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C|Suite Letters: The Request

C|Suite is a men's magazine founded by Frank Cervi. It combines urban/office life-style articles with soft-core pornographic pictorials. In recent years, C-Suite introduced the 'letters' column in which readers send in borderline ridiculous sexcapades, resulting often in explicit and unnecessary detail.


Dear C/suite,

The one-year anniversary of this request had just passed recently; it had me reflecting on it. My girlfriend and I have been together for a decade now. Our relationship, sex and bond have all been good. A man can’t complain.

She gets along with my family; I get along with her's. My girlfriend, she has two siblings: a sister and a brother. While I'm just casually friendly with her brother, her sister and I have always gotten along very well.

Really, in order to get the girl you desire, get in her pants, you need to befriend the brother, especially. Calm his nerves. He knows you are fucking his sister, want to, or are going to be. The best way to get him off your back is to treat him like a roommate: You both know the deal of your arrangement; you acknowledge it and have to live with it regardless.

Now, my girlfriend’s sister is another story which I am about to get into in just a moment.

When my girlfriend started college I helped her moved in. Her sister was there to help. She was nice, and I could acknowledge she was cute even though I never really paid much attention (my girlfriend is the better looking of the two). My girlfriend’s sister’s name is Ava, just so you know.

Spring of last year, Ava was getting ready to graduate high school, she was also preparing to move across the country as she had been accepted into a creative writing program at a prestigious school. Good for her.

I didn't think much of it, but apparently she had been talking to my girlfriend and lamented some very strong emotions. Ava was beginning to get more and more nervous about the move. My girlfriend and Ava share everything, so the conversation became very, frank.

Ava was worried about moving to a place where she knew not a single person. Not only that, she'd move there still a virgin.

That was a bombshell to me. What?! This girl, Ava, was 19 at this point, and she was very cute. In this current culture and age, how could such a cute little thing like her still be a virgin!? Most girls today have had 15 cocks in and out of them by the time they go off to college, I thought.

I had never noticed Ava with a boyfriend or anything, but I always just assumed she was doing...something.

Little did I know what a horny mess she was.

Shortly after, I got the whole story from my girlfriend. It turns out that Ava had a bad experience when she was younger: A 'boyfriend' of hers at the time apparently locked her in his room and tried to force himself on her, which was only stopped when his dad came home. She'd been kind of put off by / scared of men ever since.

I didn't bring it up again. It didn't seem like the kind of problem I should be involved in. However, it was not even a week later when my girlfriend brought it up instead.

She point-blank asked me if I would have sex with her sister....

I, of course, thought she was playing a cruel joke on my manhood, my balls; giving me a cruel test (which was very unlike her).

My girlfriend, rarely, shit-tests me.

It was no joke.

She showed me the text conversation she'd been having between her and Ava. The idea was that her sister needed to have sex with someone before she moved, and it would be better for her ‘first time’ if it was with someone she knew and trusted.

Apparently, I fit into that category.

I shrugged the whole thing off.

I didn't even want to think of the how of the whole thing would transpire.

I didn't want to have sex with another girl in the bed I share with my girlfriend, and I didn't want to go to her sister's shabby apartment at college to have sex.

However, in the back of my head the idea wasn't repulsive. We tabled the issue.

I didn't know what to say, so I didn't say anything definitive at that time.


Flash forward a couple months. We're at a family reunion on my girlfriend's side. The reception was at a hotel/resort in Mexico. Her sister Ava was there, and she looked particularly cute wearing a black bikini that struck a nice balance between slutty and homely, the black material accentuated her petite legs, hair done nicely, etc.

Despite that, I had almost forgotten what my girlfriend had asked previously.

A couple hours into the reception, when people were dancing, drinking and generally hanging out, my girlfriend sent me a Snapchat message. "Would you have sex with her[Ava] tonight?"

I read it and immediately hid my phone back in my pocket for fear of someone reading that salacious text.

My girlfriend and I went into the main lobby, a very hushed conversation followed.

She practically begged me in a whisper. She said Ava was getting more and more anxious about the whole thing, she[Ava] was terrified of moving at this point and just wanted this one thing off her mind.

