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How TikTok Is Ruining Gen Z

Like Instagram, much of TikTok's success is predicated by the presence of beautiful women on the app. These women often partake in viral dance trends, or dress up in sexy outfits. They're right in front of you, posting themselves, available to respond to your comments.

Sound familiar?

They seem authentic, but more importantly, attainable. They're the girl next door, and your device is a window through which you the viewer can peek, perv and digitally voyeur into their bedroom (or bathroom).

Sound familiar?

Like all apps made for or taken over by women, they turn into nothing more than the modern day peep shows of the 1970's in the early days of the porn industry that thrived in New York city and around the country. Porn started just like how Instagram and TikTok did: Young women trying to cash in on their looks by snapping pictures of themselves and selling them for a bit of coin per product.

Taking nudes, sending nudes is a gateway to the porn industry. It is a way to get attention and noticed; to build a fan base (beta orbiters).


Before the rise of the porn industry, women flocked to traditional forms of prostitution. There were pimps, hoes and Johns. Women (prostitutes), combed the streets for Johns. Every hoe had a pimp and every pimp had a group of hoes that he managed. The pimp would get a cut or a rake of the take (pussy sold) at the end of the night; in return he[pimp] provided protection or shelter for his hoes.

Fast forward to the late 1970's, pimps (in the traditional sense of the word) were slowly starting to be phased out by the camera and advancements in film.

Women were venturing solo on the side, getting their pictures taken and having them shown or sold to would-be buyers in adult shops; installed in 'viewing booths' (whack-off huts). These pictures were the sleazy equivalent of 'head shots' in Hollywood; talent searching: The pornatic version of LinkedIn.

Women were making names for themselves and the average woman on the street could become an amateur porn star by getting some photos taken and then distributing them.

Sound familiar?

By the 1980's, the handheld camcorder changed everything. From then on, women could shoot their own porn in their very own living rooms. The women who had left their pimps in the 1970's in order to blaze a 'career' in the porn industry ( a new master/pimp) could now leave that master and shoot her own porn.

Sony released the first consumer camcorder in 1983, the Betamovie BMC-100P.

With the internet and apps like Onlyfans, TikTok and Instagram there is no need for the physical pimp, however, women who sell their body and sexuality for those simpbucks are still controlled by a more technocratic kind of pimp.

So you see, this is nothing new.

Amateur porn has been with us since the late 1960's.

Women getting 'professional' (nude) photos taken of them in the 1970's, in the physical, is the same thing as a woman taking the digital version and uploading them to her Patreon, TikTok or Instagram.

Women can now shoot their own porn and find an audience base that women in the 1970's couldn't have imagined in their wettest of dreams. A chick who is a 7 in looks can take in over 100k in 4 months now due to the simpthirst; you can reach the whole world now instead of a city.

You can be a star on a world scale...even if you're just a 7. You don't have to go to the 'casting couch' and suck a Weinstein, Jew cock. You can do it all from your bedroom, in your pjs.

Do women today understand the cost of being a whore/prostitute?

Do they understand what it does to your mental health?

Because that[being a whore] is exactly what they are, even though they try to gaslight and sugar coat what they are doing by saying they are "entrepreneurs" and "entertainers".

You are plain and simple, the same women who took nudes of themselves and sold them in shops in the 1970's. The only difference is the technology you are using.

Granted what a lot of these women are doing on TikTok are for the memes and may be in good fun/not to be taken seriously, however, even in that case they[women] understand what they are doing and why it is working for them.

The girls who are getting the most attention are usually the ones who are posting vids that are overly sexual. TikTok 'porn stars' like Bree Louise (who had over a million followers before TikTok deleted her account) have leveraged their appeal into an adult-content cash cow. Alot of the safe-for-work originals are considered 'erotic' enough on their own, but in all cases, one thing is extremely clear: People, fans (men) are getting off to TikTok- or trying to.

