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Hot Female Volleyball Coach With Podcast Called 'Let's Talk Trauma' Sexually Abused A 17-yr Old Girl

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Elisabeth Bredemeier charged with taking indecent liberties with a child by a custodian and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Until her arrest, Bredemeier worked as girls' volleyball coach at Richmond Christian School in Virginia.

Bredemeier is suspected of sexually assaulting 17-year-old player on her team off-campus between April and July. Bredemeier has a podcast called 'Let's Talk Trauma' described as 'an open space to talk about and listen to people's traumatic experiences'.

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The Report Card


Elisabeth's next episode in her podcast, "Let's Talk Trauma" better be about the details of how she caused trauma and abuse to her 17-year old victim.

The absence of transcripts and details can only be rationalized in a way that assumes our gurl was preparing to incriminate herself with a full length episode on how the lesbian affair transpired.

We can only hope. If not, this is one of the worst stories we have ever covered. Elisabeth provided no bread crumbs to follow and has given us the pain staking mission of having to use our own imaginations.

One image that comes to mind is that Elisabeth and her love interest had a hot, sweaty, Top-Gun-Esq like volleyball game on the beach...and then fucked like two sex-starved female pilots, lost behind enemy lines.

With only each other's bodies to keep themselves warm at night under the harsh conditions of a night in Kosovo.



Elisabeth couldn't, for some reason, play with da boyz when she was an assistant coach for the Richmond Volleyball Club. So, she switched teams.

These women don't know any loyalty.



Bredemeier has it going on, for real.

What a fucking waste, why did she go full-dyke?

She gave it her all during the presentation part of the grading process. She allowed access to her Facebook, kept it up for all to see...almost as if teasing all da boyz out there who wanted a crack at that fine ass and sliz.

Liz, instead, showed her sliz to another pearl polisher. No judgement. It would've just been nice if you would have gave everyone a sneak-peak on your podcast as to how the muff-buffing all went down. Who needs lawyers? Have him sit beside you on your podcast. So what if it would be self-incriminating?! This is your fucking grade we are talking about here!

First up, we have Bikini-clad Bredemeier!

Two, wet bitches

Women today love their fur-babies...I mean... they really love them.

If this pic were a close-up of Elisabeth's ass, I am sure TheGreatOne,Himself would approve it for his website.

Not really digging the Leukemia look...but I will let it slide. Just like how Elisabeth slid her sliz all over that 17-year old.

Nice teeth, clear's no wonder why she doesn't want

a facial from any guys...

There is just so much surface area to cover...think of the art you could create with your load.

It's too bad Elisabeth doesn't respect the manly art of facials.

Look at those sweater-puppies. I'd go dyke for her.

Puppies under the sweater. Know what you own, gurl.

Why waste those assets?


Overall Grade



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