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If Black Lives Matter, Why Do Y'all Kill Each Other So Much?

Ponder that headline a bit, let that sink in.

Why do Black people hate Black people so much?

What you are seeing in da 'streets' today is nothing more than what i'd like to call 'virtue-rioting'....a close cousin to 'virtue-signalling'.

In the meantime, lets crush some 'hate facts' about Blacks. I was holding onto these, waiting for the right time to post them.

I'd say, we have approached that inflection point.

Let's do some optics for our visual learners out there!

Did it just get dark in here with this first of stats?

Not good enough for you? It's 'too old' of data you say?

Well, humans don't change, sugar tits.

Most murders are intraracial and that has been the case since man discovered another man with differing pigmentation.

But that's OK, pumpkin. You just keep on taking pictures in front of burned out buildings for your Instagram grift; post a black square in your profile picture.

If you black out your social media you aren't having a 'conversation'. You aren't really saying much at all. It's kind of pathetic, lazy, cowardly, and quite the virtue-signal.

What happened to COVID-19? I thought we were'nt suppose to gather in groups? Oh, it was a hoax?

No shit! Onto the next grift/who can be the biggest apex victim!

Ever notice that all the bad shit happens in large cities?

Do you ever wonder why I have always said to stay away from major urban city centers?

They are death traps when shit goes tribal.

The reason why they go tribal is well, they are enclaves for immigrants/minorities. Most major cities are Democrat/ Left leaning. Gee, I wonder why?

Do you ever notice how the most violent US cities have high Black populations? Gee, its almost like some sort of conspiracy!

Man, sure glad I live in a small rural town!

Ouch, the above has got to hurt. Again, if Black lives matter so much then why do Blacks not practice what they preach?

"All Lives Matter". Hm, do they?

Ouch, again. Another dank shiv into the belly of Black Lives Matter.

Who really needs to apologize here?

Why isn't iTunes playing all White music right now?

Isn't 'Blacking Out' platforms kinda....racist and tone deaf?

I am a man. I pay car insurance. I have to pay more in car insurance than a woman.

Why is that?

Well, its not sexist: It is math and statistics. Statistically, men drive more than women. The reason why men have to pay more in insurance is because statisitcally they get into more accidents.

Does that make men worse drivers?

No, moron.

Men get into more car accidents because....wait for it....if you drive more miles your odds of getting into an accident go up!

Wow....critical thinking!

Now, what does this have to do with Black people?

If you[A Black person] cause most of the violent crime and are disproportionately involved in incidents of violent crime...guess have a higher chance of being killed by the police due to your reckless and violent behavior! Not to mention, being killed by other Blacks.

The riots (not protests) is everyone's chance to use their free ticket to what a Bernie Sanders presidency would have resulted in: Poverty, entitlement, destruction; socialism.

Enjoy the show.

Go fuck yourself and have a nice day in da streets!

As always, stay savage.


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