a factor.

However, it is more about trading-in; the transaction.

Women use their sexuality to gain one of two things: Quality seed and resources.

Preferably, a woman would want to gain both from one man.

Ironically, these are both one in the same as they lead to the same outcome. Quality seed will give her strong, healthy offspring which will, in theory, become successful beings to which will (hopefully) take care and provide for her in old age (family ties). Bountiful resources will ensure quality-of-life, maintain her health and beauty for as long as possible so as to be able to attract even more high-quality men for as long as possible to which will garner even more resources, seed, etc.

When looking at why women want to bang young, virile males, it doesn’t make sense from a moral side and from the "trading-up" side of Hypergamy.

First off, morality has nothing to do with human sexuality. Human sexuality doesn't care about your morals. If you have any, that is. Secondly, women aren't as moral as men because women lack agency.

These boys don't have status, wealth, a nice house, a cool car or fame. So why are these women seeking out sex from them?

Why would a hot, young, female go after these teen boys versus going after a wealthy, venture-capitalist that is high-status, in his mid-thirties to forties?

The answer is more complicated than you think and we will have to explain it at length, here.

First off, I like Piggott’s approach because it explains part of the reason why these female teachers are going after the teen Chads: High testosterone levels.

High testosterone is in short supply in today’s modern sexual marketplace. Where will you find the highest T-levels? Well, in young men.

Subsequently, from our own records here, the magic number (median age) of the female teachers engaging in sex with these teen boys is 27. This means that most of these women are in and around peak estrogen levels, pre-Wall hitters; baby-rabies.

If you dangle a young, attractive woman in front of a man between the ages of 14-60+ he is going to give (his best effort) that woman the most raw, fuck of a lifetime. Of that age range, women will get such an aggressive, go-all-night, don't-want-it-to-stop, type of fucking from the Energizer bunny known as the hormonal, horny, teen-boy.

The male who makes a woman tingle the most will get her best sex.

The lack of desire that these women are feeling in their own marriages, from their low-T, boring and less attentive husbands is no match to the constant dopamine rush they will get from engaging with the taboo: A lustful teen boy who will fuck his hot teacher until there is no jam left in his jelly jars.

Women want to be and feel desired. Women want to feel like they still 'got it'. Women, older women, want to take from younger women and women their age. To be the one who is the most desired in the room.

These women, these female teachers are spending 8-hours of their day not around their low-T husbands who supplicate to their every whim (or don’t even pay attention to them/desire them) but are around sexually charged, teen boys who are at peak-T.

It's the equivalent of a 'workplace affair' except that the man with the high-T levels is a teen and not one of her colleagues. Most teachers are female. Of the small percentage of male teachers, who are a minority in the feminized, female dominated field, they are most likely not going to be the manliest of men.

They are going to be beta (present as), even if they don't want to be. The environment is politically-correct and full of estrogen. If you don't comply and behave accordingly, you will be fired. The beta-male does not create giner tingles; he smothers them.

The male who breaks the rules, no matter his age, instantly sets himself apart and positions himself into the 'alpha by proxy' category: A box in which women sort and pick from in order to provide themselves with 'good fucks' (Alphafucks): Workplace affairs; alpha seed farms.

Sexually charged, hormonal boys who are feeding these modern female teachers what they desire: Attention/sexual validation. These women are of the social media generation; app culture. With constant need for attention and validation for their ever-expanding egos, teen boys provide a type of 'Unlimited Plan' they can subscribe to for such a low entry fee and effort.

The Instant ‘Bad Boy’

Phenomenon & The Alpha By Proxy

Like we have mentioned on the podcast, these young boys are engaging and playing along in this horny dance that is taking place in tons of classrooms every day. When a young boy flirts, hits-on or in any way suggests sexual interest in his female teacher, he instantly becomes a ‘bad boy’ in her mind: Thus, mistakenly tricking the female hindbrain into triggering an emotional response inside of her. He is now an alpha by proxy; assuming traits of an alpha 'bad boy'.