With viral stars like Bree Louise pivoting to adult content, Gen Z fans are more willing to pay up than ever

Yes, women are very oppressed...

I mean, how terrible is it to get thousands upon thousands of views and 'likes' (income) from dancing in yoga pants for a couple minutes.

Back-breaking, I am sure.

If every woman in American left her low paying HR job in CorporateLand and instead sold nudes through private DMs or did Onlyfans, that so-called "Wage gap" would close faster than a thot's legs at the sight of Poindexter.

After reviewing some of Bree's content I can say, without a doubt, that this girl belongs to the streets. Straight-up, hoe.

Again, none of these women are doing anything remarkable, new or innovative. Yet, today, you can be a sub-average looking woman and make thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars a month by just turning on your camera, saying, "Hi" whilst showing some cleavage.

Women are a one-trick pony: Prostitution is the only viable (and lucrative) card they can play. Women have around a 12-year window to capitalize on their youth and beauty. Hopefully the smart ones invest all of that dirty money. Save some of it to pay for the mental health damage (counselling) and life long subscriptions to anti-depressants.

Is there porn or nudity on TikTok?

No. Sometimes.

However, herein lies the genius in how TikTok is being used to change the face of it[porn].

Although the app TikTok doesn't allow nudity on its platform, videos may sometimes slip past the algorithm, staying up for an hour or so before being deleted, or are craftily framed in order to technically trick and meet the guidelines.

You can't find TikTok porn hashtags the way smut sneaks through Instagram or Twitter censors. Really, most of the sexier content on the app doesn't challenge the nudity guidelines. Often, the women in question seem to be fully clothed, or at least, in a sports bra and those sexy yoga pants (basically a second skin).

Now, this is where the genius comes in.

These women essentially use the app and other apps like TikTok as a sales funnel.

When naked videos or pictures are available on other platforms outside of the app, platforms like Onlyfans or through private SnapChat, fans will gladly spend money on a monthly superscription.

What most of these women do is try to build a fan base first on apps like Instagram and TikTok, to then funnel those fans to their more 'exclusive' and NSFW content. That is where the 'trick' and the hoeing comes into play.

Gen Z and young Millennials are disproportionately willing to pay for adult content compared to previous generations, especially if the star of the video is also the one creating it.

We can see the shift from studios to performer-producers dramatically changing the industry. Aesthetically, this translates to a surge in realistic situations and more natural bodies. In other words, more of what you might find on TikTok, albeit with fewer clothes.

Consumers are much more likely to pay for performer-created content than they are traditional porn.

Now why is that, you ask?

It feels more intimate.

Now you can say this is all one man's opinion, however, I have stats to back up what I believe about human nature and the wants and desires therein.

Per the xHamster 2020 trend report, “natural tits” and “real homemade” have experienced massive growth as search terms over the last few months — 200 percent and 112 percent, respectively. Likewise, amateur porn is the most popular category in the U.S. and third most popular worldwide, and within that, "natural bodies" and authentic situations (such as public sex or voyeuristic content)” has grown as well. 

Lesbian porn is also a thriving and top category not just in North America but in most Westernized countries.

Bree Louise is unquestionably an amateur porn star in the modern era.

Her set-up? A high quality camera and an internet connection: No agent, no pimp, no film crew. No problem.

First garnering popularity on TikTok for, you guessed it, her dances (strip teases), Louise began creating NSFW content almost from the moment she turned 18.

Most famously,she recreated some of her biggest TikTok videos with nudity. She now has an OnlyFans with more than 7,500 subscribers who pay $15 a month. After OnlyFans’ 20 percent service fee, this means she likely takes in more than $90,000 a month.

Like for men there is the choice of taking the Blue pill or the Red pill.

If you are woman, today, there is a choice.

In one hand there is a business card that says, "BossBabe".

In the other hand there is a cream-pie.

Take a normal job or, take a cream-pie?

The choice is yours.


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