My girlfriend said we, Ava and I, could do it right now in our hotel room, be done with it. I started to object again, saying to her that this was a horrible time to do this. It was kind of messed-up given that her entire family was around, crawling the grounds and the halls, partying it-up.

At that point, my girlfriend literally folded her hands in front of me and said, "please" in a demanding tone. I gritted my teeth, and finally agreed.

I normally never cave or submit to my girlfriend’s petty demands, but her family was there and I didn’t want to make her angry, make her cause a scene; I wanted to have sex with her like we always do before bed.

A wave of relief washed over my girlfriend’s face as the words, “ Fine, I’ll have sex with your sister, if it will make you happy.” escaped my mouth—words I imagined I’d never have to say to my girlfriend; words that no boyfriend should ever have to spell out to his partner.

My girlfriend thanked me for what seemed about twenty times; she then leaned-in to kiss me on the cheek.

I never lean-in.

Leaning-in, well, that’s for women.

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There was no time wasted after that exchange. She gave her sister Ava, the keycard to our room, quietly. My girlfriend then sat next to me for a little while in the lobby after her sister had left for our room to wait for me.

We waited a few minutes, and then my girlfriend nudged me to go, mouthing "thank you" again one more time, as if I was going to fetch her a drink or any other kind of simple favor.

This was not so simple; I was about to fuck my girlfriend's sister...

I got up and very slowly made my way to the hotel room. The entire way there I became incredibly nervous. I had only been sexual with my girlfriend for the last 6 years at that point (Yeah, I cheated).

This whole thing with Ava didn't feel like cheating exactly, but the whole thing made my nerves feel raw. I remember worrying about being able to get it up.

Should I come on her face, tits, her back? In her mouth? Pussy?

When I got back to the hotel room, I used my own keycard to open the door, and walked inside.

Ava was waiting, sitting on the edge of the bed. She was still in her bikini but had a nice crochet lace skirt on that covered her bottoms.

When she saw me, she stood up next to the bed, smoothing the skirt, but then nervously holding her hands up against her chest. I walked up to her slowly. I wasn't sure what to do or even say. Normally my girlfriend is already on the bed, spread eagle, waiting for me to pile-drive her like it’s the end of days.

This was different.

I was about to go balls deep into my girlfriend's sister.

Out of nowhere, I just point blank asked Ava if this was what she really wanted.

Ava nodded without changing the expression on her face. I sighed, and there was a moment where neither of us moved.

"Do you want me to blow you first?" she asked suddenly. When I exclaimed 'what?' she gave a panicky "sorry sorry" then turned away.

She was beat red in the ears, and that's when I realized Ava was way more nervous than I was.

At that moment I felt as bad for her as her sister must’ve. She needed this, badly.

I came up behind her and put my hands on both her shoulders, telling her it was OK.

She turned around again to face me.

I asked her one more time if this was what she wanted, she nervously swallowed and nodded her head a few more times.

When I nodded too, I moved in closer, putting my arms around her waist.

I had to start somewhere.

She responded by going up on her toes and kissing me right on the mouth. That caught me off guard, as kissing wasn't discussed beforehand.

However, as she held in place, Ava slid her arms around me. We kissed again. Then a third time as my mouth reflexively opened wider to let my tongue out in order to run against hers.

She mirrored this with her own tongue licking against mine, and then she pulled back.

I thought something was wrong at first, until she turned around. She pulled her hair over one shoulder to expose more of her back, and I then realized she was showing me the clip to her bikini top.

I reached out and started to work my magic. The top then fell to the ground and she was left in nothing but her black bottoms along with that crocheted skirt. My eyes scanned down her body as she stood there turning away from me, and then as she turned back around. She was taller than my girlfriend, and skinnier: Hips narrower, tits smaller. But overall, I was surprised at how appealing I found her to be in that moment.

She leaned in again, pressing herself against me, kissing me. I let my hands start to touch her body more, running them up her thighs and over her back before grabbing her by the ass.

She squirmed a bit at that move, so I let go and put my hands on her back. We kept making-out, and then she began fumbling with my tacky tropical shirt, unbuttoning it in the middle.

I reached up and undid that myself as she helped me out with the others. Soon she was sliding my shirt down off my arms. Ava slid both her hands over my exposed chest, and I reached down to take off my shorts.