He knows its wrong and the female teacher in question knows that he knows it is wrong to engage in such behavior with her. However, when he does so, he confirms the bad boy persona for her. Assuming alpha, assumes good seed;assumes good genetics; assumes great fuck.

The whole situation additionally becomes taboo and risqué. Women, no matter what stripe, love taboo and what is ‘naughty’.

We have to remember—And I keep trying to beat it into everyone’s head— that women are perverts, too.

In fact, a woman’s mind is rife with illicit thoughts and sexual fantasies that would probably make you want to lose faith in humanity. Women have a dark and hidden sexuality that they try very hard to suppress and keep under wraps.

You have to remember that women are human, too. Humans, we walk the earth on edge with our base desires. Our instincts are founded in self-interest. Humans, for the most part, suck. In order to achieve anything great in the world, to make any sort of progress, humans have to try super hard to suppress these urges in order to not be shitty.

However, with today’s technology (smartphones, internet) and the ease of momentum, this[female sexual nature] is exposed (pun intended) through these female teacher’s text messages with their victims, along with the affidavit releases that give us all the juicy details.

We have to also remember that women are like children.

Women are essentially, the most responsible teenager in the household. Women, for the most part, do not intellectually mature past the age of 18. If you want proof, just go outside and observer women anywhere; in the workplace, at the grocery store; they throw hissy-fits everywhere and act like spoiled children in almost any situation to which not is going their way.

Even when they get caught doing the naughty, like Ramsey Bearse and many others, they even go as far as to not only deny it, but in some cases blame the teen boys even though the teen boys are not the authority figure/adult in these situations.

The Real Rape Culture Is the One We Are

Covering; Women Want To Fuck Donald Trump

Continuing on with how sexually perverse women can be(their dark, sexual side)TheGreatOne,Himself made a statement of absolute truth the other day in his podcast titled,'Yes All Women Are Like That 0020 – First World White Girl Problems: Old Undesired (but I repeat myself) Women Want Powerful Men To Desire Them'. when discussing this story and the one regarding how E. Jean claimed Donald Trump raped/sexually assaulted her 25-years ago.

"Women want powerful men to desire them"

-The GreatOne, Himself

The whole #MeToo movement is just one false rape accusation over another.

It’s all feminist projection.

All of these women who are coming forward, after all these years, are just ugly women who wished that they'd been dominated by these wealthy, successful, high-status males in power.

It is all fantasy.

Just read or listen to some of their ‘testimonies’. They all read like some poorly-crafted romance novel. You want to know why Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony sounded like a poorly crafted, paper-porn story? It’s because she and most likely her Leftist handlers, wrote and made the whole thing up!

It’s believable because these stories of ‘rape’ are the actual thoughts and fantasies that these pathetic women actually have/had.

The reason why women, who hate Donald Trump, spend their living years tweeting to him—calling him a racist, bigot and every other name in the Leftist gas-lighting playbook— is because they all secretly, deep down inside, want to fuck him.

To be more clear, these women most likely don’t specifically want to fuck Trump, however, it is what Donald Trump represents to which they want to fuck: A powerful, wealthy, high-status male. An alpha.

The essence of a real man. That is why so many women are drawn to men like Donald Trump and let him live rent free inside of their heads, every day.

All of these angry (horny) women, who hate Trump, are women who in their own lives yearn for a high-status male to dominate and fuck them silly.

That is why they hate men like Trump. It is because he represents something to which they will never have in their life. Or, her represents the very thing to which they could've had (alpha fucks) but couldn't obtain or let go of long ago.

These women are all either single, or had to settle for a less than desirable mate and are thus miserable. All women want a powerful man to fuck them. All women want the seed of an alpha; a virile male to shoot quality cum inside of them in order to produce healthy spawn to which will help take care of her when she gets older and needs to rely on.

