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High school basketball coach, Ann Kuroki,'wanted to see if authorities could catch her' and

An Idaho high school basketball coach and teacher’s assistant has been accused of sexual battery on a minor, police say.

Ann Kuroki, 26, was arrested by the Gooding Police Department on charges of sexual battery against a child 16 or 17 years of age, KMVT-TV reports.

The incidents took place between November 2017 and January 2018, KIVI-TV reports.

According to an affidavit obtained by the news station, the investigating detective wrote, “I asked Kuroki to estimate the number of times she and (the victim) were physically intimate with each other, to include kissing, and she said about fifteen times. Kuroki told me that every time (the victim) came over to her house, it was generally on a Saturday night. … Kuroki admitted that she had sexual intercourse with (the victim) at least five times and she had also bought alcohol for (him).”

According to the Times-News, police said in the court documents that the victim initially denied going to Kuroki’s house and said they had not been involved in a “sexual relationship.”

Police then obtained a search warrant for Kuroki’s house on Friday and seized three cell phones, bedding and a card with a handwritten note she had been given by the victim, the newspaper reports. The victim’s mother then told police that Kuroki had come to her house to talk about what happened.

“I have Ann with me and I am taking her to the station. She’s going to confess,” the mother texted police. Kuroki and the mother then went to the police station.

During questioning, Kuroki said she began talking with the victim over the summer when she received a “kind of flirty” message from him in July after she posted a photo on Instagram, according to court documents. When school started in August she began talking to him and what started as a typical teacher-student relationship changed when they began communicating via Google Docs as she helped edit his senior paper, Kuroki told police.

In November, Kuroki said “she started breaking down with her resolve to keep things professional with (the boy),” the detective said in the affidavit. “Kuroki stated she was nicer to him, she did not send him to the office nearly as much and they started talking more. Kuroki told me their messages became a lot flirtier.”

Police said after a night of “boozing” pretty heavy at a bar, she sent him an Instagram message and he picked her up there. They then drovea round before he took her home in an left.

She told police she was “boozing” pretty heavy one night when the boy sent her an Instagram message. She asked him to pick her up from the Sidetrack Bar.

She said they drove around for a while, and then he took her home and left. Kuroki said at school the next week things felt different and “she knew what had happened was wrong but at that point she was already ‘Two feet in,'” the Times-News reports.

Kuroki initially said she didn’t “have sex” with the boy, according to police, but said they were “messing around,” including “sexual touching,” at her house. She later confessed to police that she “had sex with the boy six times at her house,” the Times-News reports.

“Kuroki told me she had second thoughts about their relationship at this time and she broke up with him,” the detective wrote in the affidavit. Kuroki said the boy wrote her a note saying he loved her and Kuroki told police it killed her to know she “wrecked him,” according to the Times-News.

Ann Kuroki is being held on $50,000 at the Gooding County Jail on the felony child molestation charge, online records show. The 26-year-old was booked into the jail Friday night, the Gooding County Sheriff’s Office says.

The investigating detective wrote in an affidavit that “Kuroki told me a part of her just wanted to see if we could catch her,” KIVI-TV reports.


An honest slut is hard to find these days, Ann Kuroki is one of them. When you read through the details, detectives were dealing not only with one of the hottest Sex Scandal Teachers so far this year, but really, the female Jason Bourne of horny teachers. 3 burner phones = a burning desire for that teen cock.

It is what gets Ann up in the morning, ready to take on the days temptations. And, I think we can all agree with our gurl that Saturday night is always the perfect night for banging. Why? Well, Friday night is fine, but everyone is tired from the week's bullshit. Saturday is perfect because you've re-charged your batteries, had a good solid breakfast, you don't have to do your homework until Sunday (leave it last); you are all set to dig out your young teacher's glory hole and booze it up, and pump that thing like a Bakken oil well.

Police also uncovered the all important, 'love note'. We don't know what was written on said paper, but when we have a hand-written love letter involved in a TSS case, we have to consider the feelings of the parties involved. If you were the 'victim' and you banged Ms Kuroki at least 5 times....getting your dick deeply involved into some of that prime pussy, you too would feel compelled to hand write a letter; detailing how much your pistol enjoyed snugging into her cock-holster.

Given her athletic credentials, it is safe to say that Ann fucks, and probably fucks very well. Was it true love? It is hard to say. Although, when a hot chick buys YOU booze and then wants you to deep-dick her....I think it's safe to assume that the feeling was mutual.

The Report Card

Methodology: Frank Abagnale, Jr. would salute our gurl for her brazenness and show-boating in the face of officials. Acquiring 3 burner phones is some next-level shit for TSS. And for the police to take a bedding sample in as evidence, suggests that they didn't need a black light in order to see all the "evidence" of: handjibbers, blowjays, and vaginal pumping that took place at the dwelling. Laundry is a chore, especially for teen boys. Most likely, he never wanted those sheets to be washed; so that the tryst could live on, long after its demise. Now that the bedding is evidence, our 'victim' will just have to keep a mental shrine of Ann and all the dick pumping; by masturbating as the French their memories.


Integrity: The fact that our gurl confessed is highly unusual/suspect in the history of female teachers sucking and fucking their students. Our gurl even went as far as to let police know that a part of her "wanted to see if they could catch me".

That type of honesty is so rare, in any modern gurl today--Slut or not as slutty. My conspiratorial thoughts suggest that, what we may be dealing with here, is a TSS spy or a plant. Could Ann actually be on the side of the law, an TSS agent provacatuer, trying to probe and test officials' protocol and detective skills in order to make sure authorities can adapt to the ever changing challenges and landscape of horny female teachers? Who knows? For all we know, our gurl could be in witness relocation, assuming another identity somewhere else in the world.


Presentation/looks: There is no denying that our gurl is a top-banana, smoke-show. Which further adds credence to my theory that Ann is a government plant, a honey-pot, or a double agent. Why? Well, why would a hot smash-piece, like Kuroki, go for teen dick instead of just picking up Chad at the bar, taking him home, and going down on his Pepsi-can penis? I am sure, if my theory is correct, that Ann is somewhere out there, perhaps in some foreign city like Helsinki, getting a good, stiff dick'n, by another 'victim'; in order to test the competency of high-school officials and authorities alike.


Award: Ann received our First Confession award for the year!

Overall Grade



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