She looked down to scan my groin region, she then put both her hands on my shorts; fingers hooking around them near the waist.

It was at this point I realized that I was getting hard. She must’ve noticed this as well.

Ava then reached for the zipper and button on my shorts, her hands were shaking.

Despite that, she got my shorts unzipped, and then almost too quickly reached inside under my boxer briefs to try and grab my hard cock. Her fingers touched it, and as she groped for it more I pulled my shorts down entirely. My cock flopped out into her hands, hardened even more as she stared down at it.

"Lay down," I said quietly. I was almost fully hard by this point, but my head was swimming. Swimming, just like the cum in my balls.

She sat down on the edge of the bed again, and I took a second to fully take off my sandals, and kick my shorts to the side.

When I looked down at her again, she was unceremoniously sliding her bikini bottoms off her legs and leaving them on the floor. I got a glance at her pussy; she was perfectly shaved.

At that moment, I didn't know what to do. I felt a bit dizzy for a second and decided to just sit down on the bed next to her. She reached over and wrapped one hand around my cock, jerking it a little as she looked over at me.

"Is this good?" she asked as she gripped my cock, tugging it up and down.

"Slow down," I said, grabbing her hand, setting the pace for her.

"Now, do you want me to use my mouth?" she asked. Her tone was one part curious, one part desperate. I didn't say anything.

I was too busy squirming at her tugging on my cock, so all I did was nod. She shifted onto her knees and then leaned down into my lap. I couldn't see it at the angle I was sitting, but I felt it as her warm, wet mouth went down on my cock. She started going up and down, and even though it was shallow, more than once I felt her teeth more than one would like.

It still felt great.

I laid back on the bed with my legs dangling off it. I could see her sucking. Parts of her face were red either from heat or the moment (the heat of the moment) but so were her lips, and I found myself focusing on them as she quickly jerked her head up and down on my cock.

Finally, I had to sit up and pull her off me, because I felt that if it went on any longer I could cum from it.

"What's wrong?" she said, panting.

I told her it was nothing, and that I was getting too excited.

She actually grinned at that. She was now in the moment.

For the first time she seemed to be having fun.

I told her to lay back, and she shuffled herself back onto the bed, laying her head on the mound of the comforter with the pillow under it. I knew I needed a break or I would cum too fast, so I got onto my knees and opened her legs.

The feeling crossed my mind that this might be too much, but as I stared down at her pussy, I knew I needed to.

Before I brought my tongue to her glistening slit, and started licking, I first teased her around the inner thighs, hips before making my way to the garden of tingles.

She had a strong reaction at first; with her entire body jolting as my tongue first touched her. But then she laid back, and was almost entirely quiet as I started to use my tongue on her.

I did the same technique I did on my girlfriend: Lightly focusing on the left side of her clit while my thumbs pull her hood back. But, despite her breathing picking up a little, she was not having the same reaction my girlfriend usually did. I started to stop, but when I picked my head up, she lifted her's off the pillow and looked down at me.

"Don't stop," she said quietly. I immediately put my mouth back to work on what I was doing before. She still made hardly any noise, but her breathing got harder again, and after a few minutes I heard it.

One quiet, almost whimpering moan came out of her. I looked up at her and saw she was staring down at me, so I held my gaze and kept my tongue working.

She nodded down at me, and I could tell she was breathing through her nose very hard. Another tiny moan came out of her throat but was stifled by her closed mouth. Then her mouth opened as she started to breathe harder.

"I'm gonna cum," she whispered once, and she barely got another breath in before she said it again even louder than the first.

Then, she started saying it again, and again, and again, at least half a dozen times before a loud moan came out of her mouth. As this happened, Ava slapped her hand over her mouth and rolled her head toward the side.

I felt her legs tense up and clasp around my head, and she tried to turn her hips to the side as well. I held my grip on her thighs as my tongue kept going; tongue flicking against what I thought must have been her clit through the entire thing.

I finally stopped when she quit moving and went silent. When I looked up, she was staring at me, and I slowly stood up while watching her. Her expression was blank, but in an exhausted sort of way.

"I don't cum like that when I masturbate," she finally said. I grinned. She left her legs hanging open and put one finger down to her pussy, rubbing it, seemingly to check herself.