Women who hate Donald Trump, who tweet to him are just women who are trying to get attention from a high-status male. That's all this is with regards to how women today are going after white, wealthy, heterosexual men in power. They just want their attention and to believe that at some point in their lives, they were fucked silly and desired by these high-status men.

Rape is the number #1 sexual fantasy for women. Controlled rape on her terms; being dominated by a quality male.

We have to remember that ‘Alpha’ or what is considered to be, has no age. 'Alpha' is a mindset and a display of characteristics along with physical markers. It doesn’t matter if the male is 15 or 50. If he displays the traits or possesses an important one (high-T) then he, in the mind of the female (a mental equivalent to a teen) will have the gina tingles triggered for him.

A teen boy has the highest libido.

A young man has a high sex-drive and can display/signal ‘bad boy’ traits.

One side of a woman’s Hypergamy seeks the seed of an alpha(high-T). The other half seeks the provisioning from a beta.

Standard headline reads: Married (to a beta) female teacher, has sex with teen boy (who displayed alpha traits).

Now, what does Donald Trump and #PoundMeToo have to do with horny female teachers with their students?

The rape culture to which has be instilled into society by leftist professors in universities claims that rape is about power and control. Mainly, rape culture is a ‘male thing’. The funny thing is, power and control has nothing to do with why some men will rape women as it does happen, but not at the rate to which feminists claim.

Again, today’s ‘rape culture (the feminist version) is all projection. Men do not need to rape women out of some sort of need for power & control over women.

This is how stupid feminists are.

Think about it, use your fucking brain and critically think.

Men are stronger than women. Why would a man need to rape a woman to gain power & control over her?

Men rape due to sexual repression and severe lack of such release. Sex for men is about release and pleasure if we are talking about the raw reasons.

Thus, here is the kicker. Please pay attention because here is the crux of it all.

Sex for women is about POWER & CONTROL.

Yes, women also like to have sex for pleasure. However, women use their sex as a means to control all the resources/objects around here, those resources include teen boys.

Women have weaponized their sexuality since the dawn of man and woman; exchanging and performing the transnational nature of, sex.

Women(the majority) today, since the Alpha Supply lines are running dry, can’t fuck Donald Trump. More seriously, though, can't get their Alphafucks fulfilled as a consequence to the feminized culture to which they have created and fostered to a staggering degree. Women have shot themselves in their own foot.

Are you surprised?

There aren’t enough of them[Alphas] to go around. Women take the path of least resistance, also.

Since women love power and control and use their sex to get power and control, seducing hormonal teen boys is all about: POWER AND CONTROL.

Who has all the power in this situation? I will give you a hint, it’s not the teen boy who is a slave to his raging hormones and will do anything to get a sexual release:The female teacher, who is especially attractive, has all the power and control.

It’s so easy for her; it’s like taking candy from a baby. Or, in these cases: Borderline robbing the cradle.

Thus, the female teacher is in the driver’s seat (she is also an authority figure). Double the power and the control over the mind and body of a confused and instinct-driven, hormonal teen-boy who’d fuck a couch cushion if he had to,let alone dangle a hot female teacher in front of him every day and you get the real rape culture.

Having Power & Control Over Other Women;

How She Can Get Control Over The Males

Continuing with the premise of how women use their sexuality as a weapon to control men, women also use their sex to control other women around them. Since the teen- boys are in some way a resource for seed (High-T) for her, being able to seduce and gain the sexual attention of the male student’s robs her completion (high-school girls) of obtaining those resources: Quality seed, male devotion, male attention and energy.

It sounds sick, twisted and bizarre but this is what is happening on a subconscious and lizard level with regards to the female brain. Even though these instincts aren’t exactly necessary in the Twenty-First century, in a school classroom nonetheless, this is based in evolution.

No matter what age her completion is, the female will have to compete with all women.

Especially, women who are the most severe of a threat to her: Younger, hotter, tighter women than herself. Again, it is all about access to resources for a woman. It doesn’t matter if the woman in question (a married female teacher who has a rich husband) has more than what would be considered ‘enough’ resources and male attention because women ALWAYS WANT MORE.

