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CANCEL CULTURE: A Guide To Recognizing The Cancer

Cancel culture now poses a real threat to intellectual freedom in the United States and the rest of the Western civilzation. According to a recent poll by the Cato Institute, a third of Americans say that they are personally worried about losing their jobs or missing out on career opportunities if they express their real opinions and views. Americans in all walks of life have been publicly shamed, pressured into ritualistic apologies or summarily fired.

We have let garbage people into positions of power.

We have allowed them to take over everything that was once great.

Stupid people, morons are allowed to vote. Emotionally and intellectually stunted adults (women) are allowed to vote without being responsible. At least be a net tax payer, for fuck sake.

Women, society's most responsible teenager in the household, have turned your world into one giant romper room. A 'safe-space' for them; authoritarianism.

Who Are the Typical Victims (falsely accused) of Cancel Culture?

White heterosexual men, whom are successful; men who speak the truth.

Who Is the Typical Attacker/Perpetrator?

A White woman whom is middle-aged; a washed-up loser, has-been; a perky-tit-less woman (pancake tits). She is a low-IQ moron, a rotund piece-of-shit, and has a cunt as big as her mouth; a GUNT for a gut.

She’s a worthless coward who goes behind your back out of the fear for direct confrontation—a woman, who claims to be badass, strong and independent, but tries to cancel you because her fee-fee’s got hurt. This non-person (unworthy of being called a human) is such a failure in life that she needs to tear down those whom are successful as a way of living vicariously through that success.

Typically has no friends and spends her days hate-reading on the internet in order to feel something other than the vibrations of her Hitachi Magic wand that needs constant recharging. Has a pussy nobody wants to fuck; a cesspool of unviable tissue that any doctor would advise against.

To be short, she is a weak and inferior morsel of sand in the desert of insignificance.

How to Deal With Cancellers

It’s pretty simple; you sue them for libel and slander. False accusations are not to be tolerated, and the person attacking you unjustly can be prosecuted as well under the Criminal code for providing authorities with a falsified report.

People who engage in Cancel culture are generally simpletons (typically fugly, fat women)—who don’t think before they leap— who are foolishly messing with intelligent, wealthy titans (men).

Sue them. These people, sorry landwhales, are typically broke to begin with, or at the very least live paycheck-to-paycheck—broke because they suck hard at life and have no financial acumen, whatsoever.

So, sue them, and make them starve-to-death. A landwhale can suffer off its own blubber for a while, so the death will be slow and entertaining.

Make them go do what they are better at: Sucking cock on the dangerous, tribal streets for money. At that point they will learn the real definitions of “Violence”, “Harassment” and “Rape”. They will beg for the "patriarchy" to take them back.

Rid the corporate and social world of these low-IQ parasites once and for all. Throw them back to the swamp that they should have stayed in to begin with.

Currently, legal action is only advisable since rule of law is still in place.

However, if the police are ever to be de-funded, and rule of law is suspended (societal collapse); you can just "take care" of these people—much less of a headache, and a lot easier since most of these pussified morons hate guns and don’t own any for themselves.

Although, it is way more fun to watch these people suffer and starve for the remainder of their lives. So, suing them into oblivion would be advisable for long-term entertainment.

Until then, keep your Madmax/Hockey mask season list filed, and wait for the day BLM/Antifa and the far-Left makes that grave error (de-funding the police) in judgment.

Trust me; de-funding the police would be a good thing for society. So go ahead, ‘progressives’, do it.

We all dare you to. At that point, Cancel culture will be cancelled, for good.

Warning Signs of Cancel Culture


Does criticism appear to be organized and targeted? Are the organizers recruiting others to pile on? Are you being swarmed and brigaded? Are people hunting through your work and scouring social media to find ammunition to use against you?

A rational culture relies on persuasion. The way to win an argument is to convince others that you are right. Often, of course, schools of thought form, and arguments between them can grow heated; but organizing pressure campaigns against political or ideological targets is usually considered a game for morons and losers. Play stupid games; win stupid prizes.

By contrast, it’s common to see cancellers organize hundreds of petition-signers or thousands of social media users to dig up and prosecute an indictment.

In forming a totalitarian state, as history has shown, the people to always be silenced first are the writers, comedians, and artists of the nation.

A canceller will spend hours upon hours of their finite life, sitting at their computer all day long while they shove pastries into their fat, fucking mouth—trying to see if you wrote anything or said anything that they can use against you.

Spending hours scouring through your social media posts and hunting through your work is the highlight of a loser’s life. Imagine for one second that you aren’t a 1099 superior being who is an accomplished entrepreneur, but rather a ‘canceller’. In imagining this, you should immediately feel the need to kill yourself.

Those who can, create; those who can't, cancel.

A canceller will recruit others into her campaign against you by getting them to brigade. They will pile on fake reviews on your products or complain all at once to your employer.

Cancellers have a lot of time on their hands because nobody wants them; a canceller’s time is obviously not valued by them or society. A canceller can spend hours upon hours, checking your website to see if you posted anything that hurt their feelings, because they live a sad life of worthlessness.

Superior people create things; losers complain and try to destroy.

Again, if you have ever tried (failed) to cancel someone because the truth hurt your feelings, Suicide Awareness Month (September) is coming up.

