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Female Teacher, Meghan Rodriguez, 'had unprotected sex with student, claiming she was infertile'

The boy(17) claims teacher Meghan Mary Rodriguez (37) struck up the alleged illicit relationship after platonic messages became increasingly sexual in nature

When I first read this story and all of its contents, my concluding thoughts were what most of us are all thinking: "Gross....Meghan is 37-years old."

I didn't really have to read all of the other filler bits of how she conned some poor aspiring football Chad to have sex with her, or the fact that Meghan (like all women) feel entitled to sex with Chad at any stage in their life.

All you had to read were the words, "Meghan, a 37-year old female..." and know that the story was going to be just, gross.

When the headline read the words of an infertile(presumably) 37-year old female without getting into the rape details, all I could picture was some Grimace-looking chick with pancake tits, a flat ass; a woman with more rolls than a bakery; a chick with more spare tires than a NASCAR pit area.


How Did This 'love story'(Rape) Unfold?

The student (17) reportedly told police that he had been exchanging platonic text messages with the teacher throughout the summer, which ultimately turned flirtatious. While at summer football training, Rodriquez took the teen to her classroom where they had intercourse one time, according to his statement to investigators.

In March 2020, months after the alleged incident, the student, who said he had no interest in pursuing anything further with Rodriguez, told his parents about the encounter. He claimed he was afraid Rodriquez would fail him in class if he didn’t continue a relationship with her.

During an interview with investigators, the student explained that Rodriquez showed favoritism to him over other students, and was trying to get too involved in his life. He said he became worried after Rodriquez told him during a school field trip to Orlando that another teacher didn’t like him.

Rodriquez purportedly added that the other teacher was suspicious about what had happened over the summer because the teacher knew the student had hurt Rodriquez.

Later, when the class arrived back to a hotel they were staying in, Rodriquez asked the student if he was mad at her. She then “cleared out six people from a hotel room,” South Santa Rose News reports, and allegedly pressed him on his feelings for her.

The student said he didn’t have feelings for her. Rodriquez then reportedly asked the boy if he thought “she was a slut.”


Gross, Meghan is 37-years old....

Excuse me....I just...I just can't get over that ground-breaking detail in the story. It's just haunting me as a FTSS detective.

Like, 37-years old! Just, gross! They could have left that detail out and the rest of the story would have been PG...but man, they just had to tell us she was 37-years old.

I won't be able to sleep tonight, that's for sure.

Anyways, the other less important/traumatizing detail is that Meghan raped this 17-year old aspiring football Chad who got to use her weathered vagina for practice-sex.

Having sex with Wall-hitting woman like Meghan is a half-step up from masturbation: Not the greatest thing in the world, but slightly better than 'greasing the gator' on a hot Pensacola, Florida night.

The Report Card

Methodology |

Remember, Meghan is a gross 10-years-too-late to the great sex party.

She is 37. Now, if she were in her twenties (preferably low 20s) her strategy in obtaining Chad seed through the illegal means of fucking minors could have gone more smoothly.

Instead, Meghan had to persuade her victim with the promise of 'sex without reproductive consequences' ( an upgraded, masturbation session).

For the victim, he had a choice: Either practice with himself or his couch cushion, or, slide his meat between the folds of Meghan's deteriorating deli flaps.

When the inevitable regret had set in on the part of the victim, Meghan would then lose frame and berate the boy as she probably does to her beta husband. Not the best winning strategy if you want to keep that cock close and coming for you, Meghan.

The victim was an aspiring Chad, Meghan. Chads don't like to be berated like a beta.


Integrity |

Meghan is married. Can you believe it?

Getting the 'unprotected sex' point on the board while using the card of 'infertility' goes a long way in trying to get your 'integrity' grade up.

If by chance Meghan was fertile (unlikely) and the boy got her preggers, our victim would technically be on the hook for child-support payments to our gurl once he has turned 18.

Meghan, that is a dastardly play in order to get Chad seed dumped into your pump station.

When she asked the victim in that hotel room, after she used her 'Karen' voice to clear out the other students, if he thought she "was a slut", should've been the telling moment for our modern go-gurl.

Meghan, if you have to already know the answer to that question.


Looks/Presentation |

Meghan is 37-years old....don't worry, this category will not be long.

Meghan, like us, probably knew she was going to absolutely fail this category. Hence, she didn't even try.

For women 37+, trying now is the first step toward failure, especially when trying to be a female sex scandal teacher.

Meghan looks like anything that you would find in the state of Florida: Dry, weathered and strange. Thankfully we couldn't find any pictures/body shots of Meghan. Of course, being as old as her, we could not find her on Instathot, FeministBook, or any other social media parameter.

It is slim pickings out there, Meghan can feel our pain.

With the current situation, female teacher sex scandals are hard to come by in this climate. Likewise, at Meghan's age, getting men to have sex with you is also hard to come by. Even teen boys.

That is when you know, ladies, when you need to stop and accept The Wall:

When you can barely get horny teen boys to pump your pussy full of is time to stop and maybe, I dunno, go and have sex with your husband with whom you signed a contract with.


Overall Grade



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