More resources, more attention (access to potentially new resources).

Again, women don't understand why they do this. These female teachers, on a conscious level, couldn't for the life of them give you a good answer as to why they fucked their student.

If you asked her, she would just give you some stupid answer like, "We were in love."

They don't understand how evolution has programmed them and how their biology works. They[women] don't understand because they don't have to. Society gives them everything, so they don't have to think, work hard at anything or develop theories on why people do the things they do.

The more attention her sexuality receives, the more men who pay attention to her, desire her, the more control she will have in the room. Sex is a woman's power center. That's why it is so important for women to control this narrative. Sex is everything for a woman, without her sex appeal, she is essentially powerless: Loss of control.

The more power she receives from her sex (being desired) the more control she will have over, well, everyone in the room. Everyone including the other women.

The world runs on female beauty; it is powered by female sexuality.

The world runs on oil, second.


Women are consumers of MORE.

Understanding Female Teachers Having Sex With Students Has To Do With Understanding Female Nature In General

To understand, you have to empathize. Men are better at this because men are the ones who can truly empathize and understand. That is why men make for better writers and bloggers than females.

How do we know this?

Two words: Mommy Bloggers.

Women, when they write, tend to write about themselves. Ever read a woman’s blog or website? I have, plenty. Here is the main thing you will notice about female bloggers: They write about themselves.

Me. Me. Me. Me.

That is not empathy. That is just self-aggrandizement and narcissism.

The other thing you will notice about a mommy blogger is: They suck at writing, in general. Nobody cares that you did what billions of other women before you have done. Its not a great achievement. You didn't solve anything or create anything new. Fuck-off. You opened one leg, then the other and made a guy get hard enough to slide it into your cooter and thus, allowed him to ejaculate inside of you.

Wow! That's on par with curing cancer! Such hard work.

I digress. Where were we?

Oh, right.

You see, in order to figure out phenomena like female teachers who are banging their students, you have to first stop talking about yourself and actually do some critical thinking. Instead of mentally masturbating about yourself.

You first have to understand women and their sexuality. How do you do that? Well, you have to observe, thread some theories, test those theories, put the pieces together and draw some conclusions from it. Compare notes with other observers and go back to the workshop and put some more coats of genius onto the canvas.

To understand people, women, you have to empathize. Women don’t have a clue about themselves because they are incapable of self-awareness and actualization. Women are all about themselves, thus, why this is impossible for them. It's funny how women can't place themselves in their own shoes, metaphorically, but us men can.

Women can’t be critical of themselves because it would also hurt their feelings. As we all know, a woman’s feelings can’t be hurt because she is so strong, brave and independent.

The Grey Area Of Female Sexuality Is Shady

Fifty Shades of Grey was the novel that did it. This poorly-written, 'best seller' did something good for society: It revealed the perverse sexual nature of women.

That’s why millions and millions of women read it. That is why scores of women watched the movies and whipped out their vibrators to it. That is why it resonated so well with the female audience.

Women desire to be desired by powerful, high-status, ‘bad boy’ alphas. They desire to control the fantasy and lose control at the same time. Women want to be fucked until their pussies can’t cum anymore by a man they can control with their sexuality (passive).

To control physically (strength, held down, pinned to the mattress) is non-passive, thus, aggressive. Women desire an aggressive male. To control using her physical assets (sexuality) is passive. The only way a woman can gain power and control over her subjects is to use her physical beauty in order for an aggressive male to dominate her, physically.

The tragedy is: There aren’t enough Christian Greys to go around.

Ergo, we are now seeing an increasing number of women fulfilling this urge and desire in a low-rent, quasi way: By seducing their ‘bad boy’, high-T level students to fuck their brains out. Effectively, in a roundabout way, fulfilling their fantasy of having an alpha dominate them, sexually.

Power and Control.

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