I got up and went to my bag, unzipping a pouch inside it—I grabbed a condom. Her eyes went a little wide when she saw it, and she laid herself back on the bed completely flat.

"Here, come here," I said as I opened the condom. As hot as it was going down on her, if my cock wasn't receiving attention I could sometimes lose some of my hardness. I wasn't limp, but I wasn't as hard as possible. She sat up again on the bed as I got back onto it while kneeling.

"You want me to?" she said, taking the condom out of my hand.

"Yeah, but first," I flicked my thumb over her lips, "Little more?" At that, she smiled again, and then she bent herself back down, bringing her mouth back to my cock. She went faster this time, sucking my cock until it was fully hard.

I spent another few seconds just watching the motion of her face going up and down. Then I pulled her back, and she held the condom up to my cock. I could tell she had it backwards, so I took it from her and then rolled it myself over my cock.

She laid back again, legs spread, and as I lowered myself down, both her hands went to my shoulders. I positioned my hips, sinking them down and grabbing my cock, and I brought the tip to her opening. I looked her in the eyes as I started to press it against her pussy, and she looked up at me, eyes almost pleading. I pushed my cock forward and felt the tip enter her. She gasped a little, but otherwise laid there— that ‘squish’, a beautiful nuance.

I started to thrust into her slowly. I pushed all the way in and then pulled back about halfway. After a few thrusts I looked down at her and asked if that was alright. She nodded again, and I kept going. She closed her eyes, letting her head fall back into the pillow, staying mostly quiet but occasionally letting out a breath with a moan attached to it.

I kept it slow and steady at first, but then as I started to stare more at her body, and watch my cock slide into her, I found myself going a little faster. She breathed a little harder, I kept going.

I felt bad in the moment as I thought this, but I wanted more, so I pushed myself up and pulled out. She looked up at me with a look of panic like something was wrong, but I just stayed where I was and reached down. I gripped her behind the knees and pulled her closer, lifting her legs up into the air as I put my cock back in at a downward angle.

She moaned harder when I started again, and she reached back to grab her legs herself. At this point she was staring at my cock as it slid into her pussy, and I was staring down at her face, enjoying her reaction as her mouth hung open and she breathed harder.

My thrusts got harder again.

She made another moan that was louder than before, and then another and just hearing that reaction had me feeling close to cumming. A few more hard thrusts and I knew I was going to bust.

I leaned back down, putting her hands on either side of her head, and then I rested my face in the pillow next to hers as I started to thrust harder. I heard her give a sharp moan as I started going very fast, and then I felt her arms wrap around my back. She gave me the ‘bear claws’.

I started to cum, hard.

I'm usually silent during sex except for when I cum, and this was no exception. I started to groan out hard as I felt it happen, and as I did I felt her face brush against mine. I turned a little, and I felt her lips press against mine again. I kissed Ava back as I reflex while I felt myself cumming into the condom.

All the while I was thrusting straight down into her pussy as she kept her legs spread.

When I finally stopped, I felt her still kissing me, and I kissed back a couple times before I dropped my face down into the pillow.

The wave washed over me. I pulled out immediately and then got off of her. She was laying there still, watching me as I got up, pulling the condom off— I threw it in the trash.

I stood at the edge of the bed and looked at her once, but said nothing. At this point I was feeling bad.

I was thinking that I had just cheated, this was wrong, etc.

I turned and went to the bathroom. I splashed some water on my face and then washed off my dick with a wet cloth.

Suddenly, out the corner of my eye, Ava was standing in the doorway. I thought she wanted the bathroom, so I started to turn to leave, but when I moved to pass her, she put one hand on my chest, and leaned in for a kiss.

I didn't reciprocate at first, but then she kissed me again, and her hand pushed me back. I took a step back into the bathroom, and she pushed me further until I was leaning against the sink. One of her hands was cupped, but the other went back to my dick.

At this point I was ready to tell her to stop, or to push off of her. But then as she started to jerk my cock again, whilst pressing her body against me, tits into my chest; her once spent pussy, now grinding against my thigh.