Are you aware that you can kill yourself? People who try to cancel others may not be smart enough to know that they can end their insufferable—worthless—lives by killing themselves. That is why we need a whole month of suicide awareness.


Are people denouncing you to your employer/HR, or your social connections? Are you being blacklisted from jobs and social opportunities? Does what is being said to or about you have the goal—or foreseeable effect—of jeopardizing your livelihood or isolating you socially?

Canceling, seeks to punish an individual because he speaks the truth to which cannot be attacked. Since the truth always reigns supreme and cannot be defeated, libtard cancellers will thus instead attack the messenger of truth.

People, losers, who cannot handle the truth, are weak, pathetic, worthless excuses of human beings.

The only reason why cancel culture exists today is because our society coddles the weak, the stupid and punishes the superior.

A welfare state, allows the continued breeding of low-IQ morons that need cannot for the life of themselves handle reality (the truth).

In a just world, those who seek to cancel others for being right or exposing the truth should be removed from the gene pool by “relocating” said morons to a camp or facility to fend for themselves (assisted suicide).

The loser seeks to punish the superior for she (mainly women) is incapable of competing. Rife with jealousy, the low-IQ moron will attempt to tear down the superior individual in order to erase the reminder that she is a complete failure in life and needs psychological help (preferably not funded by tax payers).

Since women cannot physically dominate their superiors, they have to fight like losers (i.e going behind your back). Since the truth is not on the canceller’s side, she will always lose. Losers lose; superior people win.

The point is to make the errant suffer.

If someone (probably a fat, fugly ‘woke’ woman) is trying to denounce you, it means that you hit a truth nerve with her.

Any man worth his salt at some point or another will be attacked by these losers. All it means is that you as a man are doing it right. When you get flak, it means that you are right over the target.


Are campaigners attempting to prevent you from publishing your work, giving speeches or attending meetings? Are they claiming that allowing you to be heard is “violence”, “harassment” against them or makes them unsafe?

A normal and rational culture tolerates dissent rather than silencing it. Diversity of views, speech and opinions are the cornerstone of a great society.

It understands that dissent can seem obnoxious, yes. A rational society understands that, every so often, an obnoxious dissenter is right—and so it opposes silencing and de-platforming.

The fact the people hate your speech is the reason why it needs to be protected. Most often than not, if someone doesn’t like what you are saying, it is because you are saying the truth. People hate the truth, but they love lies because lies feel good.

Hate should not be tolerated. Criticism should be tolerated.

Canceling, by contrast, seeks to shut up and shout down its targets. Cancellers often define the mere act of disagreeing with them as a threat to their safety or even an act of “violence” or “harassment”.

If you are a person who has engaged in Cancel Culture, know that you are not only Gay, but you need to be sterilized and rendered infertile. If you are already infertile, that means that nature has realized that you are worthless to it. Thankfully your DNA will not be passed on any further.

An ideology that centers on cancelling others will not only sterilize a society, it will paralyze it and ultimately kill it completely.

Moral Grandstanding

Is the tone of the discourse ad hominem, repetitive, ritualistic, posturing, accusatory, outraged? Are people flattening distinctions, demonizing you, slinging inflammatory labels and engaging in moral one-upmanship? Are people ignoring what you actually say—talking about you but not to you?

Precisely because the truth hurts, since it exposes the hypocrisy of most people in society, cancel culture discourages free speech. Free speech based in truth encourages people to listen to each other, to use evidence and argumentation, to behave reasonably and to avoid personal attacks.

Cancel culture is much more invested in what is called Moral Grandstanding: the display of moral outrage to impress one’s peer group, dominate others, or both. Much like how vegans, enviro-MENTAL-ist, try to virtue signal their peace with the earth and parade their empty lives as something of superiority over others.

"Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter".

No they don't.

If all lives mattered that would mean the lives of pedophiles, murderers, rapist, and tyrants would matter. Did Hitler's life matter? He was a vegan. So to the far-left, I guess they would suck his cock if he were still alive.

The truth is, Hitler was a socialist, libtard; his life did not matter.

Grandstanders who condemn someone are not interested in persuading or correcting him; in fact, they are not really talking to him at all.

Rather, they are using him as a convenient object in a campaign to elevate their own status. Pile-ons, personal attacks and bidding wars to show the most outrage are all ways of engaging in moral grandstanding.


Are the things being said about you inaccurate? Do the people saying them not even seem to care about their veracity? Do they feel at liberty to distort your words, ignore corrections and make false accusations?

Concern for accuracy is the north star of a rational culture.

A culture rife with false accusations (are current state) is the cornerstone of a society that only caters to the feminine (a gynocracy).

False accusations are something women do. If you are man and you falsely accuse someone, you are Gay.

You like to have another man cum inside of your asshole, congrats. What was produced? Shit and cum, nothing of value. Just a chocolate swirl of melting demographics.

Cancellers’ characterizations of a paper or article written by an individual will not be correct or accurate. The person who initiated the campaign against your work will knowingly even admit to not having read the supposedly objectionable paper or article. Most cancellers will take your words out of context or be too stupid to understand allegory or satire.

Most cancellers will not even read your entire work or care about how you arrived at your points. All they care about is their feelings and how they can twist your work against you. These losers don’t care about the truth; they only care about the protection of the thin lining that is their world view.

Canceling is not about seeking truth or persuading others; it is a form of information warfare, in which truthiness suffices if it serves the cause.


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