Her hand gripped my cock in just the right way in order to jerk it when I was only half hard. She began to kiss me harder, again. The whole thing had my heart racing again; a masculine heartbeat, and after a few more sloppy tonsil hockey sessions from her I turned my mouth to meet her's, and we started to make-out harder—deeper, with an urgency unmatched from before.

My refractory period is usually zero, it requires very explicit urging that my girlfriend usually didn't bother with. In this case though, I wrapped my arms back around Ava as she pressed herself into me, and soon my cock was hard again.

She felt it too, and no sooner had she pulled her mouth off mine to look down at my cock, did she sink back onto her knees, putting that beast back into her mouth like before.

She went faster this time, really pushing herself to the finish line. When I saw her hands move again I realized why her hand was cupped.

She had brought another condom from my bag.

As she quickly sucked my cock, she opened the condom. Ava popped her lips off with a smack and then reached up, rolling the condom onto me hastily.

A quick learner she is.

I gave it a few more pulls to make sure it was secure as she stood up. I took her by the hip and I spun her around to change places, she lifted her ass up and bent herself over the edge of the bathroom counter. I spread her legs; I shoved my cock into her again.

This time it was not slow, and I had no concern for going too hard.

I started to thrust into her as she breathed heavily. I reached around and put my arm under her, almost pulling her in closer to me as I thrust into her over and over.

Her torso tipped back and she put both hands on the mirror. I leaned forward as well, and for the first time I ran my tongue over her back and shoulders— bit her ear, sucked on her neck. It brought another tiny gasp out of her.

I was breathing heavily when I pulled her off the sink, pulling myself out of her wet, dripping pussy at this point.

I moved her by the hip back into the bedroom. She immediately went back to the bed and laid on it again, but when I got over there I spun her onto her stomach.

I heard the same gasp of surprise as I did it, but she agreeably pulled herself onto all fours as I pulled her hips upward.

With me standing at the edge of the bed, I shoved my cock into her again and grabbed her by the hips. I felt her wince once as I started thrusting again, but then she just started breathing and moaning like she had before.

I felt myself getting close again, so I pushed her back down. She turned around and laid back as I climbed into the bed again and then on top of her. We went back to missionary like before, only this time I told her to wrap her legs around me. She did, and the slight change of the angle on her pussy made every thrust even better. I went harder and faster, pinning her into the bed until I came again.


We both laid there, her legs around my waist and her arms around my shoulders. I turned to face her and she leaned her head in to kiss me a few more times. This time I reciprocated, and she took both her hands and put them onto my face as we kissed one more time. The last thing she said before I pulled out was, "thank you."

I pulled out, and began to clean up. I fixed my hair and cooled off my face with cold water. I flushed the second condom down the toilet, not wanting my girlfriend to know of the second round, and hid the wrapper in my bag.

I wiped her hand-prints off the mirror with a Kleenex, and came back to find her slipping back into her bikini outfit. She had her bottoms back on, as well as that sexy little crochet number, as she stepped into it. I helped clasp her top at the back before she went to the bathroom to fix her hair—she had massive I-just-had-sex hair going on.

I got dressed in silence.

When she was ready, she came out to meet me again near the bed.

Without a word at first, we locked into each other again, her grabbing my face while I grabbed her around the waist, and we kissed one final time. She said nothing else; she just turned and left the room. I put on my sandals, left and went back to the reception.

I was greeted by my girlfriend back at the bar with a kiss on the cheek and not a single word.

We didn't speak about it the rest of the night. We even managed to have sex ourselves after the reception was done. In truth, I felt a renewed vigor going into my usual sexual routine with her after the events earlier that night.

We never had a detailed conversation about it at all. My girlfriend is as rare as they come.

The next day she only asked how it was, but mostly with concern for her sister in her questioning. I said that I thought it went well. Later that day she said Ava texted her that it was a load off her mind, and to say "thanks".

All my girlfriend said to me after she read that text message was, “You’re so wonderful.”

A year has passed. Her sister is now across the country. Ava now has a boyfriend of a few months.

My girlfriend is now my fiancée as of this spring. That's about it. I'm not sure what else to say about the whole ordeal.

At this point in my memory, it just feels like any other sexual experience I had with an ex.

Yours truly horny,

Mr. Wonderful


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